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Man Abducted By ETs Has Photos Of Aliens From Planet Clarion

Man Abducted By ETs Has Photos Of Aliens From Planet Clarion 1

There are many reports of alien abductions across the globe. People often take them with reservations; however, others sound more intriguing and convincing. In particular, this one, where an Italian man claims aliens from planet Clarion abducted him, sounds rather intriguing.

Maurizio Cavallo, 63, who also goes by the pseudonym Jhlos published a few books regarding the topic. Back in 2012, at a conference in Turin, Italy, he broke the silence about the extraterrestrial creatures.

He described them as cosmic protectors, lords of the rainbow and caretakers of the universe.

“They are the precursor ancestors; timeless immortals that come from the confines of the cosmos. They come from the primary source, from a place in which you build eternity,” said Cavallo.

Mr. Cavallo, besides being a journalist concentrating on paranormal research, was also an ex-professor at the Vercelli People’s University.

Aliens from the Planet Clarion which locates in the Eagle galaxy, 150,000 light-years away from Earth, allegedly abducted him.

According to his story, in September 1981, the extraterrestrial beings took him to a secret base in the Amazon forest. There, they supposedly altered his apprehension which cut all the boundaries he had of accepting new knowledge.

However, what is really eerie, are the pictures he presented of the ‘aliens’ – hybrids between ETs and people.

Cavallo has very controversial claims. For instance, he says that all of our understanding of the universe is wrong. He says that in the solar system, there are 12 rather than 9 planets as we know.

“I want to add that the images shown on the site don’t tend to endorse my experience of the civilization of the stars.”

“It is not important for me to be understood nor to take the evidence in support of what is narrated. The rest is a matter of every individual and his conscience,” wrote Cavallo on his website.

Check some of the hybrids the Italian writer allegedly took in the video below and give us your opinion.

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