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Magneto Calling: Does the vaccine turn injected people into X-Men?

Magneto Calling: Does the vaccine turn injected people into X-Men? 1

One of the most discussed online topics for the month of May was the debate for the endowing vaccinated citizens with the abilities of X-Men.

After the initial video viewing, the conspiracy community came to the unequivocal conclusion that this was some kind of production. The magnet that the citizen uses is quite heavy, and the injection is of a very small volume, to hold such a piece of metal the magnetic field of a couple of drops of solution is not enough. However, soon after the first video, others surfaced:

In general, there are somehow quite a lot of such videos online for them to be simple fakes. One person could, of course, wish to become famous and show a handful of tricks, but a lot of people at once – it looks strange. Therefore, to explain this wonderful phenomenon, conspiracy theorists offer different versions.

In particular, it is very often suggested that instead of the vaccine, some people injected some kind of cool blue meth:

The option of the ongoing transformation of the vaccinated into X-Men is also being considered:

More serious options are also expressed, in particular, some kind of massive injection of such videos during the war of vaccine manufacturers. It is also possible that the videos are completely real, but if so, what is the mechanism of magnetism?

The simplest explanation is a local change in the properties of the skin at the injection site – the skin sweats more, so everything sticks to it, regardless of the magnetic field of the adhered object. This is a common and well-known phenomenon, a wet sheet adheres firmly to wet skin – sometimes so that it cannot be peeled off. 

The second option is the presence of some nanites in the vaccine, which began to multiply and create some kind of conductive circuits inside the recipient’s bodies. Naturally, these circuits have weak magnetic properties and can attract magnetic filings.

If the theory is correct and something is already brewing inside the vaccinated, then soon Apocalypse will personally appear in the world to settle the situation. 

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Bizzare & Odd

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