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Why are they Lying?

Why are they Lying? 1

Why are they Lying?

All ‘Solutions’ Are Futile: US & UK Science Academies: Cutting all CO2 emissions would not stop global warming: ‘Essentially irreversible on human timescales’

by Anthony Bright-Paul

‘The U.S. National Academy of Sciences and the UK’s Royal Society:
‘The current CO2-induced warming of Earth is therefore essentially irreversible on human timescales.’   (Climate Depot)


Why are they lying? Why are they lying in their back teeth?

While the Niagara Falls is frozen, while Chicago is suffering the coldest spell for 30 years, while the snow disrupts the whole of the United States with airlines cancelling flights and businesses disrupted everywhere, these two august bodies come out with a declaration that is so ridiculous that it defies common sense.

January 2014 Extreme Deadly Cold Wave Sweeping Across All Midwest & East Coast U.S & Canada 

Niagara Falls Freezes OverONTARIO, CANADA – JANUARY 9: A view of the Niagara Falls frozen over due to the extreme cold weather, Ontario, Canada, January 9, 2014. The Polar Vortex brought record cold temperatures to United States and Canada. (Photo by Seyit Aydogan/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)

Firstly, is there any Global Warming at all? The facts are quite simple. There is nowhere, there is no one place, that one can take the temperature of the Earth. So they have to keep on repeating a lie, that Global Warming is continuing. Why do they repeat this absolutely unscientific assertion?

Secondly they assert that this non-existent and unproven warming is caused by CO2 emissions.  Ask yourselves a simple question. What is supposed to be warming? Next ask your friends, particularly if they have bought this idea, ask them what is supposed to be warming?

It is a very simple question. Are the landmasses in the Northern hemisphere getting hotter? Or the land masses in the Southern Hemisphere?  Are the oceans getting hotter? And when you have gone through land and seas, then you can come to the atmosphere. Is the Atmosphere getting hotter?              

Only a simpleton, only someone with no knowledge at all could possibly declare that the atmosphere was getting hotter. Every weather bulletin in every country declares that the temperatures in their given locations are always changing, minute by minute. And that is only at ground level. Any Air pilot can tell you the temperature at altitude is always less than at ground level. And that is to talk of just the Troposphere and to leave the Stratosphere, the Mesosphere and the Thermosphere as if they did not exist.

It is simply idiotic to talk of a Global temperature, since no such animal exists. And to take an average of air temperatures is also an exercise in fatuity.  How can one take an average of something that is so vast and so diverse? These averages are subject to every sort of chicanery and manipulation and not to be relied on at all.

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In hindsight only can we look back on major changes when ice has covered large portions of the Northern Hemisphere, and in hindsight can we see the intervening warm periods. To any normal observation the world appears to be getting colder. To argue that despite appearances the world on average is hotter is simply chicanery, duplicity and downright dishonesty.

It takes but a little thought to compare the hot with the cold. Can anyone seriously maintain that they would rather live in the frozen wastelands of the Arctic regions rather than the lush tropical paradises that abound, say in the Caribbean, say around the Mediterranean?

So why does this huge lie continue to exist?
The answer is simple. Once there has been a political con of this magnitude there is no going back. Once people have been persuaded that Global Warming has been ‘CO2 induced’ with all the ramifications, with the huge cost and the false profits, those who have profited, those who have masterminded this huge confidence trick just cannot turn back. They would have to admit that they were wrong on a truly massive mind-boggling scale. That would mean all the scientists, all the politicians and all the ragtag and bobtail of the hysterical hangers-on would have to confess: We were all wrong.  

Can you wonder that they hate the Skeptics who would expose them?  The Warmists like to suggest that the Skeptics are in bed with Big Business, or with Big Oil or with Big Carbon, Big Coal. The truth is that the Warmists hate any form of Capitalism, yet love its benefits. They hate any form of enterprise where individuals risk their capital on an enterprise for which they may make a profit – but also, let it not be forgotten, where they may also make a loss. In recent years many people invested in the Channel Tunnel. Was this a good investment? Only now after several years is this enterprise becoming profitable.

Consider the difference with Green Technologies like Wind Farms. These are intrinsically unreliable. Nobody with any sense would invest in a technology, which promised to produce intermittent electricity at 5 times the price of coal, oil or gas produced electricity. So these Technologies are inherently unprofitable and are subsidised by governments out of the Privy Purse. This means that a few rich landowners are paid by your and my money not to produce meaningful electricity. Do you wonder that some unscrupulous people are benefiting from what seems to be a freebie, a free handout from the State, when in reality the treasury is simply re-distributing our money to a few vassals in the form of monster bribes? Compared to that, Big Business is as white as the driven snow.

How can Carbon Dioxide, a gas, induce warming? Please note that weasel word ‘induce’. The Warmists know very well that CO2 cannot generate heat. Even by their own theory they only claim that:

This light is mainly absorbed by land, sea etc and converted to heat (vibration of molecules). When the energy is re-radiated it is emitted as much lower frequency infrared (below or lower frequency than red). It is this infrared radiation that is absorbed by the “greenhouse gases” (including water vapour), which warm the atmosphere. This is an oversimplification. 

Here is an excellent simplification of the Warmist position, by my Warmist colleague Max Potter.  Sunlight is converted to heat and the greenhouse gases absorb this lower frequency infrared. So what, even by their own theory, is doing the warming? It is the infrared, that is, the heat coming from the earth that is absorbed by the molecules of Carbon Dioxide.

Sun heats Earth and Earth heats Atmosphere. What happens to warmed gases? They rise up by convection and cool. Apart from which the so-called Greenhouse gases comprise a mere 1% of the atmosphere, while 99% is Oxygen and Nitrogen, both of which gases have a higher heat capacity than Carbon Dioxide. Not a lot of people seem to take that into account.

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So what in reality warms the Lower Atmosphere? When the BBC gives a weather forecast and looks ahead at temperatures, do they say that the Carbon Dioxide will be 12 degrees today and the Oxygen and Nitrogen will be only 10 degrees!!! Don’t be daft. The temperature that is given is the temperature of the air, of the atmosphere at a given moment, of all the gases together. But even the BBC will show a rise and a fall in temperatures from dawn till dusk and from dusk till dawn. Have you ever seen a temperature outside in the open remain absolutely constant?

The reality is that there is constant heat exchange between the surfaces of the land and oceans with the atmosphere by conduction all over the world. This heat exchange is immensely complicated, by winds, by clouds, by rain, and by the Jetstream coursing through the Stratosphere. Do you think these savants do not know this? Do you think that our Meteorologists are not aware of the reality?

The whole business of heat exchange by conduction is immensely complicated as different substances have different heat capacities.

But does CO2 do any warming at all? How can it? It is a gas. By the very words of my colleague Max Potter we can see that the miniscule amount of atmospheric CO2 (0.04% of the atmosphere) is warmed by this lower frequency infrared. So what does the warming? The infrared. And where does the infrared come from? The infrared derives from the Sun’s radiation. Carbon Dioxide does not and cannot generate heat and it can no more trap heat than can Nitrogen and Oxygen, which both have a greater heat capacity.

What we are concerned with here is the right use of language, with logic. Let us look at this warmist assertion again.

It is this infrared radiation, which is absorbed by the “greenhouse gases” (including water vapour), which warm the atmosphere.

One needs to read this carefully. The Greenhouse Gases are part of the atmosphere. They are warmed by the infrared and being gases they quickly lose their heat by convection. These gases do not do any warming – none whatsoever. Nor can they trap anything, least of all heat. It is completely impossible. And as to ‘warming the atmosphere’ this surely is the most unscientific statement ever. By what possible means could the molecules of a gas, which take their temperature from the surrounding molecules, by what possible means could they heat the other molecules of Nitrogen and Oxygen? By what possible means could they warm the atmosphere? By re-radiating downwards? If that were possible it would have been clearly demonstrated long before now. But there is no such demonstration.

The Warmists love the phrase ‘making the Lower Atmosphere warmer than it would otherwise be’. That’s a scientific statement, if ever there was one.

What do we have from the witch doctors? Answer: An assertion that the Globe is warming.  Where is the evidence? What precisely is warming? Nothing is clearly defined, is it? The very word ‘Global’ is suitably vague.

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So now we have another assertion, namely, that this supposed warming is induced by Carbon Dioxide and, woe is me, cannot be stopped. Is this science? Or is this legerdemain?

There is only one source of heat for this Planet Earth and that is the Sun. Everybody in their hearts knows this for a fact. Everybody knows that there are seasons, which are governed by our journey round the Sun. Everybody knows than the weather changes from hour to hour and that the best meteorologists in the world cannot forecast more than a few hours ahead.   The idea that mankind is somehow controlling the weather, and by inference the climate; or the climate and by inference the weather, is not only ludicrous but is delusional.

So these Academies and academics keep repeating their mantras, keep repeating that the Globe is warming, keep repeating that that Carbon Dioxide is the culprit, keep repeating that mankind is changing the climate, all of which assertions have no scientific basis whatsoever. We are not dealing with scientists, but with magicians who have invoked a kind of mass suggestion, akin to hypnosis in order to lull the masses to sleep.

Millions of dollars and millions of pounds sterling have already been spent on an undefined and non-existent problem. Can you wonder that one lie has to be compounded with another? If they did not keep lying they would have to admit that they have been pouring away millions to no avail at all. Now they are trying to justify the waste they have created, a waste to no avail.

Anthony Bright-Paul
March 2014

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PS  Quotes about “A Big Lie”

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”  – Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda

Several other famous indiviuals have quoted similar statements long before HItler and Goebbels.

“A lie told often enough becomes truth”  — Vladimir Lenin.

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“There’s nothing so absurd that if you repeat it often enough, people will believe it.”  — William James (1842-1910) The father of modern Psychology



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