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Loggers Accidentally Cut Down World’s Oldest Tree In Amazon Forest

Loggers Accidentally Cut Down World’s Oldest Tree In Amazon Forest 3

Originally see on WorldNewsDailyReport| According to a recent news report, illegal loggers who were cutting down trees at the Peruvian and Brazilian border have accidentally cut down what experts claim was the oldest living tree in the world.  They were logging in the Matsés Indigenous Reserve, where logging is strictly prohibited.  The were thought to be exploiting the area for oil and natural gas reserves.  Their actions have not gone unnoticed by local conservation organizations and indigenous people, who are extremely angered over what has happened.

The tree they cut down as a giant Samausa tree and was estimated to be able 5800 years old.  Standing close to 40 meters tall, it was thought by many to be a tree of spiritual and cultural significance.

“It is the Mother spirit of the rainforest, from this spirit-tree came the life force of all things living. They have destroyed Aotlcp-Awak, they have brought darkness upon not only our people, but the whole world” explains local tribesman leader Tahuactep of the Matsés tribe.

Loggers Accidentally Cut Down World’s Oldest Tree In Amazon Forest 4

“For many generations, the Mother tree has brought my people health and good fortune. The roots of the Mother tree spread throughout the rainforest and bring its life spirit to the world. What will be left of the animals, of the plants and of our people now that the Mother spirit is gone?” asks Kalahuaptl, a local shaman. “They have murdered the Mother spirit knowingly, they have done this to kill our people and take the spoils of the land” he added.


A local researcher Anna Golding, who works for the non-profit group called RPC (Rainforest Protection Coalition) which is affiliated with Berkeley University believes that this was no accident here:

“There are large portions of this national reserve that are rich in oil and natural gas. There has been committed action by energy corporations to lobby the government to exploit the area for years. The protected zones have been cut in half over the past decade and this is only their latest attempt to get rid of the local populations who are fighting to preserve their cultural heritage and lifestyle” she admits.

 “These actions are clearly perpetrated with the consent of local authorities and the government. If this wasn’t the case, why are local enforcement agencies not prosecuting these corporations? Why are these loggers free to keep doing what they are doing? That is the bigger question”


100 acres of rainforests are cleared every minute worldwide.  There are lots of trees to pick from.  But as we can see, some people only value profit and don’t value culture, heritage, or even history at all.

Source: WorldNewsDailyReport


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