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Light pillars in the sky explain the Bermuda Triangle anomalies. Why do they appear and why they could be an impending doom sign for humanity?

Powerful cosmic radiation, which hit the Earth just at the time when the magnetic field is weakened, is already beginning to manifest itself, and light pillars are one of the indicators of this manifestation. What is the essence of this atmospheric phenomenon, why it occurs, and what is their connection with the Bermuda Triangle?

Sometimes we hear on the news that “whales have washed ashore again” or “a bewitching beauty the aurora is happening now” or about “beautiful light pillars”. it becomes scary that scientists still believe that the climate changes due to CO2 emissions.

Take the light pillars for example, when you read what scientists say about them, that the crystals reflect sunlight, and at sunset or after sunset, when this light hits them, then such an optical effect is formed.

But such pillars are extremely different. There are indeed moments when a ray of light falls from the sky, but then it is bright at the top and expands downward, and we see a copper glow already in the region of the earth.

All stars, planets and galaxies are a torus, which approaches the shape of a ball, a spherical torus with an almost combined center of rotation – this form has an electromagnetic trap for a black hole, in which a thermonuclear fusion reaction takes place. Hence the oblateness, and the jets from the poles of the stars.

Well, emissions are just a pressure difference in the struggle between a black hole that breaks through to us from a parallel universe and a thermonuclear fusion reactor that holds it back. Such jets still exist on the Sun and on the Earth, and energy is also released through flares on stars and through volcanoes on planets, a black hole spontaneously presses on the electromagnetic field of thermonuclear fusion. 

We regularly observe flares on the Sun, because these are phenomena of the same order, only at the level of a star, and on planets such emissions are carried out by volcanoes. And when jets from the Earth collide with the solar wind, Polar Lights occur. It is from these jets that neutrino streams break out.

Such phenomena as light pillars actually occur on our planet when a group of crystals is formed due to temperature differences. Sunlight is refracted in the upper atmosphere and travels to Earth, but this is usually a single beam and is a fast-moving phenomenon. And when there is a row of light pillars that are brightly colored, that is, a bright light below and practically diffused above, or when they stand in a row, or the worst thing, when pillars with a red tint or red color appear, then this is a terrible anomaly. When we admire phenomena such as the northern lights, which should normally be a greenish-bluish color, and it is red, then this is actually an impending doom sign for humanity.

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Light pillars are literally the lines of force of our magnetic field, and they are so abnormally altered that cosmic radiation enters along these lines of force, and interaction with air molecules stains these pillars in different colors. When they are white or blue, it is sad because they are generally there, but the worst thing is when red shades or red colors appear in them. This suggests that oxygen is already burning, and everything is much more serious, and cosmic radiation has become much tougher. In our atmosphere, there are more and more such anomalous zones of the magnetic field, and this is not exciting, but on the contrary very frightening.

We breathe oxygen, and our magnetic field is a protective one which suffers greatly from the fact that we killed the immunity of our planet – we killed the ocean, and as a result, such anomalous regions in the magnetic field are progressing. That is, due to the violation of the electromagnetic field, the Earth’s atmosphere is subjected to more severe attacks of cosmic radiation. This leads to the disruption and destruction of air molecules, including oxygen in our atmosphere. So far, this is not critical, but it causes rarefaction between particles and deterioration in the relationships between molecules, and this is already serious.

Let’s look closer at the Bermuda Triangle for example. Indeed, in this pathological zone, which has already existed for a long time, for objective reasons, ships and aircraft perish from time to time, because when there is a weakening in the magnetic field lines, the relationship between the molecules is discharged, and aircraft, falling into such a field, they fall into a turbulent pit, or ships, when they fall into such a zone, simply go to the bottom. 

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Interestingly, if you look at what is happening under water at this time, then in those zones in which ships simply fall as in a pit, the intermolecular connections of water are broken. Now it is difficult to explain this from the point of view of physics, but it is because of these anomalies of the magnetic field that this happens.

We are now seeing more and more manifestations of turbulent pits, and this will progress in the upper atmosphere and especially in the middle layers of 8 thousand meters and above. This is already a huge problem, as this is the altitude where most airliners fly and, and, eventually, in the future we will not be able to do so.

We don’t want to give bad forecasts as well horror stories, but they already exist.

We will be isolated and even worse, we won’t be able to safely sail the oceans. We will still be able to breathe and live but there will be problems regarding air and water transport. Land transport will still be relevant for some time, but our entire existence will gradually become harder to sustain.


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