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Life overshadowed by constant stress and depression: What’s really happening to the American population?

Life overshadowed by constant stress and depression: What's really happening to the American population? 1

It has long been no secret that a large number of US residents regularly take antidepressants, as well as many other drugs with a sedative effect. This is quite remarkable because there are not many countries with as many people suffering from various mental disorders as there are in the United States.

It is quite fascinating that in third world countries, despite the majority of residents being on the brink of poverty, they are, according to collected statistical data, among the most satisfied with life.

Despite the extreme poverty in Latin America, where the minimum monthly income often barely covers the cost of the cheapest food, residents generally maintain a good mood and are very welcoming to guests. They will receive the best treatment possible. If they lack supplies, they will attempt to borrow money from neighbors to provide a lavish spread for their guests. This contrasts with Americans who, despite earning a million-dollar salary, will neither lend money nor offer even a glass of water.

In Latin America, the joy of reuniting with relatives is paramount. Frequent gatherings are common, and extending dinner invitations to neighbors is a cherished practice, even if the meal is as simple as a bowl of rice. Above all, the act of communication and the happiness derived from being with loved ones are what truly matter.

In American society, the concepts of friendship, mutual assistance, and neighborly help are deeply ingrained. Here, a total detachment and indifference to another person’s problems are accepted.

Contrary to the universally accepted and compassionate practice of sharing, where if one has two apples, they should give one to a person who has none, or share half if they have only one, there is a misconception that in the USA, sharing is uncommon. It is often incorrectly stated that poverty is solely due to personal failings, and that those living in poverty are deserving of their situation due to laziness or lack of intelligence. This belief also suggests that wealthier individuals will not interact or assist those less fortunate, which is a misrepresentation of American cultural norms on sharing and poverty.

Charitable acts are often perceived as business transactions rather than heartfelt assistance, primarily serving to decrease tax liabilities through contributions to entities like homeless shelters or the Red Cross. However, this view overlooks the genuine philanthropy that does occur. Similarly, while Americans are encouraged to be ambitious and strive for success, this does not preclude them from offering practical advice at work or engaging in meaningful friendships that extend beyond mere pleasantries and casual inquiries about one’s weekend or dining experiences.

In American society, there’s a perception that normal human contact is often minimized. People are perceived to live mechanically: they arrive at work, exchange greetings with colleagues, and at lunch, they might grab a bite at the closest cafe, often feeling obliged to engage in pleasantries with their boss if present. After returning home, they might hastily consume their dinner, purchased en route, while tuning into their preferred entertainment. This routine is seen as a daily occurrence.

Life feels joyless, devoid of emotion, merely a robotic routine. It’s not an overstatement; some might suggest visiting theaters or exhibitions, or attending renowned shows. Often, Americans may show more interest in the theater’s buffet than the actual performance. It’s not uncommon for them to spend more time enjoying the food than watching the show they attended.

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The perception is that American society lacks spirituality, empathy for neighbors, and mutual support. From a young age, people are taught that having 100 dollars is more important than having a hundred friends, as money is seen as more reliable. Friends may deny help or pass away, but with money, one can easily hire someone to provide needed services. Life in the USA is portrayed as isolated; people rarely meet, interactions are limited to formal greetings, and there’s little knowledge about each other’s lives. The routine is often described as work, purchasing ready-made food, dining, showering, and sleeping, making it challenging to describe such an existence as a “happy life.”

Individuals who lack the opportunity for heartfelt conversations often harbor negative emotions internally, which can be detrimental to their mental health. The absence of genuine interactions with others and the pressure to maintain a facade of happiness contribute to a profound sense of unhappiness, potentially leading to a life overshadowed by depression.

The primary factor contributing to an unhealthy lifestyle is the chronic stress that leads to the misuse of sweets, alcohol, or other illicit substances. The lack of intimate gatherings with friends, where even picnics are formal and conversations are limited to small talk about vacations or dining out, forces people to suppress their emotions. Eventually, this takes a toll on mental health, and local doctors, seeing a profitable opportunity in a chronic patient, may prescribe numerous antidepressants. These can have detrimental effects on other organs, further benefiting the medical and pharmaceutical industries.

Many are unaware of the joy that comes from communicating with family and friends. It’s often observed that Americans may limit their interactions with relatives to sending a Merry Christmas card or occasional restaurant gatherings. Consequently, people miss out on the simple pleasure of communication, a joy that is frequently unrecognized.

Americans often prioritize savings in all aspects, and even during occasional outdoor picnics, the hosts, aiming to minimize expenses, tend to purchase large amounts of inexpensive food such as pasta or bulk quantities of frozen pizza for their guests.

The prevalence of constant stress and a deficit of positive emotions can lead to such instability in the human psyche that incidents of mass murder occur, where individuals, overwhelmed by intense emotions, resort to violence against anyone in their path. Similarly, there are instances where individuals, upon learning of their job termination, engage in violence against colleagues or family members, followed by suicide, driven by the fear of financial ruin and homelessness.

In contrast, many Americans, generally enjoying a substantial income that affords them the luxury of frequenting restaurants and regularly updating their electronics, clothing, and jewelry, often do not derive positive emotions from these purchases. The commonplace nature of such transactions fails to leave a lasting impression or provide moral satisfaction.

In the past, purchasing a lovely New Year’s ornament could bring immense joy, a feeling that might not be matched by today’s standards, even with the acquisition of costly jewelry. It is said that such experiences will not recur, leading to a reliance on the pharmaceutical industry, where a multitude of medications with fleeting benefits necessitates frequent changes in prescriptions.

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