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Lesson on humanity’s ancient past and the existence of aliens: According to Cherokee Indians, we are one of the most violent species in the galaxy

Explorers have long been visiting virtually ‘untouched’ communities such as the Cherokee Indians. The Hayes Mountain tribe is one of the most mysterious among Alaska Native communities, and is believed by many to have a very ancient cosmic past.

In a mysterious way, their mythology is filled with stories of stars and “star people”, and their symbolism, signs and patterns largely include images of the Sun and stars.

One explorer visited the Cherokee community several times and befriended a woman named Tali, who lived on the reservation. She told him incredible things about “star people” who visited Earth multiple times.

All this remains a mystery to modern man, as our species is not yet ready to understand the relationship between the universe and life in it. Tali also revealed that she met with “star people” when she was still a small child. Her first encounter was at the age of eight, when she was picking berries by the river.

That day, she saw a large spaceship descend from the sky. Out of curiosity, she came closer, and when it landed, the door opened in front of her, and two beautiful fair-haired women came out, who were clearly not people, but very much like us, and Tali tried to communicate with them.

According to Tali, “star doctors” taught her how to treat diseases with her hands, as her grandmother did. Since then, people have been turning to them to cure various diseases.

Tali also revealed that this civilization has always been one of the most advanced in space, and that they call themselves Watchers because their job is to maintain order in space, and they have been watching all species for many thousands of years. They intervene only when it is absolutely necessary.

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According to her, undeveloped and protected species are in a kind of space reserve, protected by higher civilizations, so there is almost no evidence of the existence of aliens in space.

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They watch people grow old and die, study them and try to understand why we live such short life. Star people live much longer, their normal lifespan is at least 1000 Earth years.

They say that star people never get sick, because they have long found a way to treat and even prevent all diseases. Their bodies are in such harmony with the world around them that it has become a kind of “self-healing”. They absolutely do not tend to self-destruct, as people do.

According to this view, humans have always been considered one of the most violent species in the universe. The Cherokee believe that there are four violent species in our galaxy, one of which is humans.

The lesson of the aliens was that they brought life to our planet, but now they are very unhappy with what the development of mankind has led to.

Tali lived an extremely long life by Indian standards and died at the age of 95.

The Cherokee Indians still have great respect for the ancient knowledge of the “star people” and at least try to follow the non-violent path and harmony with nature that heavenly observers intended for man.


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