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LEAKED VIDEO – DC Shutdown: UN informed about Extraterrestrial Craft over Pentagon

LEAKED VIDEO - DC Shutdown: UN informed about Extraterrestrial Craft over Pentagon 1

This video was recorded with smartphone camera even if the recording of this speech was strictly prohibited.

“On December at 4:07 an extraterrestrial contact occured. ”

“A metal object, shaped like a pyramid, appeared over the Pentagon, Washington DC, the UNITED STATES of America.”

“An unidentified flying object, diameter around 100 meters, rotated around its own axis at an altitude of around 500 meters.”

“NASA operational task group, specializing in the receiving and processing of the space data, received an incoming data from the object.”

“At the moment as I speak here now the data has beed processed and investigated by NASA.”

“The information from the radars, the visual information and the fixation of the radio signals incoming from the unidentified flying object were made.”

“According to the data we can say that the object, hovering over the Pentagon, can be identified as an aircraft of unknown origin.”

“Hypothetically extraterrestrial. However there were no signs of aggression.”

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“The repeating radio burst, named FRB 180814.J0422+73, recorded by the specialists of the CHIME observatory, British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley.”

“Currently, work is already underway to calculate the coordinates of the signal source and the corresponding inhabited celestial…”

Watch this video fast because it will get deleted fast:

Also you can see here the pyramid shaped UFO over Pentagon:

Video 1:

Video 2:

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