Le Monde Diplomatique: The USA is plagued by an obsession with Satanism and a new caste of killers: devil worshipers and cannibals

The US Federal Court has officially allowed students to attend extracurricular activities of the church of satan, initiating student children in Satanic invocation ceremonies.

Elementary school children sit in a circle around a pentacle wearing black hoods as a handsome teacher in a library is apparently reading them a Solomonic arrangement for students. The children wear horns as participants in the largest Satanic event in world history that took place last weekend in Boston hosted by the Satanic Temple. 

The Church of Satan was founded in the USA in 1966, while a decade ago the Temple of Satan was founded and celebrated in Boston the anniversary of its foundation. The Temple of Satan is now recognized as a legitimate Church in the USA. Le Monde Diplomatique already notes from the beginning of 1990: “rise of satanic violence in the USA. The USA is plagued by an obsession with Satanism! In the USA a new caste of killers: devil worshipers and cannibals.”

“Rise of “Satanic” violence in the United States” is captioned an article of Le Monde Diplomatique which since 1991 already mentions:

“The great debate about the “decline of the United States”, which the political leaders seek to exorcise by starting the strong military demonstration in the Gulf, accompanied by a veritable wind of millennialism, a revival of Satanic cults and an increase in ritualistic crimes.”

The enormous success of films such as “The Exorcist”, “Kabbalah” or “Jacob’s Ladder” or that of the “demonic” novels of Stephen King also help to maintain the obsession with Satanism in a country that is deeply concerned about its conditions economic recession and more and is increasingly in disarray. The idea is spreading, in fringe circles, that the United States will be the chosen site of the Apocalypse. So some prepare for it by practicing the “evil”.

According to American police experts, more and more people disappear every year in the United States as victims of satanic murders. A Chicago police inspector says: 

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“Ritual crimes will become an increasingly critical problem in the 1990s.”

One gruesome news particularly disturbed Americans in April 1989: the macabre discovery on the border between Brownsville, Texas and Matamoros, Mexico, of thirteen butchered and mutilated corpses next to a log cabin in Rancho Santa Helena. Inside the hut, an equally terrifying find: the nganga, the devil’s cauldron where a mixture of human brain and blood mixed with a goat’s head and drug sticks floats, all exhaling a nausea. 

“It was our religion,” said one member of the Satanic Murderer Gang who was arrested by the police. One of the victims was Mark Kilroy, a college student from Texas who came as a tourist to spend the weekend on Mexican soil. 

The leader of the gang: Jesus Costanzo, of Cuban origin, born in Florida, playboy, drug dealer, kind of guru who practiced Santeria and Palo Mayombe, Afro-Caribbean cults close to voodoo. Because cocaine and devil worship are complementary. The latter is supposed to render the members of the group invulnerable and protect them from any intrusion by the authorities.

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America discovers, to its surprise and horror, a new caste of killers: devil worshipers and cannibals.

The Matamoros case is an American nightmare suddenly exploding in the face of the general public. But for some, that’s no surprise:

“Every suspect, Mexican or American, that we stop at the border has a black magic kit on them, like others have their driver’s license,” says a Texas Drug Enforcement Administration agent.


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