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Last Days of the Kali Yuga

Last Days of the Kali Yuga 1

Just north of the DMZ between the two Koreas there is a small modern hamlet which is completely empty; except for those who turn the lights on and off.  The sole purpose for this town’s existence is to be psychologically intimidating to those just south of the  DMZ; to keep them fearful of imminent attack from the north.  It works.

The chaos we see all around us these last few weeks is a very tangible symptom of the dying paradigm, and the psychopathic power elite’s end game strategy; and in a way reminds me of that empty north Korean hamlet because part of the reason for all this chaos is to keep us all in fear.  Just remember Fear is an acronym for False Events Appearing Real.

Another important thing to remember is that these are the last days of the Kali Yuga playing themselves out as one epoch ends and another begins; turmoil is to be expected.  Because good, uplifting news never seems to get much media coverage many are laboring under the illusion that the sky is falling and a tsunami of blood is about to sweep us away at any minute if the Ebola doesn’t get us first.  The fear machine is in full swing!

Two Trends

Over the course of this last month or so I have seen a most interesting pattern emerging across the blogosphere.  Because things have been leaning increasingly to the chaotic, it’s reasonable to assume those various subjects would dominate the headlines, and indeed they seem to most days.  There is another, more interesting trend emerging however, and that trend is towards headlines of a nearly polar opposite nature.   These writers are talking about experiencing life at a higher vibratory rate, un-plugging from the dying paradigm and creating a different reality with conscious intent.  This of course has been building steadily for some time as the great awakening unfolds all around us in ways that are truly impossible to ignore.  The encouraging thing to me is that every week there are more of this type headline, the tide is turning.

Breaking Free

The path to disconnecting from this dying paradigm is naturally going to be different for nearly everyone, but because our differences are all based around similar basic needs, some broad strokes will apply to nearly everyone.

The very first move is both universal, and mandatory: Stop buying the fear!  Being in fear is a kind of paralysis which by it’s very nature disintegrates rational thought.  Those in fear seldom make the best or optimal choices, and so the cycle deepens.  When we can see with new eyes, and understand why the fear mongers depend upon our fear, it becomes easier to see it for what it is.  It is an empty hamlet on the DMZ of time: trying to convince us the end is near – when all it is in reality; is the future, without them in it.

The next move is to do the same thing with the corporate psychopaths running the show; the ad men and free marketeers, starve them out by consciously choosing to not purchase their products!  Money is the only thing they care about, so that is how we will gain their attention, stop paying them to ruin our world.  Vote with your paycheck!  Take the extra time to know who doesn’t deserve your consumer dollar; then purchase elsewhere.  Yes, it will require some extra time and effort researching and such, but that is just part of the price to taking your power back.  Loss of revenue is the only language that they understand.  If we want these bastards to quit poisoning the planet, we have to stop paying them to do it!  Simple, really.  As we’re boycotting their products, we can disempower the corporations further still by stripping away their ridiculous status as people!  Why we ever let them sneak those “laws” past us is beyond me, but now is the perfect time to depersonalize corporations.  A corporation is not a living breathing person, and to grant it status as such diminishes us as it protects them.  Time to put an end to that nonsense, and a lot more afterwards.  We have a lot of work ahead of us.

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Reaping the Whirlwind

Departing president Dwight Eisenhower tried to warn us about what would happen if we allowed the military-industrial-complex to write it’s own ticket.  Humanity is now reaping the whirlwind for ignoring Eisenhower’s advice, and the only question remaining seems to be; isn’t anyone going to stop this insanity before its too late?  We are the people we’ve been waiting for.  If we don’t do it, it simply will never get done, and the concept of freedom will be relegated to being an abstract historical footnote in a revisionist history of our time.

Every person in America should feel outraged that before it adjourned for the summer congress denied funding for over 300,000 military veterans, yet voted to give immediate military aid to Israel so it could continue it’s war of genocide in Gaza.  We should be filling the streets with people and shutting the whole damned system down in protest of this latest insult to humanity, but we don’t, because we’re afraid of losing what little we have.  That fear thing again.  What if you were fearless…what would that feel like?

Here’s an idea.  This current system of “government” has certainly had sufficient time to establish that the advancement of all people is their main objective and heart’s desire.  If by this time we have not seen results the common man might see as satisfactory: why don’t we just dump the entire lot, and begin again in a totally different and universally beneficial manner?  What would that look like?  What would it take?  How much individual inconvenience would you willingly endure to create a better system than this one?  How much more do we need to witness before we unanimously agree that the whole lot of them has to go; right down to the last lawyer?!

The River of Time

As you may have heard, there is this big evolutionary shift in consciousness going on just now, and despite all efforts to derail it & pacify the public with chemtrails and GMO food-like-products; the shift is about to hit the fan in a very big way.  Such arrogance this bunch has, to think they could really prevent cosmic forces they don’t even understand.  How did that old butter commercial go: “It’s not nice to fool mother nature.”  These tired old white men have fretted & strutted their hour upon the stage of time; and now that their time is over, they don’t want to leave the stage.  Rather than gracefully disappearing into the river of time, these quislings decided to hijack the whole show and marginalize the rest of us as their slaves.  There is a strange and powerful force which is unleashed whenever the natural order of things is interfered with, and it is called the universal law of unintended consequences.  The only contingency plan the power elite made for if things went terribly wrong was to build lots of huge underground complexes.  Good.  It is where they will be interred for eternity by the shifting sands of time, a historical footnote.

The best part of all this is that it doesn’t require us to fight anybody for anything.  All we have to do is be mindful of our surroundings as we reject the fear option and quit paying those who are enslaving us and killing the planet.  It’s already failing and falling right now despite frantic efforts to prop it all up a little longer; all we have to do is just say No! then make sure we’re clear of the debris zone.

You will recall I earlier said we have a lot of work ahead of us?  That part comes immediately after everything comes crashing down.  The first order of business will of course be attending to those who most need help to survive the transition.  After that will come the gradual restructuring of society.  If we are wise and have finally learned the lessons needed to graduate to the next level; we will then automatically know that nothing good can be built upon the foundations sticking up from the ruins of the current system.  We must build an entirely new system, one with people at the center, not money.  We must learn that growth for its own sake is insanity, and that progress without conscience is deadly.  When we finally learn these lessons, we will be ready to move on, and one step closer to home.

Make no mistake, recovering from the utter mess we’re collectively in won’t be as easy as cleaning up after a wild frat party on campus.  We are facing some serious problems that most would rather quietly shove back to the dark recess of their minds than face; but face them we must.  Every week I see news reports of whales and other marine mammals actually entering harbors, as if they’re trying to get away from something.  Radiation.  They’re all running from the Fukushima radiation which has contaminated the Pacific ocean first on it’s world tour of earth’s oceans.  Something must be done to seal off that Japanese nuclear volcano, and after 3 years it’s clear to see that the keystone cops of Tepco & the Japanese government don’t have a clue how to do it.  Because they are such a stubbornly prideful people, they refuse to ask for help, or admit they can’t seal it.  Don’t know about the rest of you, but I don’t like the idea of irradiating the planet to spare the Japanese some embarrassment and loss of face.  Like I said, lots and lots of work ahead of us, and we’re burning daylight!

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Three ways

Yes it certainly seems the problems we face are impossible to fix, or reverse, but you must understand; that is precisely what the power elite want us to think.  It’s just part of their propaganda machine.  We have all been conditioned & programmed to mentally accept the idea that in any given instance there are but two paths or options to choose from.  While this is true in some instances, it certainly does not follow that all life can be broken down to a dichotomy.  For almost any problem we can face in this life there are three ways to proceed: the right way, the wrong way, and the untried way.  As Albert Einstein said; “The problems we are facing cannot be solved by the same thinking that created them.”  We’ve had a very long and expensive lesson on the wrong way to run a planet; so maybe we can all agree that way doesn’t work so well for us anymore.  So, when the time arrives; let us focus on the right way of doing things, and if that solution isn’t immediately evident, we go with the untried.  Just look around you, haven’t we had enough of doing everything the wrong way?  How about the concept of People before profit, how does that sound to you?

This new evolutionary shift we’re experiencing is the turning of the cosmic wheel to a time where humanity will reject wars and violence as a means to an end.  We’re outgrowing that phase of our spiritual existence, and what we see around us is the old way disappearing the only way it knows – don’t go down with it – step out of fear, and empower yourself to reject those things that sicken your soul.  Stop believing the lie that one person can’t change things, and believe in yourself instead.

It’s no mistake that the end of the Mayan calendar and the Indian Kali Yuga occur in the same space of time.  Many believe that both are referring not to the end of days on the planet; but rather the end of the system that has enslaved humanity for so long.  Not to be confused with the Goddess Kali; the age of the Kali Yuga is translated as both Age of the Demon, and Age of Vice being associated with the apocalyptic demon Kali ~ denoting a long span of time dominated by strife, discord, quarrel, & contention.  Sound familiar?

Humanity is currently neck deep in this transition between the great astrological ages of Pisces and Aquarius, which is also happening concurrently with the Mayan calendar and Indian Kali Yuga.  Seems kinda ominous doesn’t it; having three different powerful forces coming together at a single point in time?  There are primarily two futures available to us just now.  One of them is a true golden age for humanity, the Dvapara Yuga: the other is just the continuation of what we see around us, and what that is leading us into.  We need to be feeding the one we like as we starve the other one out.  Unfortunately, passively waiting to see what will happen is no longer an option, it has become a choice.  We can choose to act to bring about the future we wish to see manifest, or we can do nothing, which as we can plainly see has helped get the world where it is today.

Stop feeding the Monster!



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