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Lake water “Mysteriously” turned red near the Dead Sea in Jordan

Residents of the southern Jordan Valley in Karak province near the Dead Sea were surprised by the appearance of red water lakes of unknown origin.

According to the inhabitants of the lake, they turned completely red. The source of their water supply begins at the tops of the mountains in Al-Hadit, after which the water flowing down from the hills collects in collapse craters that appeared after the waters of the Dead Sea receded over time.

Jordan’s Ministry of Water Resources spokesman Omar Salama said the red lakes are isolated from the Dead Sea and do not flow into it, and that specialized teams from the Ministry of Water Resources have taken samples for study. Samples were sent to laboratories for analysis and verification of the source of contamination. 

For his part, Yasin al-Qasasbeh, director of agriculture for the southern Jordan Valley, said the agency is examining the site and determining the reasons why the water turned red, and it is likely that this is due to the presence of bacteria and red algae. which changes with sunlight.

Over the years, reports of water reddening have been coming from all over the world. Sometimes the reason for the color change is obvious. Most often, water is colored by emissions from metallurgical plants, sometimes emissions from meat processing plants, as was the case in Israel last year.

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However, sometimes the change in the color of the water has no reasonable explanation. In any case, the coloring of water sources in red was predicted by the mystics of antiquity as a sign of the approach of the End of the World, the beginning of which is now not seen only by the blind. 

According to biblical myth, God turned the waters of the Nile into blood, killing fish and preventing the Egyptians from drinking water, after Pharaoh refused to release his Jewish slaves.

Also, at the site of the lake, God sent the Angels to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah, where immorality and violence prevailed.

But the most important thing is that now the water has turned red not somewhere in Mexico or even in Iran, but in the Jordan Valley, near the Dead Sea. This is most likely an unambiguous mystical sign indicating some kind of local disaster, most likely a sign of a war in the Middle East in general and in Jordan in particular.

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