King Charles’ red portrait revelations: “Antichrist in a bloodbath”

A year and eight months following his coronation, King Charles III of Great Britain was presented with his inaugural portrait as monarch. The work, crafted by artist Jonathan Yeoh, was a source of immense pride for him. “Capturing the life experiences and human essence of those I paint is my utmost endeavor. I trust this portrait reflects that ambition,” he remarked. Yeoh initiated the portrait in 2020, during the time Charles was still the Prince. The unveiling occurred on May 17.

The portrait’s reveal at Buckingham Palace was a ceremonial event, with King Charles accompanied by Queen Consort Camilla. However, the unveiling sparked an immediate reaction on social media, with the artist’s choice of color prompting a flurry of memes and comments. Some British commentators sarcastically noted, “The devil is taking a break.” In the portrait, Charles is adorned in the Welsh Guards’ uniform, the same he wore upon his appointment as colonel in 1975.

Social media users didn’t hold back, with one royal enthusiast commenting, “Regrettably, Charles’ portrait gives the impression that the king is amidst inferno,” while another quipped, “Revelation: King Charles is the devil incarnate.” A concerned follower questioned the abundance of red in the portrait, humorously inquiring if there was a red paint sale.

“Art is subjective, yet observing the new portrait of Carl, one of the most intimidating paintings ever created, is not a simple task,” remarked a critic on The Cut. There were also several notable reactions: “Charles’s face emerges from a tumultuous sea of red paint. The BBC described the hue as ‘living red,’ while the Daily Mail referred to it as ‘fiery red.’ These are splendid descriptions, yet in my view, this shade unmistakably suggests blood.”

The unveiling of the portrait was posted on the official Instagram account of Buckingham Palace, capturing the monarch’s expression, who appeared somewhat alarmed by the sight of this artwork.

In the artwork, the monarch is depicted in the uniform of the Welsh Guards, set against a crimson backdrop. The artist expressed a desire to highlight King Charles III’s masculinity and his military service. Perched on Charles’s shoulder is a butterfly, which the artist claims represents the transformation from Prince of Wales to King. Nevertheless, social media users have proposed a more convincing interpretation for the peculiar symbols in the portrait.

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Vampires and black magic

The royal family has often been the subject of speculation regarding the use of black magic. Conspiracy theorists firmly believe that the British monarchy’s lineage includes numerous notorious rulers, notably among them is Prince Vlad the Impaler of Wallachia, also known as Dracula, an ancestor of Charles. The recent portrait has provided substantial fodder for these theories on social media. The color red is an unusual choice for a royal portrait, leading to rampant speculation as to why Charles appears against a backdrop resembling rivers of blood or flames in his first official painting.

Curious observers have attempted to decode the mystery of the portrait by inverting it. To their astonishment, the altered image seemed to reveal the figure of a devil complete with horns.

King Charles III. Photo: Social Media

What is even more unsettling is that the double mirror image uncovers a far more sinister effect.

The sudden reversal has ignited discussions and “conspiracy theories” regarding clandestine messages and ominous symbols concealed in plain view. Some interpret this as a sign of malevolent entities at the pinnacle of power.

Could this mirrored revelation be mere coincidence, an intricately planned artistic plot, or simply an optical illusion?

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As Charles III ascended to the throne, numerous soothsayers labeled the event as the enthronement of the Antichrist. With the progression of his reign, this prophecy seems to gain more credence. Moreover, the butterfly often symbolizes eternal life across various cultures, though its representation as rebirth is less common. It is probable that Jonathan Yeoh’s portrayal reflects his personal view of the monarch, conveying insights about Charles that go beyond his formal declarations.


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