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Kim Jong Un has a patch and a green spot on his head

Photos of the DPRK leader Kim Jong-un with some spot or with a small bandage on the back of his head attracted the attention of the South Korean press and other observers. The first to write about this was the South Korean news site NK News , which posted several photographs of Kim Jong-un taken in late July.

Some photos show a greenish spot on the back of the head of the North Korean leader, possibly a bruise. Other photographs show a small bandage or plaster on Kim Jong-un’s head in place of the spot. NK News writes that the photos of the end of June showed no spots on the head of the DPRK leader.

This is far from the first time that foreign observers have tried to draw conclusions about Kim Jong-un’s health from his photographs. In June, the South Korean media noted that the DPRK leader looks thinner in the photographs, and experts wondered whether this was due to the fact that Kim Jong-un changed his lifestyle to a healthier one, or, conversely, with some kind of disease.

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What is known about Kim Jong-un’s probable illness

Information that the North Korean leader had serious health problems appeared back in 2020, when the media began to write that a successor was being prepared to replace the DPRK leader – his younger sister Kim Yeo Jong. In April, CNN, citing intelligence officials, reported that Kim Jong-un was in critical condition after the operation, but other sources did not confirm this information.

In parallel with this, versions appeared in social networks that the head of the DPRK was actually in a coma, and doctors had already diagnosed him with brain death. In addition, netizens assumed that the head of North Korea was crippled by a coronavirus infection. At the same time, the state media refrained from commenting on the rumors, without confirming or refuting them, which seemed suspicious to some residents of the DPRK. Shortly thereafter, Kim Jong-un began appearing at public events, and whether he suffers from any ailment is still unknown.


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