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Kabbalistic Jewish Death Curse ritual, Pulsa Denura, could be performed against Putin

Kabbalistic Jewish Death Curse ritual, Pulsa Denura, could be performed against Putin 1

The deadly curse of “Pulsa Denura” which has been directed against at least three Israeli Prime Ministers in the pastsaid Ukrainian Jewish oligarch Hennadiy Korban launched against Vladimir Putin.

According to a Jerusalem Post report, in an interview with Ukrainian Radio NV on Friday, Corban said: “Pulsa Denura is a complex, difficult process.

“By the way, maybe this is irrational logic, very often dictators – like Putin, Hitler, Stalin – are very irrational in this regard and believe in a lot of magical, mystical things. Besides, we know from various chronicles that there were some shamans, astrologers and non-traditional healers alongside these people. Therefore, these people are very inclined to believe and fear some mystical things.’

“In other words, Pulsa Denura is not just a process that you can start whenever you want. This is a process in which you must warn the enemy or the person you want to subject to this process – formally so that he knows that such a process is being initiated against him. I warned Putin. Let him think and draw his own conclusions.”

Who is Hennadiy Korban?

Corban is a former business associate of oligarch Igor Kolomoisky, a former politician and mining magnate who is famously belligerent. A board member of the Jewish community of Dnipro, he has spent millions on the institutions and causes of Ukrainian Jewry, as well as significant sums to strengthen Ukraine’s military capabilities against Russia. His sister, Victoria, lives in Israel and their parents are reportedly Israeli citizens. Corban is believed to hold Israeli citizenship in addition to his Ukrainian citizenship.

Corban was arrested in 2016 in connection with a $150,000 bribe that police said he gave to a judge. The investigation into his actions, which Corban likened to an anti-Semitic blood libel, is ongoing.

The oligarch, who is also head of territorial defense in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, was stripped of his Ukrainian citizenship in July, with the official reason being that he reportedly held foreign citizenship. A petition calling for his citizenship to be restored has been signed by more than 10,000 people.

What is the Curse of Pulsa Denura?

The Pulsa Denura ritual is attributed by some to the Kabbalistic text, the Zohar, or other Jewish mystical works, although many studies have found that the first instance of the curse ever being mentioned or used appears to be in the 20th century. Although the Aramaic term “Pulsa Denura” appears in the Zohar and other works, it is almost always used metaphorically to describe either education, protection, or punishment, according to a paper by religious studies professor Zion Zohar titled “Pulsa Denura: The innovation of modern magic and ritual‘.

Translated from Latin and Aramaic, “Pulsa Denura” means “strike with fire” or “fiery rods”. It also refers to a “spiritual cord of fire, with fiery rings strung on it,” which symbolizes the punishment of a person in the spiritual world, reflected in the physical world.

The curse of the “Pulsa Denura” has no equal in strength, and it can only be directed against the Jews – this follows from the fact that during the curse, excerpts from the book “Zohar” are read, where “those who keep the commandments” are mentioned, and the text of the curse is not accepted make changes.

“Pulsa Denura” is a last resort, a kind of “nuclear weapon” in Kabbalah, which is used only when all other methods have been tried. 

The ritual is usually described as gathering at least ten mystics at midnight after fasting for three consecutive days. The mystics light black candles, blow a shofar and emphasize the curse, before blowing out the candles. There are many different versions of the text of the curse. The ritual actions that often accompany the curse resemble the actions that are often performed in an erem (advance communication) ritual.

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During the prayer, the Almighty is invoked so that He may judge both the one who called Him and the addressee of the curse. Then the Angel of Death descends into the world, who kills one of the two, who turned out to be a great sinner before the Almighty.

Past Jewish “Voodoo victims”

According to unconfirmed reports, the rite of “Pulsa Denura” was performed against some famous personalities of the Jewish people. Thus, the revolutionary Lev Trotsky was cursed by Rabbi Chafetz Chaim. Although Chafetz-Chaim himself died 7 years earlier than the assassination of Trotsky.

The “target” of the curse “Pulsa Denura” was the architect Eyal Ragonis, who became the author of the Givat Andromeda complex in Jaffa. The problem was that this complex could partially take the place of an ancient Jewish cemetery. As a result, Ragonis died of a heart attack 2 weeks after the alleged ceremony.

Archaeologist Ehud Netzer was destined to die from an accident – he accidentally threw himself over the parapet and fell from the top of the mountain. It is believed that in this way the curse of “Pulsa Denura” was realized for having opened the tomb of King Herod, although he was warned not to do this.

In the past, the Curse of Pulsa Denura has been directed by Israeli activists against former Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, former Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, and former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.

The most discussed example is Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, who, according to some sources, fell into a coma exactly six months after the “Pulsa Denura” ritual was performed against him.


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