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Fact or fiction

Jurassic Park will open soon

Jurassic Park will open soon 1

One of the very controversial dogmas of generally accepted history – both the history of mankind and the history of geology – is a fairy tale about dinosaurs, which are the lowest branch of biological evolution that died out millions of years ago and with which people did not intersect.

The first contradiction to official dogma is the so-called Ica stones found in the region of the same name of the Peruvian city. Stones represent large pebbles, sometimes even boulders from andesite, on which some ancient artists not only diligently painted dinosaurs, but also dinosaurs together with modern people.

From the moment of the first presentation of these stones to the public, the officials carefully refute them as fakes.

The second interesting fact was discovered by ancient miners, geologists, archaeologists and other people who, by occupation, have to either dig earth or make tunnels in the rocks. From time to time they come across not ordinary layers of fern imprinted on the breed, but rather rare fossils of dinosaur bones. In museums they are smooth and shiny, sometimes even coated with varnish, but in the “wild” such bones were seen and touched by a few people. And these people unanimously say that the bones stink of dead wood. It is very strange that the smell of rotten meat could not disappear for 100 or more million years.

Further, when these ‘stinking’ bones fell into the hands of various kinds of researchers, they began to look at the samples under a microscope and find cells there of tissues that were not severely damaged for 100 million years.

For another time, the officials did not pay any attention. And so, as the National Science Review reports on January 12, 2020, a group of histologists discovered somewhere a fresh fossil of the so-called Hypacrosaurus, isolated articular cartilage from there and extracted more or less whole cells from this cartilage:

Since dinosaur cells have been isolated many times, histologists have gone further and having collected more tissues began to look for cells where something similar to the nucleus has been preserved.

At the end, they found such cells: And then, when the nucleus began to be examined, they discovered almost intact chromosomes and special proteins associated with DNA, which gave the shown color reaction. At the end of their histology publication, they write in almost plain text that they are slightly dead, since no DNA, no proteins can be stored for millions of years. They will be consumed by the microbes first, then these microbes will be consumed by other microbes and, after several billion year cycles of DNA devouring, even dust will not remain.

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And this is not taking into account the fact that the DNA molecule is rather flimsy and in strength is much inferior to diamond. Just a tiny wrong move – and it breaks down into separate nucleotides. Meanwhile, these molecules have survived and now researchers are carrying out grandiose plans for the reconstruction of the DNA of extinct species, after which the Jurassic Park or something like that will become the obvious consequence of this reconstruction.

Technically, if someone had allocated money for this, dinosaur cloning could have begun in about ten years – all the technologies for this are available, but in reality there is not enough interest. Another thing is much more interesting: why didn’t they look for DNA in fossils before? Is it possible that they have searched, found, maybe even cloned some creatures, but it was a closed topic and it has just opened now?

Of course, no one will answer this question to us, and we don’t need it. The main thing is that all the official paradigms after this discovery, creep at the seams. Firstly, while DNA was preserved in dinosaur fossils, dinosaurs were contemporaries of mammoths and humans, having disappeared only a few thousand years ago, as if in official times of some Egyptians.

Somehow, with the history of Egypt, the whole hypothesis does not officially fit well, because there are no dinosaurs in the ornaments of the pharaohs. Consequently, Egypt, together with the pharaohs, is moving very strongly to our time and it may well be that their Ramses the Great lived only about 1,000 years ago.

Secondly, if DNA is preserved in dinosaur fossils, then such a great scientific dogma as the geochronological scale crumbles. Geologists make a hole in the ground and accidentally find some kind of bone there. Paleontologists come to the place and ask geologists: at what depth, that is, in which of the earth layers was the find? The Geologists explain that the bone was found in deposits of, say, the Cretaceous. And then the paleontologists, having wet the index finger in saliva, lift it up and exclaim: the host of the bone died in the Cretaceous period! Then they write a candidate or even a doctoral dissertation about this matter. However, as it now turns out, there is a whole DNA in the Cretaceous fossils, which moves the Cretaceous period from a distance of 140-60 million years ago to a distance of 140-60 thousand years ago.

It seems that geology is falling apart as a science and it turns out that the Earth, is not four or more billions of years old, but on the strength of several million, and maybe even thousands.

But if the Earth, for example, is about 10,000 years old, then how many years old is the sun? It turns out that astronomy comes to a dead end as well cosmology and the black hole theories.

Nevertheless, we believe that the officers will continue to stand firm in their faith, denying any common sense, so we follow the development of events and wait for new wonderful discoveries: we do not exclude the possibility that they will soon find somewhere a clutch of living eggs laid by the dinosaur, but even, probably, even then the officials will be able to explain all this scientifically.

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