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journalists discovered mysterious flight activity over Area 51

journalists discovered mysterious flight activity over Area 51 1
Photo: AP / John Locher

US Journalists analyzed the data of Internet resources that allow monitoring air travel and came to the conclusion: a “mysterious air corridor” appeared over “Area 51” and the Pacific Ocean, in which a special flight regime must be observed.

Prior to this, civil aviation pilots received a warning from the US Federal Aviation Administration about flight restrictions in some areas drove the state of Nevada, where “Area 51” is located.

The Pentagon said sections of the airspace southwest of the city of San Francisco were closed to civilian aircraft use.

The forbidden air corridor stretches for 700 km, and its width is 20-25 km. The maximum height of the restricted area is 18.5 km.

Later, the flight of an unidentified US Air Force aircraft was recorded in this area.

According to media, the plane was flying with the transponder turned off, in which case it is impossible to determine its belonging.

Presumably, tests of the new high-altitude attack UAV RQ-170 “Sentinel” from Lockheed Martin could take place in this zone.

“Area 51” base has a special status not only among conspiracy theorists. In their opinion, evidence of contact with alien civilizations is stored on the base.

The US military notes that various experiments are being carried out at the base, including tests of various missiles and drones. Therefore, civil aviation flights in this area are strictly prohibited.

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