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Apocalypse & Armageddon

Jeff Bezos’s Doomsday Watch mystery project is nearing completion in the United States

Jeff Bezos's Doomsday Watch mystery project is nearing completion in the United States 1
Built in a Texan mountain, Jeff Bezos’s clock will keep time for 10,000 years without human intervention. Image:

Over the past 10-15 years, many people began to notice all sorts of oddities that occur over time. Objectively, time flows like it flowed: it is still 24 hours in a day, 60 minutes in an hour , 60 seconds in a minute and so on. However, subjectively, it seems to many people that the day has become shorter and time is flowing faster.

According to general estimates, today the day lasts about 12-18 hours and time continues to accelerate, but since we are swimming in this time, there is no particular opportunity to register the metamorphoses that occur with it. Although, of course, there are some loopholes.

So, for example, reports come out from Mount Athos in Greece, that monks have problems there with reciting prayers and burning lamps. According to their daily routine, monks should read a certain number of prayers per day — this has been done for centuries. But now they don’t have time to read all the prayers. A similar story is with lamps: lamps usually count on a strictly defined burning time, some burn even a whole year, or rather they should burn, because now the oil either does not burn out in a year or needs to be added.

Jeff Bezos's Doomsday Watch mystery project is nearing completion in the United States 2

Nobody knows how to explain this, but the loophole left by Nature is obvious: in order to notice any fluctuations in the structure of space-time, the clock must not be electronic, not atomic, but built in the old way – on some chemical or mechanical principles. For example, one could make huge tower chimes, where the gears have a large mass and are therefore less susceptible to deformations of the space-time continuum. But to put these chimes not on the square, but to shove them somewhere underground, so that any neutrinos fly less and closer to the rock, which also has a huge local mass.

All this exceptionally expensive undertaking is like nonsense, however, according to Popular Mechanics, on April 27 this year, Jeff Bezos, the founder and head of the Internet company, the founder and owner of the aerospace company Blue Origin, the owner of The Washington Post publishing house and a fortune of 150 billion dollars (according to the most conservative estimates) suddenly decided to start such a project. About this project, the project website says the following:

We are building a 10,000 year old watch. This is a special watch designed to become a symbol, an icon for long-term thinking. This is a monumental-scale building inside a mountain in West Texas. The Watch Father, Danny Hillis, has been thinking about Watches and has been working on them since 1989. He wanted to create a Clock that ticks once a year, where the hand of the century moves once every 100 years, and the cuckoo appears once every millennium.

The idea was to create a Watch that would save time for the next 10,000 years. I have been helping Danny with the project for the last half dozen years. In my opinion, people are now technologically advanced so that we can create not only extraordinary miracles, but also things on the scale of civilization. We will probably need more long-term thinking.

The project, as can be understood from the video and the description, is huge, comparable to the construction of an anti-nuclear bomb shelter for the government. That is, somewhere inside the mountain a mechanical watch is being built, next to which Big Ben will be like a pocket watch, and the chimes on the Makkah Royal Clock Tower will be like an alarm clock. And all this, for the sake of show off and making money on tourists who will pay for the project somewhere in two or three thousand years?

And now the question arises: is Jeff Bezos the type of local city madman? This is very unlikely to be believed. For the show-off, there is now a struggle for the environment, the fight against AIDS, helping the hungry in Africa – whatever you want, then choose. And now, you can still distribute fans and medical masks, after which the kindness of the patron will be glorified at every corner. So the construction of watches is not at all like a show-off. And most importantly, some really crazy inventors has been running around with the idea of ​​such watches for almost 40 years, wandering around the offices of possible sponsors like Moses in the desert. Is Danny Hillis, the father of the whole project, so to speak, crazy too?

This is also very unlikely to be believed. Rather, we are talking about serious people who really became interested in miracles over time and invested huge cash amounts in the project. Building a clock that counts the time to the End of the World.

According to eschatological verses, there will be an acceleration of time before this world turns into dust.

“Judgement hour will not come until the time is shortened. A year will be like a month, a month will be like a week, a week will be like a day, a day will be like an hour, and an hour will be like smoldering time,”Koran vERSE

But how to understand that the time of Doomsday has come? You can understand this only by building a special clock that can register the acceleration of time: since the clock has began to be built, then the time may be close.

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