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Japan follows the US Pentagon. They will develop instructions for pilots in case of UFO encounters

Japan follows the US Pentagon. They will develop instructions for pilots in case of UFO encounters 1

On Monday, April 27, 2020, the Pentagon in the most official way presented the public with three UFO videos shot by US Air Force pilots in 2007:

Ufologists / conspiracy theorists and generally all smart people have been expecting such a presentation for a long time. These videos have been circulating on the Internet for about five years now and skeptics claimed that they are fakes. Now, with the official Pentagon posting the videos, skeptics write that the Pentagon is engaged in fakes to disconnect the public away from important matters. 

Nevertheless, the world media is also connected to the topic, and today everything is just about these UFOs. CNN, The Guardian and so on took on the difficult mission of opening people’s eyes and tell, as it turns out, there are also some aliens here! 

The Pentagon has been studying airborne incidents with unknown objects as part of a recently closed secret program that was launched on the initiative of former Senator Harry Reid of Nevada. According to the Pentagon, the program began work in 2007 and ended in 2012, because, according to the military, there are more priority areas that require funding. However, Luis Elizondo, the former head of this secret program, said in 2017 that he personally believes:

“There is very convincing evidence that we may not be alone [in the universe].”

“These planes – we will call them planes – demonstrate characteristics that are currently not found in American developments or in any foreign concepts that we know about,” Elizondo said about the objects that they explored.

He said that he had resigned from the Ministry of Defense in 2017 in protest against the closure of the program. However, some members of Congress are still interested in this work, as senators received information from unidentified naval officials about unidentified aircraft last summer.

“If our military pilots report a flight hazard, if something interferes with their training or puts them at risk, then Senator Warner wants to know about these incidents. It doesn’t matter if it’s a weather balloon, little green men or anything else – we cannot allow our pilots to risk their lives, ”said earlier Rachel Cohen, spokeswoman for Virginia Democrat Senator Mark Warner. Earlier, the US Senate held closed hearings on the issue of unidentified flying objects (UFOs). It is reported by Politico . As noted, representatives of the Navy told senators about unidentified objects in the sky that American pilots had a chance to meet with.

From the summer of 2014 to March 2015, naval pilots began to notice strange objects high in the sky above the eastern coast of the United States. They could move at hypersonic speed, but no exhaust gases or characteristic traces in the sky were visible. The testimony of the pilots leads the newspaper The New York Times. “They could be there all day,” says Lieutenant Ryan Graves, who reported similar observations to the Pentagon. – To keep the plane in the air, it needs a lot of fuel. At the speeds that we observed, 12 hours in the air – this is 11 more than we could expect. ”

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Japan to develop UFO encounter plans

In Japan, they will develop instructions for pilots in case of a meeting with UFOs, the Minister of Defense, Taro Kono said.

“Until now, the pilots of the air defense forces have not encountered a UFO, but it is necessary to establish a procedure for such a case,” the head of the Japanese defense department said, quoted by the broadcasting company NHK.

At the same time, the Japanese minister emphasized that after the Pentagon published the video above of unidentified flying objects, he would like to know the conclusions of specialists in this regard.


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