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January heating up: Baba Vanga’s prophecy, FEMA and the 666th day of the pandemic

January heating up: Baba Vanga's prophecy, FEMA and the 666th day of the pandemic 1

French doctors from the Marseille Mediterranean Hospital and University Institute (IHU Mediterranee Infection) have identified a new mutant strain of the coronavirus. It was immediately reported in the specialized publication MedRxiv.

The strain was named IHU with an allusion to the institute where the discoverers of the next type of infection are based.

IHU was found in 12 people, and it was believed that a man who arrived from Cameroon was the carrier. This is in central Africa and quite far from Botswana and South Africa – the countries from which the previous “gift” – the Omicron strain, spread throughout the world.

Is this obscurantism, mysticism, or a coincidence? It turns out that the prophecy of the Bulgarian Baba Vanga continues to come true. From the 70s of the last century, she “saw” an epidemic of a “new viral disease” that originated in Africa.

And here you go: first, Omicron flew in from there, and now IHU. Omicron turned out to be incredibly infectious – cantageous, in scientific terms. What nasty things to expect from the new strain, doctors have not yet determined but there are plenty of mutations, atypical combinations in it.

From the message of the French researchers, it follows that, having sequenced the IHU genome, they identified 46 new additional genetic regions, and in addition to them, there were also 37 deletions – regions that, on the contrary, did not exist. As a result, 30 new amino acids appeared in the Cameroon strain, and 12 of the previous ones disappeared – 9 of them were in the spike protein.

FEMA’s Nuclear Detonation Exercise on January the 6th

According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), on January 6th, 2022, the agency will conduct an exercise, according to the scenario of which there was a detonation of a nuclear weapon somewhere in the United States.

The training will be interdepartmental, it is reported that experts from the Pentagon, from the Department of Energy, Health, NSA and so on will take part in it. The agency even issued a commemorative brochure regarding the event. 

Such parallel events always strain the conspiracy community, among which there are numerous fans of the famous TV series Jericho. The plot of the series twists around some attackers destroying several cities with nuclear explosions in the US, in order to hide their crimes and seize power. America was saved only by the proclamation of a new state with the capital in the state of Texas.  

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Since there were quite a few allusions in the series that make it very similar to the truth, every FEMA exercise in which, according to the script, something nuclear detonates, makes everyone terribly tensed. However, today people are particularly sensitized, since it somehow strangely coincided that January 6, 2022, marks the 666th day since the official announcement of the Great Pandemic.  

In general, the stars for January 6th are somehow aligned in a bizare way, although further dates do not bode well either. 

One of the numeric dollar codes is the number 222, which is encrypted both in banknotes and in US state symbols. For example, the Great Seal of the United States, shown in duplicate on the dollar, has an area of ​​1.11 square inches. Two seals are 2.22 square inches. 

There are other critical dates: May 23, when 222 days remain until the end of the year, August 10, when 222 days have passed since the beginning of the year, and February 22 – the anniversary of George Washington. There will be a whole bunch of twos there: 02/22/2022.

If these dates will coincide with the Baba Vanga’s prophecy becoming true, then we are in for a wild ride in a dangerous period as she predicted something terrible: a new viral disease that came from Africa would claim 100 million lives around the world.


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