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Jailbreak: Is the Earth the “cradle” of human civilization or are we strangers here?

Jailbreak: Is the Earth the "cradle" of human civilization or are we strangers here? 1

Currently, there are several theories and many versions of the origin of man. Disputes on this topic do not subside until now. Each of us adheres to one version or another, perhaps there are adherents of Darwin’s theory among the readers. But old Darwin was wrong, we are not descended from apes.

Modern science has made great strides forward. Many scientists point out that man is not adapted to earthly natural conditions. But here you don’t need to go far, take a look in the mirror. Who do you see there?

Why have we fenced off from nature and gradually, with the development of civilization, are increasingly moving away from it? Maybe because a person, as a species of living creatures, was born in completely different conditions, in a different habitat?

In one of his books, scientist Ellis Silver writes that, perhaps, people are not the indigenous peoples of the Earth, but came to this planet from another point of the Universe. He makes arguments based on human physiology indicating that we did not evolve with other life on Earth. He assumes that humans were brought to the planet by alien beings, an advanced civilization, perhaps our ancestors.

“The earth more or less met our basic needs as a species, but it was not as perfect as those who brought us here originally thought, ” Dr. Ellis Silver writes in his book.

He believes that some of the chronic diseases that humans suffer, such as back pain, may be a very important sign that indicates that humans may have evolved in a low-gravity world.

He also writes about other unique human characteristics, such as the relatively large head of babies, which makes it difficult for women to give birth. In the past, this has often been fatal to both the mother and the fetus. 

The scientist says that other organisms on the planet do not have this problem. Indicates that humans have 223 additional genes that have not been found in any other species.

In his work, he also points to the physiological characteristics of the human body. If the average adult is left alone in nature, without clothes and tools, then he will be doomed to death. 

We don’t have the kind of hairline that animals do to keep ourselves out of the cold. The sun’s rays scorch our skin. The intestines are not adapted to raw, unprocessed food.

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Dr. Ellis talks about the “serious flaws” that a person has. 

“We are all chronically ill, if you find a 100% healthy person, I will be very surprised,” Silver writes. 

He believes that our problems stem from the fact that our biological clock has increased to 25 hours a day and cites research conducted by scientists as proof.

According to the scientist, there are abnormalities in the human species, and many hidden connections in DNA, which may indicate that we are a created species

He believes that humans evolved elsewhere in the universe and were brought to Earth as a fully formed species some 60,000 to 200,000 years ago.

Did the Sumerians in ancient times already know about this and tried to convey to their descendants in their literary texts, made in cuneiform on clay tablets.

Nevertheless, humanity has found itself in a huge trap, and in order to get out, we are destined to do something to repay the debt of the universe.

The universe teases us with beautiful places that we can never visit. However, if our species wants to exist for a long time, sooner or later we will have to flee from here. So what is keeping us here?


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