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Apocalypse & Armageddon

“Its like the world has changed and some evil has been released” – Is something BIG about to happen?

“Its like the world has changed and some evil has been released” – Is something BIG about to happen? 1

Subconscious forewarning about something big on the horizon felt by many

By Alex Thomas

(INTELLIHUB) —  Almost everyone has, at some point in their life, experienced an intense subconscious feeling of dread or forewarning before something really bad happened. Some might call it a sixth sense but regardless of its name most people have felt it.

Now, with news events across the world increasingly pointing to some sort of major event whether it be martial law, earth changes, economic collapse, or some other unspecified threat, many people are reporting that they are feeling this subconscious sixth sense and it is pointing to something big on the horizon.

In a powerful video released by Infowars, Alex Jones has revealed that he too has had these ominous feelings and felt it was so important that he wanted to share them with the public. (Which holds major weight when you consider the mainstream press uses anything and everything they can to mischaracterize him)

“Scientists have proven that humans and animals can sense events and energy sources that are beyond the reach of the five senses. Alex Jones’ sixth sense has been going off in recent weeks and he wanted to take some time to share what he has been going through mentally and call for a discussion of what the future has in store in for all of us,” read the video’s description.

Calling it the ultimate mystery of his lifetime, Jones urged the public to start a discussion on what others throughout the world are feeling.

Although one should watch the video report in its entirety, some of the below quotes detail key parts:

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“We don’t engage in a lot of speculation,with that said im just going to speak from the heart here. Most of us in our lives have had experiences where we’ve had forewarnings or ominous feelings before something really bad happens. Call it a sixth sense….and alot of main line scientific journals have documented the fact that that research has been done.”


“I’m sharing personal stories here with you here today because on a Richter scale of 1 to 10 the feelings im having and the anxiety im having is a ten compared to previous things in my life that were a 1 or a 2 that I ignored at my own peril.”

This has been going on for about three weeks……I quiety started talking to people around the office, also folks at the gym and people at the grocery store….. I started asking, “how you doing, how you feeling” and to a person they’d say you know it’s really funny I just feel like something really bad is going on, something really bad is about to happen, my uncle who doesn’t even listen to your show was brining it up to me just the other night and this person that person all said the same thing that there’s this feeling of we need to get ready, we need to get prepared.”


“Something big is about to happen, maybe it’s already happened and we don’t know.”

“Is it the subliminals preparing for martial law where they run sub audio so low the conscious mind can’t pick it up, they admitted they did that…. Is it that the system wants us to have anxiety?”


“Its like the world has changed and some evil has been released”…. Suddenly the propaganda has changed in the media, its gotten more intense more naked, things we would have never put up with five years ago are just in our face.


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“It’s prolly something we aren’t expecting”

“We have to go into that subconscious and have a public debate about it in the group subconscious, bring it forward to the conscious level and try to discover whats happening.”


“This is the ultimate mystery in my lifetime I feel like, in fact I know the clock is ticking. The overdriving feeling is do something, change it, don’t let this happen we can save the planet, we can stop it.” Something has fundamentally changed, something has shifted.” Somethings changed in our universe big time that affects us all”

Personally, what immediately drew me to this video is the fact that I have had a similar ominous feeling for the past few weeks and had chalked it up to all the fears about Jade Helm. Now I question if the feelings could mean something much bigger.

What do you feel?

Are you having any sort of feeling of dread about something on the horizon? Is everyone great and we are just worried about nothing? Use the comment section to let us know.

About the Author

Alex Thomas is a reporter who has worked in the alternative media for over three years. His work has been featured on numerous news outlets including Infowars and RT. Alex is an exclusive weapon of Intellihub.

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