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Apocalypse & Armageddon

Israeli Health Minister says Messiah will stop coronavirus pandemic by April 16

Israeli Health Minister says Messiah will stop coronavirus pandemic by April 16 1

A few days ago, Jacob Litzman, who is the Israeli Minister of Health, gave an interview in which he shared what measures were taken to combat the pandemic. When asked whether Israel would remain closed until April 16, when Passover is celebrated, the minister answered quite unexpectedly. He is sure that until this time, Messiah will come, who will save the country because Passover is the time of redemption.

“God forbid! We pray and hope that the Messiah will come before Passover, because this is the time of our redemption. I am sure that the Messiah will come and save us just as God saved us during the Exodus, and we were set free. Messiah will come and save us all.” he said

Earlier, Breakingisraelnews, with reference to the most famous rabbis, reported that Messiah was already in Israel and now the question is only when he will announce himself publicly. It seems that the time is approaching, since the Minister of Health is an official person and he knows what he is saying. Therefore, if the Israeli ministers are sure that the Messiah will somehow manifest before April 8-16 and stop the pandemic , then they have good reasons for this.

Moreover, indirectly, the words of the Israeli minister are confirmed by rumors from the highest financial circles of the United States, where they say that the pandemic issue will be resolved at the end of April and some unimaginable boom will await the economy. 

Naturally, rumors are just the chatter of some insiders in chat rooms and forums, but this chatter strictly follows the statement of the Israeli minister. Therefore, we can think that by May, somehow it will be over.  

The cessation, or at least the weakening of the epidemic and curtailing the worldwide quarantine is very good news for many optimists who constantly mutter that the prophets are lying and that “there will be nothing”. However, we have some pretty bad news especially for optimists, which realists have long been prepared for and which they regard as neutral. 

As all eschatologists know, the Messiah who came to Israel will have to stop some kind of huge war. Therefore, if Messiah stops the pandemic, then he will have to stop the war so that all the predictions come true. There is already a pandemic in the world, but there is no war so far, so if the minister is right, the war is likely to start in the very near future.

Moreover, according to the most famous Israeli mystics , the COVID-19 plague is one of the episodes of the war between Gog and Magog. That is, since the plague came, it means that we must wait for the Gog-Magog to attack Jerusalem. 

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