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Islands of the future will be built in Malaysia

Islands of the future will be built in Malaysia 1

In the state of Penang in southern Malaysia, they decided to build the islands of the future. They will receive a single name BiodiverCity. The project is planned to be completed by 2030. According to ArchDaily, by this time the islands will be equipped with beaches, parks, educational centers, as well as water, air and land transport.

BiodiverCity with a total area of ​​18 million square meters will consist of three large island groups. Educational centers, research institutes and parks will be located there.

There will be an oasis nearby – an archipelago with floating houses and terraces. As planned, on the islands, people should coexist harmoniously with nature. To do this, they will make a network of “green corridors” that will connect different areas of BiodiverCity.

Also on the islands there will be a beach line about five kilometers long and an embankment 25 kilometers long. The entire area will be as pedestrian as possible. However, according to the project, a public transport network will also be developed. Residents will be able to move freely throughout the islands.

The author of the project is a Danish-Malaysian group of architectural firms – BIG, Hijjas and Ramboll. Experts point out that BiodiverCity will become a modern multimodal environment for people to travel.

“Instead of designing a city for cars, we designed BiodiverCity for waterways, railways, and various types of human mobility. The resulting city is a reflection of Penang’s position as a truly global crossroads of the world – economically, environmentally and socially,” Bjarke Ingels said, architect and founder of BIG in Denmark.

Recently, the construction of the city of the future was announced in China. It will be called Xiongan and will be located 100 kilometers from Beijing. Greenhouses will be placed on the roofs of all houses, where they will grow food and at the same time receive energy from solar panels.

On the first floors, coworking spaces will be equipped, 3D printers will be installed and waste recycling will be organized. Each building will collect rainwater and purify it before drinking.

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