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Is time running out for electromagnetic pulse weapons: Imagine the world without TV, radio, telephone or internet

Is time running out for electromagnetic pulse weapons: Imagine the world without TV, radio, telephone or internet 1

Something very unpleasant may happen in Ukraine, an imminent use of a weapon that will cause an electromagnetic pulse EMP with incalculable consequences, but this might happen in other countries as well. In this context, the Financial Times, “The Sun” and “The Times” report that Spetsnaz units carry special equipment while the strike can be done through Zircon missiles.

If the Zircon missile is used then the first supersonic electromagnetic EMP attack in History will take place!

For the first time, a top Russian official talks about the certain use of weapons of mass destruction and admits that Russia will “use them in due time”.

Medvedev’s statements come after British and American circles unveiled the imminent use of a weapon that will cause an electromagnetic pulse EMP with incalculable consequences.

The non-nuclear version of the EMP carried by the Spetsnaz is believed to be capable of destroying electronic devices up to six miles away.

A relatively small nuclear EMP, easily deployed at high altitude by Russia’s supersonic Zircon cruise missiles, might not destroy any buildings or kill anyone. However, it could permanently disable electrical circuits across thousands of square miles of Ukrainian territory.

An EMP alone could be devastating

As a result of a single EMP attack in Europe or the US, the country’s electrical grid will be “baked” as anything with circuits (including most cars built from the early 1960s onwards) will cease to function.

Such strikes are usually carried out using a low-yield nuclear explosion in space to create an electromagnetic pulse that short-circuits all unprotected electronic devices. The range of the hit is proportional to the height of the explosion.

An EMP strike – the weapon for the Russian villains in the 1995 James Bond film Goldeneye – from a 30-mile aerial blast would cover most of the Midwestern United States, according to Nasa. A blast into space at 120 miles would cover most of continental America.

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Trains, buses, subway systems and commercial airlines and other modern airplanes will cease to function, just think how many airplanes will be in the air at the time of an EMP attack.

Our electricity based society will suddenly come to a halt, and chaos will reign afterwards.

Imagine the world suddenly without television, radio, telephone, internet, refrigeration, microwave ovens, stoves and ovens, washers and dryers, garbage disposal, sewage treatment plants, clean tap water. Natural gas companies that provide heat and electricity will cease to function.

They will not be able to transport food from farmland to cities, meat, eggs, dairy, packaged food, just think what will happen in the first few hours when they realize there has been an EMP attack. There will be panic, people will run to food stores to take what they can, and will fight tooth and nail to keep it out of the hands of others who will realize they have no food in the house. 

All food deliveries will stop, with no vehicles or trucks on the road due to the destruction of any transport means as a result of the EMP.

All food that needs refrigeration will begin to spoil within just a few hours, as a fully stocked fridge and freezer should be consumed in a very short time.

The lights will go out for good in every city, nursing homes and hospitals will immediately lose power, also the elderly, the sick and those who need medical equipment to just stay alive will be in immediate trouble. Within a few minutes and hours people will start dying, within days many of those people who need medical devices to live will be dead.

Those who rely on medication, eg diabetics, who must store their insulin medication in the fridge as it spoils quickly when not kept at a constant, cool temperature will die as a result of EMP 

But the biggest initial death toll from an EMP isn’t going to come from the sick and old – it’s going to come from the sky. When the EMP hits, the onboard computers and their electrical components will be fried, just like the computers and electrical components below on the ground, and when that happens, the planes in the sky will be on a collision course.

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The US has already created the to deal with the threat.

We will have food shortages, energy shortages and communications will be crippled. In just that case we are approaching a very bad scenario, many of us stock up on food and water, as they assume things will get worse in Europe and the United States.

In an emergency situation, whether short term or long term, rest assured that our lives will change and in order to survive we will have to adapt.


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