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Is there an epidemic worse than COVID-19? A new secret disease has swept China and could have already reached Washington DC

An increase in unusual cases of respiratory illnesses among children, including pneumonia, has been reported in China. Is the world facing a new epidemic like COVID-19?

What is known about the new epidemic in China

As reported by NTD TV in the China in Focus program, unexplained deaths have been reported in China amid outbreaks of pneumonia. The new “mysterious epidemic” is especially dangerous for children.

China has been grappling with a sharp rise in mysterious respiratory diseases for months. Hospitals across the country are filled with sick children. Doctors say it is unclear when the pneumonia outbreak began, but it is unusual that so many children became infected so quickly.

One Chinese doctor said in a video message that 9 out of 12 people in his department were suffering from high fever.

“The World Health Organization has given China 24 hours to provide important details about the situation,” NTD adds.

Which cities in China have outbreaks of the disease?

The largest number of cases was observed in the northern provinces of the country. In Beijing and Liaoning, hospitals are overwhelmed and schools have canceled classes due to infections among both students and teachers. Information about this was disseminated by the International Society for Infectious Diseases ProMED.

According to data from November 21, hospitals for children in Beijing, Liaoning and other areas were overcrowded due to an outbreak of pneumonia. Parents began to worry, suspecting that the situation with the pneumonia epidemic could be hidden.

What are the symptoms of the disease

As reported by NTD, citing the parents of the infected child, a high temperature is observed.

“My son had a temperature above 39 degrees and was tested for 4 pathogens, including mycoplasma, pneumonia, influenza A and COVID-19,” the channel’s report notes.

One Beijing resident stressed that many children were hospitalized with high fever, chills and the formation of nodules in the lungs, but there was no cough, ProMED reports.

Could it be COVID-19

According to NTD, the disease may be a mutated variant of the coronavirus.

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“I suspect it may be a mutated variant of COVID-19. The data was not made public, and now reports on them are prohibited,” the TV channel reports the words of one of the medical specialists.

Krutika Kuppalli, an infectious disease doctor from the WHO’s health emergencies program, said the disease “could be anything.”

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“We need more information about symptoms, epidemiology and what has been tested,” the British tabloid The Sun reports the doctor as saying.

According to Professor Francois Balloux from the Institute of Genetics at the University of California, Los Angeles, the disease can be caused by various respiratory pathogens such as RSV or influenza, or by the bacterium Mycoplasma pneumoniae, which is “pretty harmless”, writes The Sun.

How many people are sick?

The Beijing Center for Disease Control and Prevention said more than 3,500 cases of the respiratory infection had been reported at the city’s children’s hospital as of early October. An employee of one of the capital’s large hospitals said that there is a 24-hour wait for emergency cases.

“Calls received today will only be seen tomorrow. We receive more than 1,000 calls a day,” the worker said.

Meanwhile, the infection has reached neighboring Vietnam, although there are no seasonal colds there.

Has the virus reached Washington DC?

Reports of a mysterious respiratory illness wreaking havoc in Chinese hospitals have caused concern in the medical community, with implications spreading to Washington, DC.

FOX 5 has learned that hospitals, emergency rooms, emergency rooms and clinics are seeing an increase in patient visits.

The World Health Organization is reportedly reviewing data from China after a video appears to emerge showing crowds of people being treated for a mysterious respiratory disease that is disproportionately affecting children.

The Virginia Department of Health told FOX 5 it can’t comment on what’s happening in China, but is monitoring flu activity throughout the state.

Has the pestilence horseman, one of the four main Ruinous Forces, corrected his script and immediately striked Washington DC?

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Nevertheless, it seems there is already some kind of panic on social networks as most likely there is something on the horizon from the Umbrella Corporation.

As many Christian ascetics warned back in the 1980s, some waves of diseases would come from China before the End of the World and the civilized world would suffer. Is it fair to say that the second wave has begun?


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