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Is there a seal of death? Is it visible? Astral body, binding to the next world and new incarnation

Is there a seal of death? Is it visible? Astral body, binding to the next world and new incarnation 1
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Death Seal is a dark and mysterious practice that has existed since ancient times and serves to bring about the actual death of a doomed person. This is a ritual that combines elements of magic, occultism and necromancy, permeated with long-standing beliefs and superstitions.

The Seal of Death is activated by a non-spatial node, and at the moment of activation the victim begins to feel incredible suffering and a slow depletion of vitality. This is due to extremely powerful mental and physical pressure that attacks all layers of her existence. Being indestructible and cruel, death caused by the seal is slowly but surely approaching, becoming inevitable and final.

Whether the victims will be able to cut off the path to their death is anyone’s guess. After all, the seal of death is a magical trick that forever ties a person’s fate to the number of his destined death.

Despite all this, the seal of death is only one of the aspects of existence, which not every person realizes and understands. Just as there is light, there is also darkness, and these are complementary forces. And then the picture of the world becomes more complete and complex, because death has always been and will be a part of our existence. Death is visible in the human energy field, there is complete confusion in the energy fields and as such the astral body is absent, that is, the person is still alive, working, talking, but in his energy there is already a “seal of death” on the physical level, and in fact such a concept as the energy double is inverted.

Death is the inevitable finale of every living being

We all know that sooner or later the time will come when we leave this world. However, there are those who argue that death can be predicted based on the laws of energy.

Energy is a science that studies the transition of energy from one form to another. We are all made up of energy, and this energy accompanies us throughout our lives. But what happens to this energy after we die?

According to many energy practitioners and philosophers, the energy that resides in us during life does not disappear after death, but passes into another form. According to the law of conservation of energy, it cannot be destroyed and can only change in its form.

Thus, our energetic traces remain in the world after our death. They can appear as energetic imprints left by our stay in a certain place or energetic traces of our essence. Those who have the knowledge and skills of energy vision can see these traces, feel and analyze them. They may notice changes in a person’s energy field that indicate impending death.

This is possible because our energy field, or aura, reacts to the processes occurring in our body. When the time of death comes, the energy field begins to change, lose its strength and brightness, death is visible in advance in energy due to the fact that our force field does not disappear, but is simply transformed. This opens up possibilities for predicting and studying death from an energetic point of view.

The energy double has the same state as the physical body, as if it were in it, and before death the double seems to turn upside down, which means death is near.

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The astral double 

It is a concept that sometimes raises a lot of questions and interest from people. It is associated with a mystical entity that exists on the border of the physical and spiritual world. The astral plane is the plane of existence on which our soul is located and on which we can remain in an altered state of consciousness. To one degree or another, each of us has a connection with the astral plane and for some individuals, this connection manifests itself through an astral double.

An astral double is an energetic copy of our physical body, created during moments of deep sleep, meditation or in a state of trance. Such a double is almost identical to our physical body, but has the ability to move in the astral world. And, unlike ourselves, the astral double is not limited by space and time, which allows it to freely move from one point in space to another, as well as overcome any boundaries and obstacles.

The role of the astral double in a person’s life can be different. Some believe that it is a companion that accompanies and protects us while traveling in the dream world or on astral travel. Others believe that the astral double can be used for healing and restoration of physical health, as well as for exploring and interacting with various aspects of the astral realm.

There is also a belief that the astral double can be used to achieve high spiritual states and enlightenment. For example, during the times of ancient civilizations, priests and sages used the practice of astral travel to expand consciousness and communicate with higher powers and wisdom. For them, the astral double became an integral part of spiritual practice. The role of the astral double can also be interpreted as a tool for self-knowledge and the development of one’s internal abilities. The Astral allows us to see our hidden potentials and capabilities, understand ourselves and our life goals, and also provides the opportunity to find new and unpredictable ways of development and growth.

Ultimately, the role of the astral double in the life of each of us can be individual and based on our own beliefs and experiences, and the astral double always stands next to the physical body.

Suicide is a complex and disturbing topic that requires special and careful handling. There has been an opinion in society for a long time that suicide is solely a person’s “choice”, his own decision. But in fact, this opinion is incomplete and erroneous.

First, it is important to note that suicide is a manifestation of deep mental suffering. It is often a consequence of various psychological and psychiatric disorders such as depression, anxiety disorders or psychotic conditions. People suffering from such conditions may be completely alienated from the world around them, experience apathy, lack of joy, and sometimes even experience psychotic illusions that make them reject life. That is why it is not entirely correct to talk about suicide as a conscious choice.

Secondly, the environment plays an important role in supporting or isolating a person experiencing suicidal thoughts. Even if a person does not suffer from a diagnosed mental disorder, adverse circumstances and social and psychological factors can lead to suicidal thoughts. Lack of support, lack of social connection, social pressure, or hopelessness about the future can all worsen a person’s mental health and contribute to suicidal tendencies.

In addition, it is worth considering that suicide has deep psychological, emotional and mental consequences on the loved ones and relatives of the deceased. Their lives are forever changed, leaving a huge emotional wound. This confirms the fact that suicide bears a great responsibility not only to oneself, but also to the people around him.

Therefore, suicide is not solely the choice of the person himself. 

It is worth remembering that suffering, mental illness and adverse conditions can significantly affect a person, leaving him unable to see other paths and perspectives. Therefore, it is important to offer help, empathy and support to loved ones, and actively work to prevent and treat mental health disorders to prevent the tragic and irreparable consequences of suicide. 

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Therefore, the choice of a suicide is both his decision to leave his physical body and at the same time this choice is made for him, and then he has such thoughts, seeing no point in fighting, and suicide happens when a new incarnation is close, and all the tasks of this incarnation are completed, and the person himself makes such a decision – to leave life, such a cycle, the principle of no violence of will, the person, as it were, violates the agreement for this life and the body given to him, and is ready to conclude a new agreement, for a new life and a new body, and even an astral body, can appear – in dreams of close relatives, and warn and ask for the soul and other energy fields so that they don’t get upset, don’t cry, that everything is fine with him, or provide any other details. 

Visions of the astral body arise by relatives, in the room where the person lived during his lifetime, the TV turns on exactly the program that the deceased preferred, there is no need to fight or be afraid of this, it passes, it is the astral body that comes, as the departed misses living life.


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