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Is it possible to capture, master and lock up a demon?

Unfortunately, it is natural in humans to attack and try to control, dominate or domesticate what we do not understand. For many centuries, attempts have been made to lure and trap demons and other entities beyond our comprehension, with the sole purpose of serving as a sort of historical predecessor for ghost traps.

Pitfalls for demons throughout history

The idea of ​​trapping and confining the forces of evil is not really new, and it has been tried one way or another for many centuries. An example of this is found in ancient Babylon. The Chaldeans, Zoroastrians and Jews often used terracotta bowls with magic spells between the 3rd and 6th centuries, which were then buried upside down at the corners of the foundations of the houses. These bowls have been said to protect or trap evil in its many forms, such as demons and evil spirits and were used in places as varied as on farms or cemeteries. Mystical bowls generally had spells engraved in Hebrew or Aramaic, which were inscribed in a spiral from the sides down. They were also used by Christians.

Other cultures had similar objects intended to move away or even contain demonic entities , like the “Eyes of God” from Central America; the Dream Catchers from North America natives; the bottle trees of South America, made of bottles for demons to be trapped; or the demon traps of Tibet , made of ram skulls. The natives of the Pacific Northwest use hollowed out bones to capture evil spirits and then seal these bones with moss or consecrated lichen.

There have been several other totems, amulets and talismans that have been developed by many distant cultures for the purpose of subduing such entities throughout history. In Europe, it was common to use spiritual traps called “Witch bottles” to capture the spirits. These bottles were filled with hair, nails and other substances such as blood or urine like a “Decoy” to deceive the entity and make it believe that it was a real person.

capture submit a demon - Is it possible to capture, control and lock up a demon?

When these beings entered the bottle, the container was closed tightly, adorned with glass and mirrors to keep the demon locked. Later, it was buried and then burned, usually near a river or a place where water flows. There are several versions of this practice, with certain traditions which require a special ritual before the spirit can be correctly be trapped inside the container. Unfortunately, it is said that these same procedures can also capture human souls.

Demon traps were also very popular in the Middle Ages, where fear and social uncertainty made evil spirits and demons something very real for a large part of the population. In many cases, the demon traps of the Middle Ages were made up of symbols that attracted the curiosity of a demon and then sealed it through a sort of endless cycle. These symbols would be designed so that any demon is then locked forever. Such symbols would be used in buildings dating from the 18th and 19th centuries, becoming almost an obligation for any residence that does not want the unwanted presence of evil spirits and demons.

What does the Bible say?

But what many people do not know is that the practice of trapping demons is written in the Old Testament, where the legend of King Solomon states that a ring was given to him by the majestic Archangel Michael, inscribed with a magic seal and called the “Seal of Solomon.” Apparently, this magic ring gave him the power to control demons and has been represented in one way or another in Christian, Islamic and Jewish culture. All of this would evolve into the belief that demonic entities could be trapped and locked inside certain objects.


With so much history, demon traps are meant to be dug up from time to time in the modern era, and this happened in 2014, when English archaeologists lifted the planks of an abandoned house and found the place where carved crisscrossed lines and symbols were engraved. indicative of a demonic trap. The discovery was made in a majestic mansion called Knole, in Kent, England, which was acquired by the Archbishops of Canterbury in the 15th century and later ceded to Henry VIII and remodeled in the 17th century. The mansion is quite famous, as it was the birthplace of poet and garden designer Vita Sackville-West and it was also the scene from Virginia Woolf’s novel Orlando, but apparently these demon traps really captivated her imagination.

subdue capture enclosure demon - Is it possible to capture, subdue and lock up a demon?

Symbols and marks were discovered by the London Archeology Museum , which was undergoing structural reforms, dating back to the year 1606. This would have been just when the dissidents led by Guy Fawkes, the conspirator who inspired the face of Anonymous, were planning to use terrorist tactics against King James I. And that could be the reason why demon traps were placed, in order to trap this negative energy and the vile spirits it generated.

It has been speculated that the intersecting lines, marks and symbols were created by a craftsman in response to a visit from King James I to protect him from harm. They are carved on floors, beams and other areas, especially the room and around the fireplace, which is considered a witch’s weak spot.

Demonic Capture Ritual

Although the capture of demons has been going on for centuries, this type of practice still continues today. We do not recommend any type of strategy to carry out the demonic capture, but if you still want to try it, we’ll show you how to do it.

The ritual complex requires the following: A pentagram to draw the area where we will contain the demon. It will be drawn with a mixture of red ink (to simulate blood) and pure gold dust and should be in a large room to cover the 6 meter diagram.

capture subdue lock up a demon - Is it possible to capture, subdue and lock up a demon?

The tops of the stick should be filled with salt, but keep in mind that, if the salt is visible, the demon will detect the danger. So you have to hide the salt. Any demonic being can be considerably weakened if it is trapped in a pentagram specifically adapted to its nature (weakness). To attract it into the trap, you must place the element of greatest attraction for the Devil in the center of the stick: place it and hold it firmly in this place. Once the staff is active, it will quickly move towards it, but you will not be able to reach it, no matter how hard you try. You have to keep in mind that the demons will try to corrupt you in order to free you. Once trapped, you can hold it in a container prepared for it, as we explained in this article.

Part of our mystical history

As we have seen, the belief in evil spirits and demons has caused the possibility that these entities can be captured, controlled or even dominated. Since these myths encompass cultures and countries, it is worth thinking if there is a truth in all of this. The truth is that it is an interesting part of our mystical history little known to the world, but which is omnipresent.

Do these symbols and rituals have power over the creatures of another kingdom? Do they have the key to banishing the evil that has plagued humanity and has become a powerful force in legend and folklore?



Hollywood studios are built on the blood of babies – Mel Gibson

American film actor Mel Gibson criticizes both Hollywood and the morals of the American establishment – tough and unusual. Essentially, he blames a significant portion of the American elite for ritual Satanism. (before that, a similar terrible confession was made by another famous American actor Jim Carrey).

For this, he was blacklisted by the leadership of the US “creative world” in 2006. Since then, the actor has been working outside the system.

Gibson appeared in the prime time of the British BBC channel, in the Graham Norton show, on Friday January 19, where he answered guests’ questions: ]]>http: // …

This happened “in the green room behind the curtains” immediately after the show:]]>]]>

Can anyone believe him?

Most likely you can. In his revelation, Gibson publicly declared an epidemic of parasites that control Hollywood and personally participate in child sacrifices and pedophilia:

“every studio in Hollywood is bought and paid for with the blood of innocent children,” he said, adding: “The most valuable currency in Hollywood is it’s the blood of infants … key players in the movie business get adrenaline from this process and enjoy breaking the bans. ”

“They have a blatant disregard for ordinary people. Destroying people’s lives is just a game for them – the more they can hurt, the better the sensations. Children are just food for them. They revel in pain and fear, and the younger, the better. ”

And then comes the phrase, which should be emphasized: “These people follow their religion and use it for moral guidance.” What religion in human society justifies cannibalism and human sacrifice? This question should be asked by each of us.
– Satanism?
– Sure! But not only him. Let us recall the cases of ritual killings, which are widely known.

“They perform sacred rituals that ordinary people will cause bouts of nausea, and are completely in conflict with the morality that binds most patriotic Americans. The worst thing about all this is that it’s an open secret in Hollywood and everyone wants to get involved. ” (A very timely documentary was filmed on this very difficult topic. ]]>Galina Tsareva’s film entitled Octopus ]]>– ed.)

“It’s hard to understand, I know, and I’m sorry that I’m the one who opened your eyes, but Hollywood is the deadly legalized patrimony of pedophiles. They use kids to realize their scary sick fantasies. They take these children because of their energy and are saturated with their blood. They don’t do it mercifully, they first put them in a state of horror before sacrificing them. ”
“The more innocent a child, the better for them. What does it mean? They do not do this as some form of artistic expression: they simply drink the blood of children and eat their flesh, because they think that it gives them some kind of “vitality”. “The more a child suffers mentally and physically when he dies, the more he gives them extra vitality.” (These satanic rituals are designed to “feed” the demons with psychic energy, and those nonhumans who perform them drink blood that is saturated as a result of the child’s inhuman suffering with ADRENOCHROME – a powerful drug that, in addition to “coming”, also gives a powerful “rejuvenation” of the body – .)

“Hollywood is saturated with innocent children’s blood. There have always been indications of pedophilia and cannibalism, but for many years they have been unprovable, mysterious, or symbolic. I have been familiar with this practice since the beginning of the 2000s, and I would be in serious danger if I ever talk about it. I do not mean only my career, I mean that my life will be in jeopardy, the life of my family will be in danger. I can talk about it only now, when these people, industry leaders, are already dead now. ”

“Children are like“ premium currency ”and have a higher value than anything you can think of. They literally trade these children as currency for services, roles in films, kickbacks … ”

According to Gibson, these terrible crimes (pedophilia, infanticide, cannibalism and ritual sacrifices) did not appear in recent years, they have ancient and not American roots. “If you investigate this phenomenon, you will find hidden facts in the shadow of any gloomy era in history. These dark, multidimensional occult practices have been used in secret societies for hundreds of years. Hollywood uses this for social programming and mind control, and their message is projected into the psyche of the American people … ”

In what a famous American actor said, the rituals of a satanic human sacrifice are clearly described. It is also indicated that many people know about the existence of the secret structure of Satanists in Hollywood – but they are silent! Meanwhile, the occult powers of Hollywood are using their vast resources “for social programming and controlling the consciousness of the American people.” I must say, very successfully used.

The key question is whether the Trump administration and the FBI will then initiate an investigation into the testimony of Hollywood ritual killings, or will the US authorities blame it on Gibson’s creative extravagance?

We also note that on the sites that published material exposing Mel Gibson, there are many other creepy publications.

For example, Sylvester Stallone bluntly accuses Barack Obama of being a former U.S. secret homosexual, stating: “I have nothing against homosexuals, but I am against any lies” (Sylvester Stallone: ​​’Pathetic’ Obama Is’ Closet Homosexual Living A lie ‘)

Jim Carrey’s article talks about the practice of ritual cannibalism in Hollywood for Christian Christmas (Jim Carrey: Hollywood Elites ‘Eat Whole Babies’ For Christmas). The author writes that criminal perverts are trying to distort and pervert the soul of the American people and change the whole world.


Materials about secret societies, humanoid mutants:


About how the development of sex robots is being conducted so that perverts can conceive children with predefined properties (Sex Robots To ‘Give Birth’ After Sex With Humans Using Genetic Engineering).



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Rocket builder Jack Parsons tried to create a homunculus

Could the famous American rocket builder be so keen on occultism that he wanted to create a magical creature – a homunculus? Parsons’s activities are known only by rumors from acquaintances, but there is no smoke without fire.

John “Jack” Parsons (1914-1952) was a legendary American rocket engineer. He was one of the founders of Aerojet Corporation, which today is one of the largest manufacturers of rocket engines and rocket boosters in the world.

It is also believed that he was involved in the NASA space program, including the landing of astronauts on the moon in 1969, although by that time he was already long dead. In honor of him a large crater was named on the moon. However, no less than an engineer, Parsons was known as an alchemist and occultist, and many very strange stories are connected with this side of his activity. It is often assumed that it was because of this that he died.

In 1939, Parsons, already a well-known rocket builder at that time, was fascinated by Marxism for a while, but then he suddenly joined the religious movement of the British occultist Alistair Crowley under the name Telema. Moreover, he headed the California branch of Telema.

Then Parsons made friends with another famous occultist, Ron Hubbard, and he even temporarily lived in his house. Parsons had no problem with the fact that Hubbard was sleeping with his wife, for him sex mattered primarily as a concentration of “magical energy.” According to rumors, he even tried to use this energy to “call various Deities to Earth.”

How this could happen in parallel with his serious scientific work and the work of a rocket builder is very difficult to understand, but it was a reality.
After World War II, the occult side of Parsons’ life began to prevail over engineering so much that his activities led to an investigation by the FBI. Parsons was scared, and he soon told the FBI that he had “severed all relations with the dark world.”

However, all this was only in words. Now we turn to the topic voiced in the title of this article. According to the memoirs of director and artist Renat Drux, published in The Occult Explosion, Jack Parsons worked on very strange experiments, trying to create what the ancient alchemists called the homunculus – a tiny artificial man with magical powers.

Medieval alchemists had several “recipes” for the like. One of them involved the roots of the mandrake, which grows on the ground, where the “life seed” of the hanged man fell. In order to create a homunculus with the help of such a root, one must find it with the help of a black dog, then wash it, pour honey and milk (or blood), and then store it in a flask, in which a homunculus will then arise.

Another method, which was published in an 18th century book by Dr. David Christian, recommended taking a black chicken egg, piercing it with a needle, and replacing a small piece of chicken protein with human sperm. Then close the hole and bury it in manure on the first day of the March lunar cycle.

Thirty days later, a tiny person should develop in this egg, which will have magical powers and will protect its “parent”. It was supposed to feed him with lavender seeds and earthworms. It is not known which of the recipes for the creation of the homunculus was used by Parsons, however, according to rumors, this was what destroyed him.

On June 17, 1952, Jack Parsons worked in his laboratory and, according to official figures, tried to make explosives for his engineering project. Suddenly, something happened and an explosion rang out in the laboratory, which killed Parsons. When his body was found, half of his face was missing, his body bones were all broken, and his right forearm was completely torn off. Moreover, he was still alive for some time and died while in the hospital.

According to unofficial data, a strange explosion occurred precisely because of the experiment with the homunculus, because Parsons was a very experienced engineer, often worked at home with hazardous substances and would hardly have made a gross mistake when working in explosives.

According to his colleagues, Parsons assured that he was always very serious about his safety and suspected that the explosion was either rigged by someone in order to kill Parsons, or something else more incomprehensible happened here. The police finally concluded that his death was an accident, but Parsons’ death is still shrouded in mystery and causes lively discussions.

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Cthulhu Church created in the USA

Anyone can become a priest of the church. In Phoenix, Arizona, the First United Church of Cthulhu appeared – a registered non-profit religious organization that, according to documents, “worships and glorifies our God Cthulhu.” The founder of the church calls himself Khave Head.

The organization’s website says that the Church of Cthulhu is a “gathering place for monsters, eccentrics and other dark souls.” In addition to praising the character of Howard Lovecraft’s short stories, the church has one more task – to circumvent American rules on holding wedding ceremonies.

Khave Head

According to the laws of most states, any official can conduct a marriage ceremony: judges, senators, congressmen, mayors, as well as clergymen, regardless of confession. Khave Head invites anyone to register as a priest of Cthulhu Church. To do this, you just need to insert your name and surname into a special form, mark the date of the ordination and download the certificate. For an additional $ 20, Khave Head can send a self-signed certificate, notarized.

After this, the newly-made priest has the right not only to hold wedding ceremonies, but also to issue appropriate official letters. The church also offers several examples of marriage instructions to assist the priest in conducting the ceremony.

“Life is a disgusting thing, and against the background of what we know about it, we see indifferent demonic allusions to the truth, which sometimes make it a thousand times more disgusting. However, [name of bridegroom] and [name of bride] challenged such astronomical differences and found this truth in each other. And together, each of them makes the other’s life 999 times less disgusting, ”is an example of parting words of the newlyweds by the priest of the Cthulhu Church.

Cthulhu Church is by no means the first religious organization to assist in wedding ceremonies. So, the Church of American Marriage Ministries has nearly 700,000 official priests. The church professes only three postulates:

“All people, regardless of race, gender or sexual orientation, have the right to marry. “All people have the right to conduct a ceremony of marriage, and all people have the right to choose those who will marry them.”

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