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Is it possible to become an earth angel in real life?

Is it possible to become an earth angel in real life? 1

Scientists have calculated that an angel the size of an average person, weighing about 73 kg, would need to have wingspan of at least five meters in order to fly. To stay in the air, the wings should be flapped at least once a second, and this requires pectoral muscles several times greater than those of weightlifters. 

However, according to theosophists, guardian angels are people – real, alive – but who have reached a certain spiritual level. The abilities hidden in a person allow them to pass through walls and materialize away from their native body.

Earth angels are sent to places of mass disasters in order to prepare people for a calm transition to another world. Alas, their participation often does not bring results, because their efforts break down on the insane panic or wild intoxication of the victims. But sometimes it is possible to save from death those whose term has not yet come.

We can recall the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 in New York at the World Trade Center, then many people died, since the building itself almost collapsed, and yet there are survivors and this is amazing. Some higher powers help a lot. There are lucky people who have played with death more than once in their lives and at the same time they managed to survive all the time.

You can recall the tragedy of the Titanic, many died and it was a miracle that the boats with the survivors were found. And there are many such cases. Here you can turn to eloquent statistics, when there were often cases in which railway and air crashes claimed fewer lives than they could by about 20%, that is, these 20% of the lucky ones, due to circumstances, did not get on the fatal flight.

The death of the Titanic claimed the lives of more than one and a half thousand people, but almost 700 passengers survived. 

People having near death or war traumatic experiences try not to ask the “Why?” question, they just live, work, love, make plans for the future and learn to appreciate every moment of life. You are struck by their kindness and calmness, as if they knew something.

Everything that threatens our mental and physical health falls into the field of view of invisible helpers. We cry, we suffer, we ask difficult questions not in vain. We are heard. The question is: where is the efficiency, why so much injustice? It turns out that there is nothing easier for earthly angels than to inspire a person with a certain thought – and in such a way that we will not suspect interference. But no matter how rosy the results may be, such an impact is forbidden – the karma of a person will remain the same, because he was only an instrument of someone else’s will. Therefore, it is only allowed to direct the necessary thought to the “crowd” of thousands of others visiting our head, and we must make the choice ourselves.

How to become an angel?

There are many earthly angels, but they are a minority. They have a gentleman’s set of perfect qualities (lack of selfishness, will, craving for knowledge, etc.) almost from birth, most of us have only prerequisites.

The concept of “good deeds” includes any help. It can be not only physical or material, but also emotional. Sometimes, to help a person, it is enough just to listen to him or cheer him up with a good word. The main thing is to do it sincerely, from a pure heart.

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In the Middle Ages, angels were considered by no means meek, good-natured, loving and all-forgiving, but powerful warriors of light, who are called upon to monitor the fulfillment of God’s laws. They communicated important messages, were prophets who opened the veil of the future, persecuted sinners, and tried to set them on the right path.

According to some sources, in those days there was a secret community of people who turned into angels. They had their own code of rules, which they unquestioningly followed. In order to become an angel, it was necessary to go through a special ritual of conversion.

Only a select few could become members of the community. The angels carefully chose the future receivers, who later passed several tests, memorized the code, chose a new name, and went through a special ritual.

Theosophists suggest training angelic behavior and abilities while living. Attempts to do good – and there are those very first steps to perfection. It is not always possible to help a close action, but a wish for happiness and health is the same help as sitting at the head of a sick person. The fulfillment of our mental care depends on passion, sincerity, the strength of desire. And in general, all this is called in one word – love.

Of course, it’s hard to love, especially this annoying neighbor from next door. Therefore, Theosophists believe that we are most powerful in sleep. When the soul is free from the body, it is easier for her to fulfill her desire. She doesn’t ask for food. We must try to fall asleep with the last conscious thought-wish to the one you are worried about.

Do we have the right to interfere, even mentally, in someone else’s life? The principle of non-intervention is a wise thing, but we do not know the fate of others. If the karma of another person does not allow us to accept help, then all our efforts will remain unsuccessful. 

But good participation will create good karma for ourselves. Today you will help, tomorrow – you will receive help. Kindness in every sense is a chain reaction.


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