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Is Europe preparing for the introduction of martial law?

Is Europe preparing for the introduction of martial law? 1
Photo: Andreea Alexandru / AP

Very interesting processes are taking place in Europe which may be preparing to introduce martial law. This assumption can be made on the basis of an analysis of economic facts that indicate a high probability of such a scenario in the EU.

In particular, factories producing fertilizers are shutting down, the Achema company is a city-forming enterprise in Jonava, Lithuania, Slovakia); steel mills (ArcelorMittal closed two plants in Germany); in the Netherlands, the production of flowers and greenhouse crops will decrease by 40% between Christmas and next spring due to rising heating costs as greenhouse heating accounts for up to 70% of the total cost of production.

In the UK, citizens will not be able to cook until 20.00, and pubs will only be open until 21.00. A ban is introduced on the use of washing machines, dishwashers and ovens from 14:00 to 20:00. Pubs will have to turn off their lights at 21:00 and last orders will be taken at 20:30. In addition, according to MakeUK, a federation of British factories, 13% of factories have already reduced hours or are avoiding peak periods, and 7% are shutting down production for longer periods.

From October 1, the streets of Germany will be patrolled by military patrols. This was announced by German Defense Minister Christina Lambrecht. Whether armored vehicles will be involved is not yet reported. The pretext is to prevent riots.

In Britain, according to The Times, the police are ready for an increase in crime and disorderly conduct this winter. The intelligence services have already begun to develop emergency proposals. Police units are currently engaged in contingency planning that may arise as a result of millions of households facing financial hardship.

In Estonia, the Estonian Ministry of Defense is already working on a bill that will give the army the authority to prepare armed resistance in the territories in case they are occupied. For this, intelligence networks and special infrastructure will be created, for example, safe houses and hiding places for “partisan struggle”.

It is obvious that from patrolling the streets by the military to the introduction of a curfew or other regulations of martial law is one step. The main thing is that the presence of military men with weapons in civilian life is legitimized. People are taught that this is normal.

Accordingly, a peaceful protest against the government and the deterioration of life, which in the ordinary course of things is an ordinary peaceful protest, when the military appears on the street, becomes an encroachment on the constitutional order, an attempt at a coup, which must be swiftly strangled with all the power machine force.

As the news from Germany, Britain and Estonia show, the transition to a repressive-military model of the political structure of European countries is in full swing. 

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