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Is “Black Knight” a satellite from an alien civilization? Scientists deciphered its mysterious signals

Is "Black Knight" a satellite from an alien civilization? Scientists deciphered its mysterious signals 1

There is a satellite named “the Black Knight” in the polar orbit of the earth. This satellite continuously sends out mysterious radio signals. Scientists have attempted to decipher their content and realized that this otherworldly satellite is actually transmitting information about aliens from the Boötis galaxy, located 300 light-years away, and it has orbited the earth for 13,000 years.

Epsilon Boötis Star

The “Black Knight” satellite was originally discovered by the famous inventor Nikola Tesla, but it was not taken seriously until the 1980s.

On May 17, 1899, Tesla moved to Springs, Colorado, USA, where he studied atmospheric electricity and observed lightning signals through his self-made receiver.

On a quiet night, Tesla was alone in the laboratory intending to use his invented radio to receive supernatural sounds, but he received a clear and unusual signal. Later, after Tesla’s research and argumentation, it was discovered that this signal was likely to originate from an object in the earth’s orbit.

A few years later, Galilmore, an Italian inventor and electrical engineer. The Marquis of Marconi (Guglielmo Marconi) also intercepted mysterious radio signals outside of the earth. Some researchers said that Marconi and Tesla may have intercepted the same signal source.

After that, many astronomers all over the world have observed that a mysterious black object obscured the Sputnik 1, and it was orbiting in the polar orbit, which was the technology of either the United States or the Soviet Union at the time. There was no guarantee that the satellite could operate in polar orbit, let alone other countries.

In 1953, Lincoln University of New Mexico, USA. Dr. Lincoln La Paz also discovered the Black Knight satellite. The U.S. Department of Defense became interested in this mysterious satellite and hired astronomer Clyde. Clyde W. Tombaugh to assist in the investigation.

In 1957, the Black Knight satellite once again appeared in people’s field of vision. At the time, Venezuela’s Minister of Communications, Luiz. Dr. Luis Corralos discovered the satellite over Caracas, the capital of Venezuela.

He initially thought it was Sputnik 2, but after careful observation of the satellite’s trajectory, he discovered that it was not Sputnik 2 or 1, because this satellite was moving in an orbit from east to west and maintain the same speed as the earth’s rotation, which was not up to the level of science and technology at the time.

initially, this mysterious satellite did not have a name. In 1961, Jacques Vallee who worked at the Paris Observatory in France, found a black object orbiting the earth, so he named it the “Black Knight”.

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French scholar Alexander Logir believes that the “black knight” can orbit the earth in a unique way, showing that it can change the influence of gravity, and this can only be done by UFOs as alien visitors, so the “Black Knight” may have some connection with UFO’s.

Scottish scientist Duncan Lunan claimed in 1970 that he had deciphered the content of the radio signal from the Black Knight satellite. He designed a cipher table with the echo delay time as the horizontal axis and the transmitted pulse sequence as the vertical axis, and arranged the received radio signals on this table.

As a result, Duncan discovered that the pattern that appeared on the table was actually the Boötis galaxy, was accompanied by several lines of text, and these texts were deciphered into a human language as:

Start here.

Our home is in Epsilon Boötis (Izar).

Which is a double star.

There are 7 planets here, and we live on the 6th planet.

Counting towards from the sun, it is the largest of the two.

The second planet is the largest, this is also our sun, and hope to use this as a starting point for external development.

Our sixth planet has one moon, our fourth planet has three, and our first and third planets each have one.

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Our probe is in the orbit of your moon.

This update shows the location of Arcturus on our maps.

To this day, the Black Knight satellite is still in the polar orbit of the earth. Some researchers have calculated that this mysterious satellite weighs 15 tons. Even today, no country has the ability to launch such a heavy satellite.

In December 1988, scientists from the former Soviet Union discovered the mysterious huge satellite in the earth’s orbit through a ground satellite station. They thought it was a satellite in the US “Star Wars” inventory. Later, the former Soviet Union learned that American scientists discovered the mysterious satellite at the same time, while the Americans thought it belonged to the former Soviet Union.

After diplomatic contacts and discussions between high-level officials of the United States and the Soviet Union, both sides understood that the satellite was from a third party. A series of subsequent investigations showed that France, West Germany, Japan, or any country on the earth capable of launching satellites did not launch it.

According to the tracking of satellites and ground stations of the former Soviet Union, this satellite is extremely large and has a diamond-like appearance. It is protected by a strong magnetic field on the periphery and equipped with very advanced detection instruments. It seems to have the ability to scan and analyze everything on the earth, including all living things, and it is also equipped with powerful reporting equipment that can transmit the collected data to the distant outer space.

In 1989, at a press conference in Geneva, Switzerland, the former Soviet Union’s aerospace expert Moss. Dr. Yenova made the matter public. He emphasized:

“This satellite appeared in our earth’s orbit at the end of 1989. It certainly did not come from our earth.” He said that the former Soviet Union will “deploy rockets to investigate, hoping to find out the truth as much as possible.”

After the incident was disclosed, more than 200 scientists in the world have expressed their willingness to assist the United States and the Soviet Union to study this artificial celestial body that may come from a planet in outer space.

French astronomer George. Dr. Mira said:

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“It’s obvious that this satellite took a long time to come to Earth, and in fact it was designed like this. Although it is only a preliminary estimate, I dare to say that it has been built for at least 50,000 years.!”

Intrigue and book advertising

Some facts indicate that articles concerning a mysterious object in space are associated with a certain Donald Keiho. He worked for the US Marine Corps Naval Aviation publication and he was very seriously interested in the topic of UFOs. Many researchers believe that published newspaper articles that mentioned mysterious satellites contained similar information to increase sales of Keiho’s books.

In subsequent years, the amount of information about the mysterious satellite became more and more. The Black Knight has allegedly made repeated appearances on the US Navy’s radar screens designed to detect “spy satellites.” Its orbit was very unusual. 

According to unverified sources, the Black Knight satellite was orbited with an inclination of 79 degrees and orbited the Earth every 104.5 minutes. It had an apogee of 1728 km and a perigee of only 216 km. In those years, not a single satellite flew in such an orbit, which made this mystery a very interesting topic of discussion.

However, in 1963, things got even more interesting. Astronaut Gordon Cooper, who flew aboard the Mercury-9 spacecraft, reported that he saw an unidentified object in space. According to Cooper, the object emitted a greenish light. The astronaut’s message was confirmed by several radars on Earth.

However, NASA officially reported the following:

“The equipment aboard the Mercury-9 was experiencing technical difficulties. This led to a malfunction of the life support system. So Cooper breathed in too much CO2. … It caused him hallucinations … “.

In later years, Cooper claimed that he had never actually seen anything. That he hadn’t seen green lights, UFOs, or anything like that. The astronaut noted that the story of his encounter with a UFO was fabricated and UFO enthusiasts just made it up. However, for some reason, NASA does not want to publish the full transcript of the flight.

Spy satellites

There is one theory that quite plausibly explains some observations of mysterious objects made after the start of the space age. You can recall, for example, the US space program Discoverer VIII (Corona). The US Air Force began this work back in 1956. The first satellite, Discoverer VIII, was launched in 1959. The rocket was launched successfully. 

However, the special capsule did not enter the required orbit. Then it was officially declared “lost”. It is believed that for some time it revolved around the Earth, making one revolution every 103 minutes. The orbital inclination of the capsule was about 80 degrees, similar in parameters to the Black Knight? Well, somewhere close.

Image taken during the Endeavor STS-88 mission.  Source: NASA.
Image taken during the Endeavor STS-88 mission. Source: NASA.

Do we have images of the Black Knight? No. Due to the fact that this satellite is presumably in polar orbit, it is extremely difficult to photograph it in space. The only images that supposedly exist were taken during the Endeavor STS-88 space shuttle mission. 

The peculiarity of such missions was that they actually flew in an equatorial orbit, just like the International Space Station. This means that the Black Knight, who is supposedly in polar orbit, would fly past the shuttle at a speed of thousands of kilometers per hour. It is very fast to be seen not to mention taking pictures. Therefore, it is quite obvious that the images that we have, most likely, do not belong to the mysterious satellite.

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Ufologists claim that NASA’s X-37 spaceplane, which made a 675-day mission in space a few years ago, was actually studying the Black Knight. Indeed, the tasks that the space plane was solving in orbit for 675 days remain a mystery, as well as the cargo that it supposedly delivered from space.

The Black Knight satellite may still be out there in space. It is in a very strange polar orbit and perhaps its task is to transfer certain knowledge to humanity when it reaches the required level of development.

That is, If humanity doesn’t destroy itself sooner!


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