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Intergalactic treaties are being revised – the system is changing owners. Who wants to take over the Earth and why

Intergalactic treaties are being revised - the system is changing owners. Who wants to take over the Earth and why 1

There has been information for a long time that our Earth is enslaved. The capture happened many thousands of years ago, and, as it turned out, we are not even the masters of our planet at all, but occupy the role of farm animals that are used to obtain energy food for the invaders. It’s a disgrace, isn’t it?

They say that people have had their memories of past incarnations blocked and their abilities hindered in order to keep them under complete control as obedient slaves. It is sad to realize that for some extraterrestrial civilizations man is a dumb and powerless animal.

But who are these invaders to whom we are so important? Not only representatives of the negative system, but also the positive one, took part in the enslavement of humanity. And these Light forces are now trying to explain to us how we have polluted our planet and are not striving for high vibrations, which is why they will help only a select few.

What can happen if you create Artificial Intelligence?

The Bible says a lot about this capture, but do we really understand its meaning? So what kind of force are these that could destroy the highly vibrational developed world? After all, we know that the angelic worlds fell (remember the fallen angels), and no less high-vibrational civilizations were also infected.

For example, the worlds of Orion, from where Draco, who was not very friendly towards the people, came to us, were very high-vibrational before the split. There lived, among others, rainbow and white draconians, who were carriers of universal wisdom. And yet they, too, fell victim to some force.

It can be called the power of the Antiworld. Our worlds are filled with living energies and there is Antiworld. A very long time ago, when half of our worlds did not yet exist, Artificial Intelligence was created there for some purpose, and man-made processes got out of control.

The creators of the AI, realizing what they had done, tried to isolate the affected area. But the technogenic life forms that developed uncontrollably could only exist on external sources of energy; they themselves could not receive it, so an uncontrolled expansion began. The creators of AI could not keep it, but they managed to direct this expansion in a certain direction.

High Frequency Parasites

In addition to man-made force, there is another one. Its penetration into living worlds occurred at the top, at very high frequencies, which are not at all destructive for an alien force, as many now like to say. This alien force, let’s call it Wanderers for convenience, really lives in the high frequency range. They are difficult to detect.

These high-frequency parasites managed to penetrate even into the higher self, after which the takeover begins – control of consciousness, behavior, and so on.

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And then a certain technogenic structure, which began expanding into our living worlds, united with these Wanderers. It’s hard to say who entered into an agreement with whom, and who used whom, but at some stage they began to act together.

Well, then they were joined by already captured worlds, which became manageable. It was simple if you had the right information about who you could buy and how. As a result, living beings voluntarily gave up their energies for certain benefits. Here the basic law of good will was not even violated – deception did its job, living beings went into slavery. They bought it themselves, they gave it away themselves.

The Fall of the Top

In high-vibration worlds, renegades began to appear – geniuses unrecognized in their civilizations who were engaged in rather unsafe scientific research. These are the very first to fall.

Good technologists offered these unique people to prove to dull civilizations the genius of their ideas, their uniqueness and chosenness. Naturally, for voluntarily given energy. Thus began the moral and spiritual decline. It came from the very top.

And then technogens learned to use the resulting high-vibrational energy to create an essence of a higher order. That is, if we speak in human language, an artificial being was created, a robot, on which living energy clothes were put on top. Externally, is a highly spiritual being, on the inside it is a controlled robot.

Uncaptured worlds perceived this entity as their own. The creatures of the uncaptured worlds did not even suspect that there was an Anti-World, and the sent robots gradually captured their territories, subjugating living souls.

Willingly or unwittingly, several high-vibration worlds joined the invaders. As a result, the Orion civilization split into light and dark and the Draconians appeared.

There are civilizations that are completely captured, and there are those that managed to come to their senses in time and are now trying to restore their living energies.

Be aware of the well-wishers

Many contactees encounter entities that promise the salvation of all of us foolish ones. They say that people are stupid aborigines, and they are higher beings. But most of these well-wishers have ill will.

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Therefore, contact must be done very carefully. The antiworld is very large, many galaxies were struck in it. Representatives of thousands of worlds would like to receive living energy.

The Great Galactic Council did nothing for a long time. And all because the top were flabbergasted. This is reminiscent of many of the world’s parliaments, where each group lobbies its interests, and it does not matter what consequences they will have for society.

Some of these lobbies in the Galactic Council have achieved the status of irrational for many worlds, including, by the way, our civilization. Now all these corruption schemes have been exposed, and a lot must change for humanity.


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