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Intelligence leaders say that Putin “loses his sight” and “doctors give him a maximum of 3 years to live” or he is already dead and the top is trying to hide it

Intelligence leaders say that Putin "loses his sight" and "doctors give him a maximum of 3 years to live" or he is already dead and the top is trying to hide it 1

Vladimir Putin is facing very serious health problems and doctors are giving him a maximum of 3 years of life, the British newspaper Mirror reports today, citing a senior executive of the FSB, ie the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation. 

According to the unnamed official, the 69-year-old Russian president suffers from “a serious and rapidly evolving form of cancer”, noting that “he has no more than 2-3 years of life left”. The FSB executive notes that the Russian president’s health problems are causing him to gradually lose his sight.

“We learn that he suffers from headaches and that when he appears on TV, he needs to have everything written on huge letters so that he can read what he wants to say. The letters are so large that each page contains only one or two sentences. “His vision deteriorates significantly over time and his limbs now tremble uncontrollably,” adds the FSB executive.

According to the British newspaper, last week Putin met with Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko in Sochi, and the camera recorded some strange twisting movements of the Russian president’s legs during their conversations. Putin’s unusual moves were also seen on television earlier this month, amid rumors that the powerful Russian man may have Parkinson’s as well as cancer.

The head of Ukraine’s military intelligence service, Kirill Budanov, said Putin “has many serious illnesses, one of which is cancer.” The FSB official revealed the particularly bad prognosis of the doctors for Vladimir Putin through a secret message he sent to the former FSB executive Boris Karpitskov, who has now surrendered to Britain and is “hiding from Putin’s executors”, the Mirror reports.

The message said that Putin finds it difficult to read even the huge letters on the papers in front of him in his appearances and “terrorizes” the officials with the sudden changes in his mood. 

He refuses to wear glasses because that would be a sign of weakness. In the past he was restrained with his subordinates but now he has outbursts of uncontrollable anger. 

“He has gone completely crazy and he no longer trusts almost anyone,” he notes.

Is Putin dead already?

On another note, The Daily Star reports that a body double may have been used for recent appearances, as Kremlin henchmen will seek to cover up his death in an attempt to cling to power.

Rumor has it that the warmonger’s health has been deteriorating in recent months, his face appears puffy, and observers are wondering if the 69-year-old could have blood cancer?

Senior MI6 officials say the Russian president has been seriously ill lately, but his death is likely to be covered up.

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Recent media appearances were likely pre-recorded, the source said, suggesting that the tsar’s appearance at the Victory Day parade in Moscow earlier this month could have been played by a stunt double.

One intelligence source put it this way: “Putin is very ill, and when he dies, his death will be kept secret for weeks, if not months. There is also the possibility that he is already dead. It’s impossible to know.”

“It is believed that Putin used doubles in the past when he was unwell, and the Kremlin could do it now. Now Putin leads a small group of high-ranking officials who are completely loyal to him.

“The real fear of his henchmen is that as soon as his death is announced, there could be a coup in the Kremlin, and Russian generals will want to leave Ukraine. Putin’s death will make them helpless and vulnerable, so they have a vested interest in saying that Putin is alive, although the opposite may be true.”

Putin is widely believed to be taking steroids or being treated for cancer, which makes his face look puffy.

Two weeks ago, a Russian oligarch with close ties to the Kremlin said Putin was “severely ill with blood cancer” and had undergone surgery before invading Ukraine.

The head of Ukraine’s military intelligence, Major General Kirill Budanov, also said that Putin was seriously ill with cancer.

Russia expert Fiona Hill, who has met Putin in the past, said he “doesn’t look very good” and may be on “heavy doses of steroids.”

Meanwhile, it turned out that the losses of Russian tanks are so great that the Kremlin has to use a tank called the T-62, which is more than 60 years old.


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