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Insider – all HAARP turned on at full capacity

Insider - all HAARP turned on at full capacity 1

“I warned that the Deep State will use HAARP to create chaos in July. Europe suffered damage worth half a trillion dollars, destroyed houses, cities, villages, disabled cars. The death toll continues to rise. Think about floods affecting nuclear power plants. Information leaks, power outages, road damage, other emergencies in the country. Food supply chain, distribution of goods by train … Trucks stopped in many parts of Europe, the Middle East. Damage is still being counted as the water recedes and storms are still moving East, but more storms are brewing in the West. Many families around the world are trapped in desert and rural areas across the country with no access to emergency assistance.

Many people believe that these floods are only destroying the Deep Underground Military Base System (DUMBS). But this is not entirely true. Meteorological weapons are used by the Deep State to create chaos around the world.”

List of recent earthquakes:

🇨🇱 Magnitude 4.2 earthquake strikes near Iquique, Provincia de Iquique, Tarapaca, Chile

🇮🇳 Earthquake of Magnitude 5.3 Felt in Rajasthan’s Bikaner

🇺🇲 Magnitude 4.3 earthquake strikes off coast near Eureka

🇵🇬 Kokopo, 5.4. Earthquake papua new guinea

🇵🇬 Papua earthquake 5.8 felt 140 km from New Guinea

🇵🇦 6.1 earthquake in Panama

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🇮🇷 Khesht, Iran 5.4 earthquake

🇹🇴 Nuku »alofa Tonga 5.4 Earthquake

🇬🇧 South Sandwich islands 5.7 Earthquake

🇯🇵 Tokyo Japan. 5.5 Earthquake

🇺🇲 Furtuna California 5.1 Earthquake

🇹🇦 Tristan da Cunha region 5.0 Earthquake

🇹🇱 191 km NE of Lospalos, Timor Leste 5.1 Earthquake

🇩🇴 47 km NNE of Otra Banda, Dominican 3.8 Earthquake

🇺🇲 28 km SSW of Mina, Nevada 4.0 Earthquake

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🇺🇲 88 km W of Adak, Alaska 4.3 earthquake

🇺🇲 12km WSW of Petrolia, CA 4.3 earthquake

🇳🇿 south of the Kermadec Islands 4.7 Earthquake

🇵🇪 2 km WSW of Choco, Peru 4.1 Earthquake

🇷🇺 Kuril Islands 4.2 earthquakes

🇬🇷 7 km ENE of Asímion, Greece 4.2 earthquakes

🇵🇭 106 km SE of Pondaguitan, Philippines 5.2 earthquake

🇺🇲 141 Earthquake rattles Yellowstone National Park

More than 35 earthquakes around the world in the last few hours.

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