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Insectoids – the least common extraterrestrial humanoids

The most common image, mainly in movies and TV shows, of the extraterrestrials is the so-called Gray – low-growth aliens with grayish skin, big head and big black eyes.

The aliens of the reptiloid species are much less common, and even more rare are the so-called Nordics – similar to humans of the northern type, fair-haired and blue-eyed.

But, the strangest and rarest are perhaps the insect-like aliens – Insectoids. Moreover, we know almost nothing about them. The Grays are conducting genetic experiments, the Nordics want to warn Earthlings about a major disaster and they want to help them, Reptiles are aggressive predators.

What do Insectoids want? Why are they present on Earth?

Insectoids are often called Mantis Men because they look mostly like weak and tall mantis.

According to eyewitness descriptions, the insectoids are tall, not less than 2 meters high, with a lean and slender body, thin limbs. They have triangular mantis-like heads, small eyes and a tiny mouth. They do not wear clothing, and their bodies are covered with something like a rigid and segmented chitinous shell, such as in insects. They differ in male and female, but externally these differences are almost imperceptible.

What is most curious about them is that insectoids are most often seen off spacecraft and not during abductions, but by chance in a park or other place. Therefore, there is a version that Insectoids are not from another planet, but beings from another dimension. However, when Insectoids are observed with Gray during abductions and experiments, they behave as senior officials.

There have been very few reported cases where Insectoids have personally performed cruel and painful experiments with humans.

In 2002, two residents of New Jersey went fishing at Stephens State Park near Hackettstown. They were fishing quietly on the river bank when one of them suddenly felt a strange vibration in his right ear. He looked away and saw a mantis-like creature about 2 meters high.

The creature was standing on the shore and his arms were bent in prayer. His head was triangular and small. The creature had a black and gray color. It disappeared as suddenly as it appeared.

In 2004, in the same area of ​​Stephens State Park, another fisherman saw a similar creature.

He tells:

“I caught his movement with the corner of my eye, and when I turned around, I saw a humanoid. He was tall, like a man. His legs were long and his knees turned back like a grasshopper. He looked at me with huge, slightly laid-back black eyes on a triangular head. His whole appearance reminded me of a mantis.

His body was somehow irregular and unstable, but it was clear that this creature was strong. I stared at it for a few seconds, and then it disappeared as if it had “leaked out” into another reality. Later, when I thought what he looked like, I remembered that his hands were not like a mantis, but there were humanoid fingers.

In July 2014, another eyewitness saw a similar creature, again in the same Stephens State Park area, also by the river.

Maybe these creatures have a base somewhere nearby …?

This time, the creature was not on the shore but in the water near the shore. So in the beginning, the eyewitness confused him with another fisherman. But when he looked at it better, the man realized that he was not human at all.

The man shares:

“I was going home on Newburgh Rd. As I was driving over the bridge over the river, I saw something like a man in the water near the shore. I took a closer look and realized it was something else. I even slowed down the car to see it better.

It was much higher than 2 meters and had long thin arms hanging to his body. Its color was greenish brown and at the same time it was translucent, I could even see the landscape through his body! It was a bright sunny day, but it certainly wasn’t a glimmer of water. “

In 2011, a Connecticut resident came home from work. He drove by the river Thames. As he passed Pequot Avenue, near New London, he saw a reddish-brown creature on the side of the road, resembling a large insect. The creature quickly ran two feet to the side of the road and … jumped into the drainage shaft.

In 2015, in the Big Basin Redwoods State Park area of ​​California, an eyewitness saw something resembling a mantis 2.5 meters high. He saw the creature in just a few seconds, after which it became invisible and disappeared.

In 2001, a London resident saw two “mantis” in his bedroom. In the morning he woke up and barely opened his eyes, seeing two humanoid creatures resembling the mantis that were hovering over him. One was dressed in clothes that looked like black chitin ‘armor’ like beetles and the other was a classic dark green insectoid without ‘armor’.

The limbs and bodies of these creatures consisted of segmented parts, such as the bodies of insects. They were taller than a man.

The man says:

“One of them lowered his head because he was taller than the ceiling. His head was triangular, with a sharp chin, and there were huge eyes at the top, surrounded by something like eyebrows. Their faces did not express anything.

One mantis bent over me, and there was something long and metallic in his hand. A green ray, like a laser, shot from this object and struck me right in the eye. I was hurt, but I couldn’t move. And even though I could scream, I couldn’t hear my voice at all. Then they threw something like a thin stick right into my skull and I could feel them doing something in it.

I panicked and closed my eyes. Then I heard some hissing sound. When I opened my eyes, there was no one in the room but me. “

Another eyewitness account, which mentions an Insectoid carrying out extremely cruel and painful experiments on humans, was posted on a Canadian UFO and alien site.

The date of the incident is not specified. A man and his girlfriend were kidnapped together at home. They woke up in an unfamiliar room where there were tall insect-like creatures.

The woman remembers:

“When they caught me and started pushing me somewhere, I saw my friend lying on a table and doing something with him. It was as if they were undergoing surgery, like surgeons. I thought, “Are these aliens?” And they looked like mantis.

As I watched my friend, I saw his head and body cut. They cut it like a piece of raw meat. They pulled out some bones, parts of the brain and others … They did all this quickly and silently, making straight and precise cuts. Then darkness fell and I don’t remember anything else. “

Unfortunately, the site does not indicate what happened to this man. Did the man remain alive after such an operation? Or did he not come back alive as his girlfriend.


Aliens & UFO's

Arcturians: Earth Watchers and Protectors coming from the Fifth Dimension

More and more people appear who relate their experiences of contact with the Arcturians, a race from the star Arcturos, 37 light-years from Earth. According to several theories, one door has closed behind the flow of the consciousness of humanity, and the next one will only open when the luggage of a problematic story is left behind, which far exceeds the present and planetary sphere.

Arcturians: Earth Watchers and Protectors coming from the Fifth Dimension

In this space suspended from consciousness, duality seems to be extremely incredible, the currents of individual consciousness are in most cases in the direction of the collision rather than in harmony and coexistence.

Metaphorically expressed, humanity at the collective level is freed of luggage, seeking fever among those who huddle there, hoping to keep as much as possible and force the next door.

Thus we see numerous conflicts between people, institutions, doctrines and belief systems of any kind. In reality, there are no new things, only that we are in a kind of suspended space and can not get out of here but express all our internal conflicts in resolution, healing and liberation.

Arcturian Arcturus

The Arcturus star system houses one of the most advanced alien civilizations in our galaxy. It is a 5D vibrational civilization, a prototype (role model) for future civilization.

The specific vibratory energy of this civilization acts as an emotional, mental and spiritual healer for humanity on Earth, but also as a “door” for the souls of men at the time of death and birth. This energy functions as a transition station and adaptation of non-physical consciousness to the specificity of the physical world.

The book “The Keys of Enoch” described this energy as a kind of an intermediate center of adaptation and planning used by the Physical Fraternities in our local universe to govern and administer the multiple experiments performed with physics in this galactic area.

Arcturians: Earth Watchers and Protectors coming from the Fifth Dimension

The path to the realization of the Deity is the goal of each Arcturian and is reflected in every aspect of their society. Arcturians teach that love is the fundamental component of life in the fifth dimension.

They teach us that negativity, fear, and feelings of guilt must be overcome (by detachment and conscience) and replaced by love and spiritual light.

Arcturus is the brightest star in the constellation Bootes (see image above) and is 36 light-years away from Earth. The Arcturians work closely with the Ascended Masters whom they call the Fraternity of Totality.

They also work closely with what they call the Galactic Command. Arcturians travel to the universe with their interstellar ships that are some of the most advanced in the entire universe.

Who are the Arcturians?

One of the reasons why the Earth has never been attacked by outsiders was their fear of the advanced ships of the Arcturians. These interstellar ships are a culmination of perfection in cosmic technology. One of its ships that are parked near the Earth is called the ship of the star of Athens, named after the Greek goddess.

Arcturian society is governed by what they call the Sages. They are respected by the Arcturians for advanced knowledge of their wisdom, and for extremely high and refined vibratory energies.

The higher the vibration energy frequency, the closer it is to God. All Arcturians have an identical appearance, and they take pride in this because they have eliminated the tendencies of comparison and envy so present in human society on Earth. The Arcturians are short, 1 – 1.2 m tall and thin.

Arcturians are the most loving beings and never judge anyone. Their skin has a slight pale greenish-blue tone, they have only 3 fingers, they have the ability to move objects with the power of the mind (telekinesis) and they are totally telepathic.

His eyes are very large and almond-colored, dark – white or black, but his vision is based on an overwhelming proportion of telepathic ability and subtle vision (not physical sight), his ear is very developed, even surpassing telepathic abilities.

They have the ability to feel even with the back of the head, live 350 to 400 years and feed on an effervescent liquid that has vitalizing powers for your entire body.

Their spiritual advance allows them never to grow old, being able to travel (go beyond) time and space. They end their lives when their contract expires when they fix the details of their lives. There are no diseases in Arcturus, being completely eradicated hundreds of years ago.

Possible Features

  • They are the fifth interdimensional civilization. They have learned that the fundamental ingredient for living in the fifth dimension is love. All negative feelings (hate, fear, guilt) must be transformed into love and light.
  • Its spaceships are some of the most advanced in the entire Universe.
  • One of the reasons why other evil aliens and warriors of the Universe have not yet attacked us is that they are afraid of the advanced alien ships of the Arcturians. One of these ships, called Athena, flies around the Earth, defending us from evil aliens.
  • They are small in stature, between 90 cm and 1.20 meters high.
  • Their skin is greenish-blue and they have only three fingers.
  • They have the power to move objects with the power of their minds.
  • Even if they have big eyes, come with their telepathic nature.
  • They live between 350 and 400 years.
  • On your planet, there are no diseases, since they have been eradicated a long time ago.

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Aliens & UFO's

UFO fleet seen over the Indian Ocean from the International Space Station

An incredible sighting of a UFO fleet was recorded by researcher Scott Waring via the live NASA stream. “I was watching the NASA space camera live from the ISS and noticed three oval discs on the ocean. It looks like a fleet of mother ships that rise from the bottom of the ocean from an alien base. Note that one of the UFOs is above the cloud, not under the cloud “said Scott.

This is a 100% proof that these are not islands, but they are flying at cloud level. These UFOs are about 1-2 miles wide and each is perfectly spaced from the other. The three UFOs are a fleet, about to leave the earth’s atmosphere or perhaps enter our ocean. One thing is clear … a UFO of this size cannot hide very well from live ISS webcams, although they may hide from our primitive radar technology.

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Aliens & UFO's

Researcher records two huge UFOs near the Sun

In the late afternoon of November 5, 2019, a UFO researcher from New York was able to observe two huge UFOs next to the Sun. In the past it was the NASA SOHO and SDO probes that observed mysterious objects near the Sun, but now from the ground, the Skywatchers from around the world have managed to get shocking images of UFOs crossing the Sun.

An incredible recording made by an expert of the UFO phenomenon, who succeeded in obtaining evidence from the city of New York of two enormous objects crossing the Sun. The images were obtained just when the afternoon had fallen, in the video one observes a first a Triangular “spot” that slides on the surface of the Sun, therefore the witness observes two “lights” outside the solar ring, begins to follow them and then enters the solar circle as if it were a huge “sunspot”, which runs through a few seconds the entire space from left to right.  Finally, leaving the Sun, the UFO leaves a “trail” like a solar glow.

This is what the NASA SOHO probe constantly captures in the Sun. Alien entities not only observe us, help us contain eruptions, meteor impacts, regulate the instability of the sun, destroy chemtrails and all in return that humanity may one day re-wake up … It’s time to believe.

by Pedro Ramírez (Mexico)

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