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Inhabitants of Buton Island have abnormal blue eyes. The source of the glow makes them new mutants

Inhabitants of Buton Island have abnormal blue eyes. The source of the glow makes them new mutants 1

In Indonesia, there is a tribe whose members have incredible electric blue eyes. The striking anomaly is now admired by many people around the world. However, for their unusual appearance, their owners sometimes have to pay with their health.

The Buton tribe lives in the southeastern part of Sulawesi on the Bud island. It became famous for its incredibly beautiful eyes. If you look at the appearance of the locals, you might think that you are in a fantasy world. 

The whole world learned about the tribe thanks to the geologist Korcina Pasaribu. He arrived on the island in mid-September and took several photographs of its inhabitants.

Korcina Pasaribu visited Bouton Island on September 17, where he took photographs of its striking inhabitants, writes the Daily Mail.

The geologist began to get involved in surveying in Indonesia last year. Local tribes attracted his attention most of all. When he discovered the Buton tribe, he was delighted and inspired by the beauty of their eyes.

The pictures taken were posted on Instagram and immediately attracted the attention of a huge number of people. Users were amazed at the beauty of the eyes of the inhabitants of Indonesia.

When he discovered the blue-eyed tribe, he immediately found them very inspiring. He realized how unique the eyes of these people are in their own way.

The blue eyes were unique and beautiful. They are my inspiration. For me, blue is my favorite eye color, – Pasaribu shared with the Daily Mail reporters.

The geologist also said that the inhabitants of the tribe happily took part in the photography and that none of them was shy with the camera.

They are very friendly and welcoming. They are not shy about being photographed, ”Pasaribu told NextShark.

However, the blue eye color of the entire tribe did not appear out of nowhere. The irises have acquired this shade due to a rare genetic condition called Waardenburg syndrome.

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Waardenburg syndrome can cause hearing loss and pigmentation changes in hair, skin, and eyes. Very often, the eyes acquire a pale blue color, and heterochromia also occurs – when the eyes are of different colors.

In the tribe itself, cases when a person has one brown eye and the other blue are not uncommon.

The exact reason why Waardenburg syndrome developed in the tribe is not yet known. According to statistics, this disease affects one in 40 thousand people in the world.


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