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Information leaks out that Kim Jong-un has executed his sister

Information leaks out that Kim Jong-un has executed his sister 1

Kim Jong Un’s younger sister, Kim Yeo Jung, hasn’t appeared in public since July 27.

New rumors have surfaced about the whereabouts of Kim Jong-un ‘s sister – just weeks after she (according to early reports) was preparing to take power in North Korea.

According to new reports, Kim Yeo Jung hasn’t appeared in public since July 27. The Western media fear that her brother could “eliminate” her – including physically – as a threat to his regime.

Kim Yeo Jung has been in the spotlight this year. More recently, information has come in that the North Korean leader has delegated some of his powers to her . The younger sister of Kim Jong-un allegedly got the post of first deputy head of the department of the Central Committee of the Korean Workers’ Party. 

However, according to the South Korean publication The Chosun Ilbo, citing its sources, in recent days the North Korean dictator was seen several times next to high-ranking officials. But Kim Yeo Jung was absent.

It is noted that the international press dubbed the girl “Deputy Commander” Kim. This is what gives rise to fears that the older brother began to perceive the relative as a threat.

“In the past, anyone was stripped of their position the moment they were called the number two man in the North,” said Nam Sun Wook, a professor at Korea University. “There must be some semblance of a system of containment and counterbalance, although Kim Yeo-jung is a family member.”

According to Professor Nam, Kim Yeo-jung was able to retreat of her own accord. But things could have turned out much worse. Eun has little time for rivals – after all, earlier, as you know, the North Korean leader executed a high-ranking official, Jang Sung Taek, his father’s son-in-law. He was inadvertently called “the de facto leader of North Korea” when Kim Jong Il – the father of the current ruler – was seriously ill.

However, in 2013, Chan disappeared. In a statement from the North Korean leadership, he was proclaimed a “dog” who intended to “seize the supreme power in the most cunning and terrible way.” According to unconfirmed reports, Kim dealt with Chan’s entire family.

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