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Information & Infrastructure detox: Don’t talk to strangers, cause they’re only there to make you sad

Information & Infrastructure detox: Don't talk to strangers, cause they're only there to make you sad 1
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Many of us accept only calls from contacts stored in the phone book, if this number is not there, the ‘stranger’ will not be answered. It’s the same with the door. If they are not waiting for anyone, then they will not open the door.

The fact is that in recent years we do not receive a single call that you would describe as positive: there is an advertisement for loans, medical insurance, spam, fraudsters, bailiffs, asking to rate services, persuading to connect additional options, or simply being silent on the phone.

Also, there are unpleasant requests from not close acquaintances and people with whom you would not want to communicate. There are minimal chances you will receive good news from unfamiliar numbers. 

It’s like with the lottery, for some reason many people still believe that someone will voluntarily give out cars, apartments, iPhones to strangers but alas, all the winners are bogus. Even the super-rich will not just give a gift to a stranger. Don’t even ask why.

The tactic of blocking strangers on the phone not only saves time and money, but also helps to maintain social hygiene: cold calling is one of the worst things humanity has come up with. Slavish habits force us to give up our affairs and answer the questions of strangers. But why should do their will and not yours? 

Perhaps, you don’t want to talk to them now, or you don’t want to talk at all. You are not obliged to give them the right to manage your time.

The elite allocate fabulous sums to support the matrix. The main focus is on television, movies, newspapers, magazines and even the Internet. They control the size of wages, pensions and benefits to ensure that the percentage of poor people remains the highest. The base of the pyramid should be large and wide.

Without this system, the planet will be in chaos! People are not ready for freedom, so they need to be kept in a cage. 

The Matrix is ​​so cunning that people not only program themselves, but actively defend this dungeon for the mind. It is enough to dye your hair pink, wear a choker or somehow stand out from the gray mass, so that society is outraged. This is the matrix.

Information detox

The next step is hygiene detox of news feeds and advertisements. You become very confused and try to block all ads on social networks – simply because you have the right to do so.

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Literally, in the last couple of years, the news flow has greatly increased. We shove through so much information in a day that after a few hours we get tired. When you pass this informational leviathan to yourself, you end up having no time to absorb needful and really interesting information for you.

Infrastructure detox

Information hygiene is already known to many, but what about infrastructural detox. In fact, there is no definition for it as yet.

For a long time you could wonder why you should stand in line. After all, it’s the store that needs to sell the goods, because it’s you who’s paying them, and they are not you! Surely, there is no problem for the network giants to open more cash registers – they have huge super profits. The point is that it is important to humiliate a person, to show that he is nobody, to show that it is us who have to beg for goods from the hypermarket, by standing in the que. 

Moreover, about the quality of the products and what they are poisoning us with, is a completely separate discussion.

It’s the same with the surrounding space. Why should we put up with those we feel as a hindrance to our aura?

You do not like cars that create city noise, pollute the air and prevent people from moving around the city normally. We have to stand at traffic lights every 500 meters and wait for them to pass. But you also understand that you cannot do without transport.

Why do you have to turn your head a complete 180 degrees while walking to the store, because hundreds of cars weighing 1-2 tons are rushing around you.

So many roads, so many cars. It is understandable that chain stores need roads to deliver their goods but why are only their interests taken into account?

You feel trapped and drowning but you are not ‘abnormal’

Most people take the word “abnormal” as an insult, but it’s actually a compliment. This is the name for people who do not fit into the norms of the matrix. Such people have freedom and choice!

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These people are interested is a small house in nature, near the forest, away from people with only one road leading to the house, a trip to buy groceries once a month and contact with people only by mutual desire.

Society makes fun of everyone who does not fit into the stereotypes of the matrix. Such outcasts are considered “white crows”, strange, eccentric and abnormal. Most people believe that they are not all right with their heads, because they are so different from the rest. According to the logic of the slaves of the system, all people should be the same, like parts from one assembly line.

In modern society, control envelops not only our consciousness, but our entire life. All products have a barcode. All supermarkets are equipped with video cameras. Most buyers have bonus cards. They know what we are buying. They know exactly when we go to the store. They know how much money we are spending.

All our correspondence is readable. Everything that we enter in the search engines is recorded in a special database. Any telephone conversation, if desired, can be tapped. Even the police, not to mention the elite, can get details of your calls.

There are cameras hanging around the city. There are video recorders in the cars. Your phones are easily tracked by satellite, so it is very difficult to hide your location today.

Each of you has a TIN, and the system receives all your passport data when registering phone numbers, applying for a job and issuing loans. If you have ever used mail or ordered food at home, then the system knows about your location.

Chaos within Chaos

In recent years, the matrix has strengthened its position so much that life without it is not possible. Are there any alternatives to the matrix and the pyramidal system?

If you want to get out of the matrix, then you will have to save up and go to live in a remote village. You will not have to use the Internet, bank cards, go to stores and interact with society. You will have to hide behind another person who will do all this for you. Only a few are capable of this, so the matrix will never collapse.

More and more people in every country are also beginning to understand this, they want to live on their own land, and not on the land of advertisers and chain stores who knock and call your home and your soul without asking.

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