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“Infernal Symphony” continues? Pharaoh Ramses V was “resurrected” by the WHO to prepare for a new pandemic that could kill 90% of the population

"Infernal Symphony" continues? Pharaoh Ramses V was "resurrected" by the WHO to prepare for a new pandemic that could kill 90% of the population 1

Ramses V, the 4th pharaoh of Egypt’s 20th dynasty, was “resurrected by the WHO in order to publicize smallpox and the vaccines that led to its eradication in the 1980s.

The ultimate goal is probably the continuous advocacy of the WHO for new vaccines but also to create the conditions in order to implement the agreement known as “zero draft” through which the 194 member countries of the WHO essentially grant national sovereignty to the Organization’s directives in the case of a new pandemic.

Let’s also recall that on the eve of a huge war in Europe, for some reason they installed a sculpture of the beast from the Apocalypse:

The first international treaty on health standards (IHR) was signed in 2005. Now the WHO is pushing to include new provisions in that treaty and to gain the ability to impose them on its member states once the new pandemic strikes.

So they enlisted Ramses V in order to convince the general population on how good vaccines are.

With the difference that smallpox may have been eliminated with the vaccine, the current situation has nothing in common with the data of the time, nor the current mRNA preparations with the vaccines of the time.

Of course the WHO was careful. They focused only on the smallpox vaccine without making any allusion to anything else, knowing that doing so would bring backlash. But the “message” got through.

Is a new “pandemic” coming?

The real history of Egypt is unknown to the general public, so it is very unlikely that WHO will bombard the public with stories known only to the initiated and therefore not understood by the masses. Most likely, the fairy tale is based on some generally accepted paradigms. But according to these conventional paradigms, smallpox has nothing to do with Egypt.

So, the main source for the history of Egypt is the Old Testament texts, which, in particular, describe in detail the so-called 10 plagues of Egypt:

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Punishment in blood, when the water turned into blood.
Toad invasion.
The invasion of blood-sucking insects (midges, lice, bedbugs).
Punishment with dog flies.
More cattle.
Ulcers and boils.
Thunder, lightning and fiery hail.
Locust invasion.
Unusual darkness (Egyptian darkness).
Death of the firstborn.

More or less smallpox is hinted at by the mention of ulcers, so let’s see what it says verbatim:

“8. And the LőŅrd said to Moses and Aaron, take a full handful of ashes from the furnace, and let Moses throw it up to heaven in the sight of Pharaoh [and his servants]; and dust will rise up over all the land of Egypt, and there will be inflammation on people and on cattle, with boils, in all the land of Egypt. 10. They took the ashes from the furnace and stood before Pharaoh. Moses threw it to heaven, and there was inflammation with boils on people and cattle.”  Ref. 7:8. 9

At one time, everyone considered this description to be smallpox, but later researchers showed that it was most likely about the so-called Antonine plague, a mysterious disease that was brought to Rome by the legions returning from Egypt. There are no historical evidence to show that smallpox has ever been an evident problem for Egypt. 

A good source of knowledge about Egypt is the documents that scholars from time to time pull out of the tombs. There is a total absentia of documentation on massive smallpox epidemics there. 

Another source is the mummies of the Egyptians themselves, in particular the mummy of Ramses V, which was accidentally unearthed, as well as the mummy of his heir Ramses VI. Thanks to the find, historians have dug up a lot of new things about these two kings, but no variola (Variola major, the causative agent of smallpox) was found in the relics. 

Therefore, conspiracy theorists see some kind of hidden message in the movie – just like the message sent with the beast from the Apocalypse that appeared at the UN building. But what is this message? 

There is an assumption that the WHO, in a completely direct text, warns of an imminent new global disease, which could be smallpox or a deadly hemorrhagic fever similar to the Canadian television series “ReGenesis” 2004-2008.¬†

Smallpox was defeated sometime in 1980, before which every child in the world was vaccinated in the arm, and today all people of an earlier year of birth do not care about this smallpox. But in the same 1980, the WHO would have canceled this vaccination, and if now variola breaks free, with a mortality rate of 40-90%, it will mow down half the world, if not nine tenths. 

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