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Indicators to Show That We Are Living in the Craziest — But Most Extraordinary — Times in History

Indicators to Show That We Are Living in the Craziest — But Most Extraordinary — Times in History 1

“Fifty years is ample time in which to change a world and its people almost beyond recognition. All that is required for the task are a sound knowledge of social engineering, a clear sight of the intended goal – and power.” – Arthur C. Clarke

With so much happening these days it is difficult to keep up with the changes. In spite of this we as a race continually give testimony to our ability to acclimatize and adapt with the changes regardless of the circumstances.

Who’d believe just 50 years ago that some of the things we have now would come true?

As we advance into the New Year there is indeed much to be concerned about. Those of us involved in campaigning need to ramp up our efforts to achieve unprecedented levels of peaceful activism during these uncertain times: Regardless of your position or take, what’s important is to realize that you can make a difference to the world as insignificance is an illusion.

Indicators to Show That We Are Living in the Craziest — But Most Extraordinary — Times in History 2

Who you really are is a conscious multidimensional spiritual being: You operate on levels that transcend the confinements of matter, energy, space and time. This is the key to how you can effectively make a difference.

In reflection of this, a world undergoing exponential changes; how to adapt and deal with the obstacles we face during the uncertainty, here is an overview of just 7 indicators to show that we are indeed living in the craziest most extraordinary times in our history!

1. Net neutrality

With the FCC (Federal Communications commission) net neutrality rules taken away ISP’s are no longer stopped from preventing, restricting traffic and providers will be able to charge higher prices for faster web traffic lanes.

It’s all to do with the corporations involved making higher profits, ties to the “fake news” meme, political correctness and suppression of free speech… Net neutrality gives greater control of the “real news”

Yet another agendized ulterior motive to allow the powers that be to advance their plans for total world domination.

2. Alternative media under siege

As remarked in so many words by James Corbett, there has never been so much uncertainty for the future of the alternative media.

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Google Alphabet and its chairman Eric Schmidt have been involved in reducing the spread of so-called “misinformation” by de-ranking and delisting alternative media websites through Google’s algorithms. RT (Russia Today) has recently been hit by this.

Further attempts to censor and suppress the alternative media include Twitter shadow banning, YouTube account restrictions or suspensions and Facebook “what’s trending” newsfeed manipulation.

Then there has also been censorship involving renewed “fake news” attacks related to new Russian propaganda allegations on certain alternative media platforms…

3. Advancing technocracy

The advancing agenda by the powers that be to have complete technological control over us couldn’t be better exemplified than by China’s social media control. If you’re an activist or speak out against authorities in China you could be in for a hard time, as found out by Liu Hu.

He had already been imprisoned for his blogs, accused of “fabricating and spreading rumours” about corrupt officials…

Refusing to apologize on social media he was then fined and has had many of his basic citizen’s rights removed, finding himself subject to bank loan denials, travel ticket and property buying bans.

As the Chinese governmental authorities continue to collect data on its citizens, it ties in with China’s recently introduced social credit system.

4. A.I system and robots rising

As part of the world control agenda, being rolled out in secrecy, the A.I system focuses on economic value rather than humanitarian value.

When the system is controlled by A.I it will not have those humanitarian qualities such as empathy, caring and compassion. In short, the system will be rooted in economics, profit and greed at the expense of so many people who will suffer as a consequence.

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On the subject of robots rising, last year, a medical exam was passed by a robot for the first time ever. Then we also saw a robot being granted citizenship. The idea of granting robot citizenship ties in with the planned authoritative control of the autonomous A.I system by robots.

5. Nanobot technology

It could be said that nanobot technology is one of a number of examples where, in our transition, technological advances are turning science fiction into science fact.

While nanobot technology has been associated with causing harm it is also possible to put it to good effect. New research at Cambridge University is being developed to use nanobots as a cancer cure.

Able to manipulate the human body on a nano-scale it could revolutionize the way we approach and treat not just cancer but disease in general through the use of patrolling, diagnosing and repairing nanobots.

Time will tell whether or not this new medical approach will be highly effective. In the meantime it should be remembered that there are many cheap, natural, non-toxic, non-invasive, natural ways of effectively treating disease such as cancer while prevention is the best form of cure.

6. Genetically modified humans “cut and paste gene editing”

Gene editing technology, making deletions, insertions and alterations to genetically modify the human genome (human DNA) has come on leaps and bounds in accuracy and efficiency.

It was recently confirmed that scientists have produced the first genetically engineered embryos through using CRIPSR/Cas9 gene editing technology by researchers at the University of Sun Yat-sen, China. Genetic modification of human embryos has also been made at a health University, Oregon.

While this has been touted as the technology for having the potential to create perfect babies, disease eradication through genetic modification… it raises a number of issues/concerns such as:

*Scientists have no idea how over 75% of our genes function. With this in mind, what about the risks involved when editing and transplanting human embryonic genes by the scientists’ design?

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*In spite of a lack of knowledge, approval has been given without any thoughtful consideration to the dangers in the long-term as it is passed off as “scientific advancement.”

As with genetically modified crops, with the related corporations standing to gain so much, scientists are allowed to carry on” tinkering with life…”

*If the embryos were allowed to develop who decides what the characteristics will be for designer babies? Consider the bias towards gender, race, behavioural characteristics.

*Remember, the technocrats could enforce certain behavioural traits that could end up deleting many human qualities such empathy and creativity. Consequently we could we lose these traits while harming our species or affecting natural evolution.

*We could also lose our spiritual power and connection to God/ Goddess/ All-There-Is, rendering us as powerless automatons, unable to do anything against the will of the technocrats and the new world order.

Blinded by corporate greed and self-interest, not caring about the serious potential dangers, as in the cases of nanotechnology and genetic engineering, has technology become a runaway train?

7. Cryptocurrency

Indeed, many will know that there has been a lot of debate on the subject of cryptocurrency. For example, this video by Ryan Cristián explains to us how the banks bought Bitcoin.

From another perspective, those having made a lot of money through investing on the markets have the opportunity to use some of that wealth to campaign for liberty and change through decentralization.

In reflection

Who really knows what lies ahead? Whatever we do let’s at least spread the word with the alternative media as long as it still exists.

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The idea of everything coming down in cataclysmic circumstances and then we rise up like the phoenix from the ashes is fantasy. The solution is not about demolishing the system. Ultimately, what’s really needed is truth and transparency in the system.

As long as we have choice, let’s work with the idea that anything’s possible. We are the imagination of ourselves thus; the idea of turning science fiction into science fact could therefore have real humanitarian possibility.

By Paul A Philips, Guest writer


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