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Indicators to Show That We Are Living in the Craziest — But Most Extraordinary — Times in History

“Fifty years is ample time in which to change a world and its people almost beyond recognition. All that is required for the task are a sound knowledge of social engineering, a clear sight of the intended goal – and power.” – Arthur C. Clarke

With so much happening these days it is difficult to keep up with the changes. In spite of this we as a race continually give testimony to our ability to acclimatize and adapt with the changes regardless of the circumstances.

Who’d believe just 50 years ago that some of the things we have now would come true?

As we advance into the New Year there is indeed much to be concerned about. Those of us involved in campaigning need to ramp up our efforts to achieve unprecedented levels of peaceful activism during these uncertain times: Regardless of your position or take, what’s important is to realize that you can make a difference to the world as insignificance is an illusion.

Who you really are is a conscious multidimensional spiritual being: You operate on levels that transcend the confinements of matter, energy, space and time. This is the key to how you can effectively make a difference.

In reflection of this, a world undergoing exponential changes; how to adapt and deal with the obstacles we face during the uncertainty, here is an overview of just 7 indicators to show that we are indeed living in the craziest most extraordinary times in our history!

1. Net neutrality

With the FCC (Federal Communications commission) net neutrality rules taken away ISP’s are no longer stopped from preventing, restricting traffic and providers will be able to charge higher prices for faster web traffic lanes.

It’s all to do with the corporations involved making higher profits, ties to the “fake news” meme, political correctness and suppression of free speech… Net neutrality gives greater control of the “real news”

Yet another agendized ulterior motive to allow the powers that be to advance their plans for total world domination.

2. Alternative media under siege

As remarked in so many words by James Corbett, there has never been so much uncertainty for the future of the alternative media.

Google Alphabet and its chairman Eric Schmidt have been involved in reducing the spread of so-called “misinformation” by de-ranking and delisting alternative media websites through Google’s algorithms. RT (Russia Today) has recently been hit by this.

Further attempts to censor and suppress the alternative media include Twitter shadow banning, YouTube account restrictions or suspensions and Facebook “what’s trending” newsfeed manipulation.

Then there has also been censorship involving renewed “fake news” attacks related to new Russian propaganda allegations on certain alternative media platforms…

3. Advancing technocracy

The advancing agenda by the powers that be to have complete technological control over us couldn’t be better exemplified than by China’s social media control. If you’re an activist or speak out against authorities in China you could be in for a hard time, as found out by Liu Hu.

He had already been imprisoned for his blogs, accused of “fabricating and spreading rumours” about corrupt officials…

Refusing to apologize on social media he was then fined and has had many of his basic citizen’s rights removed, finding himself subject to bank loan denials, travel ticket and property buying bans.

As the Chinese governmental authorities continue to collect data on its citizens, it ties in with China’s recently introduced social credit system.

4. A.I system and robots rising

As part of the world control agenda, being rolled out in secrecy, the A.I system focuses on economic value rather than humanitarian value.

When the system is controlled by A.I it will not have those humanitarian qualities such as empathy, caring and compassion. In short, the system will be rooted in economics, profit and greed at the expense of so many people who will suffer as a consequence.

On the subject of robots rising, last year, a medical exam was passed by a robot for the first time ever. Then we also saw a robot being granted citizenship. The idea of granting robot citizenship ties in with the planned authoritative control of the autonomous A.I system by robots.

5. Nanobot technology

It could be said that nanobot technology is one of a number of examples where, in our transition, technological advances are turning science fiction into science fact.

While nanobot technology has been associated with causing harm it is also possible to put it to good effect. New research at Cambridge University is being developed to use nanobots as a cancer cure.

Able to manipulate the human body on a nano-scale it could revolutionize the way we approach and treat not just cancer but disease in general through the use of patrolling, diagnosing and repairing nanobots.

Time will tell whether or not this new medical approach will be highly effective. In the meantime it should be remembered that there are many cheap, natural, non-toxic, non-invasive, natural ways of effectively treating disease such as cancer while prevention is the best form of cure.

6. Genetically modified humans “cut and paste gene editing”

Gene editing technology, making deletions, insertions and alterations to genetically modify the human genome (human DNA) has come on leaps and bounds in accuracy and efficiency.

It was recently confirmed that scientists have produced the first genetically engineered embryos through using CRIPSR/Cas9 gene editing technology by researchers at the University of Sun Yat-sen, China. Genetic modification of human embryos has also been made at a health University, Oregon.

While this has been touted as the technology for having the potential to create perfect babies, disease eradication through genetic modification… it raises a number of issues/concerns such as:

*Scientists have no idea how over 75% of our genes function. With this in mind, what about the risks involved when editing and transplanting human embryonic genes by the scientists’ design?

*In spite of a lack of knowledge, approval has been given without any thoughtful consideration to the dangers in the long-term as it is passed off as “scientific advancement.”

As with genetically modified crops, with the related corporations standing to gain so much, scientists are allowed to carry on” tinkering with life…”

*If the embryos were allowed to develop who decides what the characteristics will be for designer babies? Consider the bias towards gender, race, behavioural characteristics.

*Remember, the technocrats could enforce certain behavioural traits that could end up deleting many human qualities such empathy and creativity. Consequently we could we lose these traits while harming our species or affecting natural evolution.

*We could also lose our spiritual power and connection to God/ Goddess/ All-There-Is, rendering us as powerless automatons, unable to do anything against the will of the technocrats and the new world order.

Blinded by corporate greed and self-interest, not caring about the serious potential dangers, as in the cases of nanotechnology and genetic engineering, has technology become a runaway train?

7. Cryptocurrency

Indeed, many will know that there has been a lot of debate on the subject of cryptocurrency.  For example, this video by Ryan Cristián explains to us how the banks bought Bitcoin.

From another perspective, those having made a lot of money through investing on the markets have the opportunity to use some of that wealth to campaign for liberty and change through decentralization.

In reflection

Who really knows what lies ahead? Whatever we do let’s at least spread the word with the alternative media as long as it still exists.

The idea of everything coming down in cataclysmic circumstances and then we rise up like the phoenix from the ashes is fantasy. The solution is not about demolishing the system. Ultimately, what’s really needed is truth and transparency in the system.

As long as we have choice, let’s work with the idea that anything’s possible. We are the imagination of ourselves thus; the idea of turning science fiction into science fact could therefore have real humanitarian possibility.

By Paul A Philips, Guest writer


Planet Earth

Piraha – people who live for the day and are considered the happiest on Earth

In the wilds of the Brazilian jungle, the people of Piraha live, which is difficult to understand for a modern person. They do not know the past and the future, consider prolonged sleep dangerous and have no idea what stress is. The missionary who came to the piraha to teach them life, came to the conclusion that these people are the happiest on Earth. And years later, he completely realized that he needed to learn from them, and not vice versa.

We are publishing rare pictures of these mysterious people and also tell the most shocking facts about Pirah people, who see the world absolutely differently from most people on the planet.. And we can also tell the most shocking facts about the people of Pirah, who see the world absolutely differently from most people on the planet.

Live here and now

The essence of the Pirah culture is explained very simply: “Live here and now” In their language there is only the present tense, because, according to the people, the only important thing that is worth communicating to others is what is experienced at that very moment.

Who are Piraha - people who live one day and are considered the happiest on the planet
©  bad.planet / Instagram

Piraha believe that sleep is harmful 

They were shocked when they found out that someone was sleeping for 8 hours. The people are sure that if you fall asleep for a long time, you can wake up as a different person. However, there is also an opinion that such a regime was formed due to the fact that the area where the people live is teeming with snakes. Therefore, they sleep in fits and starts for half an hour and no more than two hours a night.

They only distinguish between dark and light colors. Red and yellow confuse people, as well as green and blue.

Who are Piraha - people who live one day and are considered the happiest on the planet

The number of Pirah is only 800 people

Usually, representatives of primitive tribes would rather take their own lives than lose their honor and respect. But not a feast. They basically don’t understand what anger or despair is . “If Haaiohaaa dropped the fish into the water, that’s bad. No fish, no dinner. But what does Haaiohaaa have to do with it? ” – they just think.

The concepts of “century”, “time” and “history” are empty phrases for pirah, and almost none of them remember their grandparents. When asked what was the tribe before they laconic answer: “Everything is the same’.

Mothers don’t tell their children bedtime stories. In addition, here, in principle, no one remembers any stories: collective memory is built only on the personal experience of the oldest living member of the tribe.

Also, the piraha do not know what guilt and shame are. A husband can easily leave his wife if she is no longer young and pretty. Moreover, the woman will not be angry with him and will simply say something in the spirit:

“It happened because it happened, that’s all. So, we need to look for a new man.”

Who are Piraha - people who live one day and are considered the happiest on the planet
©  Smithsonian Channel Smithsonian Channel / YouTube

In their language there are no words for the left and right sides, and the people do not understand why this is necessary.

Piraha mothers do not know how many children they have

But they distinguish them by their faces. The point is that this nation cannot count. Piraha do not even perceive the word “one”. However, they have concepts of “several” and “many”. That is, they can say that they have several children, but they cannot give the exact number.

Who are Piraha - people who live one day and are considered the happiest on the planet

Piraha show no interest in the achievements of modern civilization. Moreover, they completely do not understand the way of life of modern people. “ How can you sleep and eat so much? “- this is how the people think about white people. However, they began to wear clothes, and also used aluminum utensils, threads, matches and fishing tackle.

This culture lacks religion and the concept of God. Although belief in the otherworld is common in most cultures, piraha is useless.

Who are Piraha - people who live one day and are considered the happiest on the planet
©  Smithsonian Channel Smithsonian Channel / YouTube

Every few years, the inhabitants of the people take a new name for themselves, which corresponds to the next period of their life.

Due to the peculiar perception of time, this unusual people do not see the need to store food for future use. What’s more, they don’t treat food as significant at all. If you could not find something for lunch, then  you can skip lunch and eat the next day.

Кто такие пираха — люди, которые живут одним днем и считаются самыми счастливыми на планете

In the Pirah, everyone is equal 

There is no social hierarchy. Perhaps that is why researchers note the amazing vitality of these people. In their tribe there is no envy, anger, theft, conspiracies and intrigues.

They don’t say thank you, sorry and please. In other words, they don’t have any courtesies. Piraha are perplexed why all this is needed, because they all treat each other so warmly without any formalities.

Who are Piraha - people who live one day and are considered the happiest on the planet

Missionary and linguist Daniel Everett wanted to teach Pirah all the benefits of civilization and lived for many years among these unhurried, constantly laughing and knowing no sins people. During this time, he suddenly became an atheist and changed his worldview. After all, the Pirahaha absolutely did not understand why to believe in someone whom no one saw, and why this someone influences the happiness and life of an individual.

Piraha do not suffer from mental disorders and depression. According to Everett, this nation has a phenomenal degree of life satisfaction, and without banned substances and antidepressants.

Piraha are sometimes called the happiest people on the planet.

 According to some experts, while some people remember the past or spend time studying the features of other cultures, this people simply lives their own lives, smiles, laughs and knows no troubles.

Do you think a person from a civilized society cannot understand the inhabitants of the jungle? Or is there something attractive in their principles of life?

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Planet Earth

How to create a “heaven on earth” for all mankind?

We ask ourselves this question and tried to answer it. Of course, by “paradise” we do not mean “paradise booths” somewhere in the mythical nooks of the past, but a very real place – our home called planet Earth.

Moreover, this is our only home at the moment, since the prospects for the colonization of other planets of the solar system for us are still rather dreams, and very far from being realized.

Two main problems for humanity

Do you know what we like about people? The fact that even being in difficult living conditions, they do not limit their interests only to how to earn a living for themselves – no, they are interested in more global issues: political, social, philosophical or scientific in nature. But what worries them the most?

In our opinion, most people on our planet are preoccupied with two main problems:

1) Security (in every sense of the word, including economic)

2) Happiness (in the broadest sense of the word)

While these problems may seem very different at first glance, they actually boil down to caring for your own well-being.

In this context, it is quite easy to understand why humans do not live in paradise on Earth.

There are many problems that are prevalent all over the world today, such as wars and crime (with all the associated problems), as well as various health problems, both physical and mental.

It seems obvious that no one wants to live in a world where they are constantly under the threat of violent crimes, wars or other disasters, and it is also clear that many people want to find love and happiness not only, and not so much for themselves, but rather for those who are very dear to them.

Hence, the most obvious way to create a paradise on earth would be to increase safety for all people and increase the possibilities for human relationships.

When it comes to security, there are a number of obvious things that can be done. For example, many people are concerned about pollution and environmental degradation, as well as related issues such as global warming and overpopulation.

There is an obvious solution to this in the form of cleaner energy sources (such as solar energy) and more efficient modes of transportation (including space travel). This would help reduce fears about climate change at least partially.

Another issue that is widely discussed is the possibility of a nuclear war between large countries. This could potentially lead to the extinction of all of humanity, if it happened at the moment, given the advances in technology and weapons compared to previous generations.

In addition to these issues, there are a number of other issues that seem to be at least somewhat predominant, such as privacy, economic insecurity and social inequality.

What we can do?

If we digress from philosophical reasoning and look at the real situation that has developed in the world over the past ten years, we can see that the world has ceased to live by the rules.

If earlier, there were official and unofficial rules of “behavior of states in international relations”, now these “gentlemen’s agreements” are completely ignored.

One possible solution to this could be the creation of a “world government” that would control all aspects of human life (including economy and technology). However, this will almost certainly have some negative consequences.

World government: pros and cons

Pros : One government of all human civilization, by definition, will save us from wars, economic inequality, social inequality and the likelihood of global destruction in the event of a nuclear war. In fact, on planet Earth, there will be one huge country in which the entire population of the planet will live.

Cons : There is a risk that people will come to power who will turn the good goal of “heaven on earth” into the possibility of establishing a dictatorship in which all the disadvantages of the previous type of government will remain, when “everyone was for himself”, but already without the opportunity to defend their interests as it was when there was a system of scattered but sovereign states.

How, then, to create a paradise on earth for everyone?

1) Develop future technologies that will help us save the planet and stop global climate change.

2) To develop medicine in the direction of increasing the life expectancy of a person, which will entail an increase in the quality of life, and an increase in “happiness” for each individual citizen.

3) To achieve maximum protection of people from any threats . The safety of citizens in all spheres of life should become a priority for the state.

4) Revive the system of “international rules”, which must be observed by all countries, without exception.

5) Limit the proliferation of nuclear weapons in order to increase the overall level of the sense of security of all mankind, and save it even from hypothetically possible mutual destruction in the event of a conflict with the use of nuclear weapons.

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Planet Earth

Ways to have fun celebrating Halloween in the pandemic

Roughly 74% of American millennials and young parents think Halloween is more important this year than ever. They gather in online groups where they exchange tips and suggestions on the safest way to have fun on All Saints’ Day in a pandemic.

7 ways to have fun celebrating Halloween in a pandemic

The Los Angeles Times selected seven of the most successful ideas, and shared them with readers.

This year, when most of the candy lovers are staying at home, decorating their home is more important than ever. The more tinsel, the better. You can hang out flashlights, buy a fog machine, or make a stuffed animal out of old clothes. Carve some pumpkins and have an online contest among family members, asking them to vote for the best neighborhood crafts.

Of course, the bravest children will come under your door shouting “wallet or life”, but it is impossible to communicate directly with little ghouls who are always short on candy. It is better to arrange sweets in bags in advance and put them outside the door. You can wave your hand at them from the balcony or out the window if you want to see how happy they will be with the treat.

The candies can be hung from strings on a fence or from trees. Children will quickly figure out how to rip them off.

If your child really wants to go outside, and the level of infection in the region does not allow this, you can distract him by looking for sweets at home. Turn off the lights, take flashlights, and run with him in search of candy. For teenagers, you can do a whole quest with tips and tasks.

Plastic eggs, which many use for Easter gifts, can be pasted over with glowing scary faces and muzzles. Then fill them with candy and hide them inside or outside the house. You can decorate them with stickers glowing in the dark, then it will be more interesting to look for surprises in the dark.

It’s not recommended to have ghosts in the house, of course, but you can watch movies about them on Halloween. An impromptu cinema can be arranged both in the house and in the yard. Then the neighbors can join the session. To keep your distance, you should buy hula hoops. Then everyone will be accommodated on the same lawn in front of the house, but the risk of infection will be avoided.

The most important thing is to get a good mood on Halloween. Therefore, without further ado, you can put vacuum-packed sweets under the door of your neighbor, call and run away with all your blades. This will amuse you and your neighbors, who will spend half the night wondering whether to eat the offering or throw a potentially infectious bag in the trash.

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