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Incredible Outer Space Stone Engraved With Hieroglyphics Found in 1908

Incredible Outer Space Stone Engraved With Hieroglyphics Found in 1908 1
A message from ancient Mars?

Fragments of asteroids, comets and even bits of crumbled planets are always falling from the sky. And this is not our privilege: rocks and metals of all sizes and shapes also hit other planets and even the moon.

It is not today that humanity cares about the enemies from the galaxies; Meteorites have already caused many problems for people around the world. Several incidents of falls and impacts were marked in history by their distinct and even bizarre characteristics; Some of them remain to this day with some unknowns.

This story was published by TW Patterson at the Conwichan Valley Citizen on Jan, 2015. It was that a front-page newspaper article of Sept. 5, 1908, caught my attention. Entitled, A Message From Mars, it’s so fascinating that it’s worth quoting in its entirety, Watch video below.

Hieroglyph or hieroglyph is each of the writing signs of ancient civilizations, such as the Egyptians, the Hittites, and the Mayans. It also applies, deprecatingly, to any writing that is difficult to interpret, or that is puzzling. The French linguist Jean-François Champollion is due to decipher the Egyptian hieroglyphs.


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