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Incredible Finds in an Ecuadorian Cave Shake the Scientific Community (Video)

In 1984, a surprising discovery was made in the jungle of Ecuador, in what is known as La Cueva de los Tayos, in a town called Maná. This event shook the world of archeology. More than 300 pieces were found ..

The most flaming of all was an illuminati pyramid equal to the dollar bill of a very old dating from an unknown culture, it is said that they may have belonged to Atlantis or Lemuria. The pyramid represents the symbol of the enlightened Bavarians of the eighteenth century and modern Masons … but this object has the same characteristics as the Illuminati symbol.

Even today, these enigmatic stones and objects represent a puzzle for science and archeology. They are not similar to the indigenous cultures of Ecuador or any other country in Latin America, the stones of Ica have nothing to do with this finding, although at first it may seem that they have similarity. Rather they seem to have some correlation with the ancient Egyptians, but these were more than 11,000 kilometers away.

The collection belongs to Germán Villamar, an agricultural entrepreneur who jealously guards these pieces. The writings on the pieces resemble a type of Sanskrit, which is the origin of the languages. You can also observe a mathematical reading.

A group of gold prospectors led by engineer Elías Sotomayor, who had explored the jungles of La Maná (Ecuador), discovered in an area where it was appreciated that the land had been exploited by mechanical means for the mining extraction, in the coordinates 0.95ºS 79.18W. There he found a deep tunnel that led to a huge chamber where he found these artifacts. These pieces seem to have been designed respecting a psychoacoustic geometry, having also magnetic effects of “point 0”. And its lithic technology and finishing challenge again the history books and the dates of the first civilizations.

They have a similarity to features of the Mayan culture but also present designs reminiscent of the ancient civilizations of Southeast Asia. Likewise, its graphic forms have a feasible comparison with Sanskrit, being able to date these from the time when only one civilization inhabited the planet, but a technologically advanced and culturally developed civilization on a global level. This could mean that in ancient times, there would be a connection between all the ancient civilizations, which would also imply that they were technologically advanced civilizations, which would change our historical concept completely.

One of the most surprising features of this finding is the use of calcite in the pieces. Calcite has fluorescent properties that are activated by ultraviolet light. For certain symbols or graphics would go almost unnoticed by the naked eye. But when exposing these pieces to ultraviolet light, certain graphics acquire all the prominence for their light effect. It is as if it were a code, a secret message carved thousands of years ago.

The objects of different sizes, and there are disks carved to the detail with geometric mandalas and concentric and eccentric circles, plates with spirals and engravings (in some you can recognize constellations like Orion or The Pleiades), thirteen cups of jadeite of different sizes with patterns that are similar to those of the Mayan culture, or contemporary western mystical ideas, humanoid figures in ritual attitudes, snakeheads, etc.

A map has also been found engraved. The map represents a very old epoch, in which the geographical structure of our planet was different and had not yet given rise to the natural catastrophes reported by all the ancient texts that, among other things, detailed the rise in sea level , but the current continents are distinguishable, while in the coastal area of ​​Southeast Asia there is a delineated land mass that is currently under water and in the Americas the islands of the Caribbean and the Florida Peninsula do not appear and in their place once more reveals huge land masses that today would be submerged.

In the middle of the North Atlantic appears a great island that coincides with the Atlantis of Plato; in the Pacific, below the equatorial line, a continent now non-existent and south of what is now Japan, a third continental mass, which coincides with the Yonaguni underwater finds, is also represented. Another enigma of the map is that between the region where the ancient Babylon was and the site in La Maná where the objects were found, a white line has been drawn that unites them.

With respect to the pyramid, as there have not been discoveries to date that prove the existence of pyramids like the Egyptian ones in America, it has been considered a representation of the Great Pyramid of Giza, although strange because of the distance of both terrestrial areas separated by thousands of kilometers. But many mysteries are still buried in the jungles of Ecuador.

It is gray, with small incrustations in gold at its feet that represent the constellation of Orion, and other glyphs with indecipherable characters (a German professor who is president of the Linguistic Society of that country, Kurt Shildmann, said he could translate this cryptic text as: ” The creator’s son is on the street “).

All the stones of La Maná reacted under the ultraviolet light, some forming numerous constellations that shone as if they were stars in the sky, but in the case of the pyramid, his eye begins to emit its own light causing blue flashes. These flashes have an engraving and the letters that appear, very similar to the text of the manuscript voynich not yet deciphered and with the writing of the Island of Easter, are of the “pre” Sanskrit, reason why they would be older than the first known writing.

Currently, the stones of La Maná are part of the private collection that Germán Villamar has in Ecuador, who received the collection supposedly as a donation or bequest by Dr. Sotomayor.

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NASA scientists BAFFLED by perfectly rectangular MILE-WIDE iceberg

NASA has made a remarkable discovery of a mile-wide rectangular iceberg with perfect right-angled corners in Antarctica. The stunning iceberg was spotted floating in the Weddell Sea last week by scientists on a NASA research plane.

The mile-wide rectangular iceberg (Image: NASA)

The US space agency said the object’s sharp angles and flat surface suggested it had recently broken away from the Larsen C ice shelf.

It is estimated to be around 1 mile (1.6km) wide.

However its true size may never be known with only 10 percent of its total mass showing above the water.

The iceberg found is known as a ”tabular iceberg” instantly recognisable by its smooth clean-cut edges as if carved with a knife.

It’s perfect edges are formed by breaking off ice shelfs with clear precision but are rarely kept in that state for very long.

In an interview to Live Science Kelly Brunt, a glaciologist at the University of Maryland and NASA was left stunned by the “unusual” discovery.

She said: “We get two types of icebergs. We get the type that everyone can envision in their head that sank the Titanic, and they look like prisms or triangles at the surface and you know they have a crazy subsurface.“And then you have what are called ‘tabular icebergs.

“What makes this one a bit unusual is that it looks almost like a square.”

This is not the first time the Larsen C ice shelf has shed a large iceberg.

Last summer an iceberg known as A-68 detached itself and had a surface area of over 2,000 miles.

The discovery was made as part of Operation IceBridge, the largest ever aerial survey of the planet’s ice around Greenland and in Antartica.

The survey is building a three-dimensional map of the ice at both poles.


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Strange lights filmed during storm over Myrtle Beach, South Carolina spark UFO theories

© Screenshot/UFOZone

Mysterious lights caught on a time-lapse video recorded from a pier in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, in early August have triggered conspiracy theorists who claim the footage is evidence of a UFO sighting.

The recording, which shows lights hovering in the night sky above a Myrtle Beach pier, was captured on August 5 and later uploaded onto website Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) on October 4.

The footage was also shared on YouTube on Sunday by user UFO Zone, who stated in the video’s description that it shows a “massive ‘spaceship'” lingering above the area during a thunderstorm.

​”I was taking the pictures off the edge of a long pier after dark, so there were no reflective surfaces around,” the unidentified filmer who shared the recording with the site wrote. “I did not notice the objects until I returned home and checked the photograph and video.”

The individual noted that they had been intending to simply capture “pictures and time-lapse of the incoming storm.”

Commenters on both MUFON and UFO Zone’s page were quick to shut down the claims being made, with some suggesting the lights were “all internal camera lens reflections.”

“It’s just lens flare from the bright pinpoint lights below in one of the lens elements,” Buzz K wrote on YouTube. “Nothing to see here. Move along back to your Bud Light. Dilly dilly. ”

Another unconvinced user wrote, “I think I saw bigfoot on the ferris wheel.”

The latest reporting on puzzling and eyebrow-raising content comes days after a “mysterious object” washed ashore on South Carolina’s Seabrook Island. Photos of the suspicious object were uploaded and shared on Facebook by the state’s Lowcountry Marine Mammal Network, a nonprofit tasked with increasing awareness and education regarding marine mammals of the Palmetto State.

“There’s no metal on it. The whole thing is just layers of foam,” Lauren Rust, founder and executive director of the nonprofit, told the Charleston Post and Courier. “It also doesn’t look like it’s been in the water that long. You’d think if it were in the water [for a long period of time], it would be covered in barnacles and all sorts of [sea life].”

Officials have since taken the strange object away in order to investigate the matter and possibly solve the mystery of its origins.

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The mysterious Min Min lights of Australia: Is there a scientific explanation for the phenomenon?

© ABC/supplied

Molly Hunt

Min Min lights are a mysterious phenomenon that have spooked many people in the outback of Australia.

But is there any scientific proof that Min Min lights exist? Or is it simply an Aboriginal folktale that has been passed down for generations?

The lights have been described by witnesses as floating, fast-moving balls of colour that glow in the night sky and stalk people, leaving some feeling confused and frightened.

Sometimes the lights are blue and other times they are white or yellow.

In Queensland, the Boulia Shire Council notifies visitors “in the interest of tourism” that they are in the land of the Min Min lights and that they may spot them as they drive for the next 120 kilometres.

In the Kimberley in Western Australia some Aboriginal people believe the Min Min lights are the spirits of elders.

“As a kid growing up the old people used to tell me, they [Min Min lights] were old people’s spirits looking after country,” Wyndham local James Birch said.

Mr Birch, a Balanggarra ranger, said everyone from his childhood grew up hearing the stories.

“If you’ve lived in the Kimberley you would have experienced spotting a Min Min light once in your life,” he said.

Mr Birch has not seen the Min Min lights for two years but said the lights tend to distract people and take them off their chosen path.

We were heading back into town after hunting. I was driving towards town when all of sudden a Min Min light appeared,” he said.

“We all stared at the light and all of a sudden we were going in the opposite way, going back into the bush and following the light without even realising.”

What does science say?

Curtis Roman, a senior lecturer at Charles Darwin University, is gathering stories from Indigenous Australians about Min Min lights as part of an ongoing research project.

Dr Roman said there were several scientific theories that could explain the phenomenon.

“One is that they’re a mirage, [caused by] natural gases or warm air and cold coming together,” Dr Roman said.

Some of the other theories are that they are bio-luminous insects, owls or birds.

Although he is only in the early stages of his research, Dr Roman said that all the Indigenous people he had interviewed so far had described how frightened they felt when they saw the lights.

Outback lights star in movie

From a young age, writer and director Jub Clerc heard the tales about the Min Min lights and how they would follow people and take them if they stopped to watch the lights.

In 2015, Ms Clerc directed a short film called Min Min Light based upon her own experiences of the lights when she was growing up in the Pilbara.

“When I was a young girl lying in my backyard, these lights came down,” Ms Clerc said.

Two of them came down in front of me and then suddenly shot off. I was in awe.

“It could be our spirits that look after country. Who knows what it is? I like to think there’s more to life that what we think.”

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