In 2018, an unknown object crashed on the moon. NASA tried to hide this fact, but ufologists saw a UFO landing

In 2018, several ufologists and astronomers issued a statement regarding the fall of an unknown object on the moon. 

Allan Hendry, a US astronomer, spoke about this in detail:

“I was watching the Moon through my telescope when I noticed an object flying above the surface of the earth’s satellite. It cast a shadow and moved systematically at high speed, sometimes changing direction slightly. It can be described as an oblong orange-brown object. At some point, it began to descend and literally flew into the crater.”

Around the same time, Bruce Maccabee claimed to have gotten his hands on photographs of a UFO crash on the surface of the moon. The researcher said that he analyzed them and concluded that they were genuine. In the same year, there was a wave of layoffs from NASA. Conspiracy theorists attribute this to the leak of information about this incident.

The mysterious object was later sketched by Allan Hendry.

Jim Stevenson, a former employee of the agency who was fired, told in an interview with American radio host Alex Jones that a large UFO crashed on the moon a few months ago and NASA is preparing an automated apparatus for an urgent secret flight to the crash site. 

Literally three days later, another man, who did not give his name, spoke on behalf of a former NASA employee with approximately the same content – an alien ship crashed on the moon.

The wave of hysteria caused by such statements put the NASA leadership in a very awkward position. The agency’s trust rating dropped to a record 22%. Finally, this story turned into one of the most confusing cases when a collective letter on behalf of almost 60 astronomers and ufologists from the United States, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Japan, Canada, Sweden, Romania, Germany, France, Australia and others was addressed to the leadership of the agency with a request to explain what is happening on the moon.

Mysterious UFO allegedly on the moon. 

The official response shocked the world:

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“We are working to find out what happened. We assume that it could be a meteorite or something else. Despite all the professionalism, we need more time and information about this incident.” 

After that, NASA ceased to advertise the images obtained from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter. For almost half a year they were not published.

During this time, passions subsided, and history began to be forgotten. Suddenly, a new portion of lunar photographs made this fire flare up again. There were no signs of the object falling on them. No crater, nor a UFO. How can this be explained? Has NASA really decided to classify everything? 

Independent ufologists and astronomers have verified the coordinates from which Allan Hendry observed the crash. Two craters were found there – a large one and a small one, merged with each other:

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A double crater and a small object inside.

Conspiracy theorists believe that US officials tried to investigate the object, but apparently it was not entirely damaged and flew away. The second crater was left from a completely terrestrial apparatus. This story is very interesting, because if all this is true, then a very entertaining picture is drawn. 

Relatively recently, the moon was visited by a man-made apparatus of an unknown civilization. Probably something went wrong, and there was a breakdown. During the time it was eliminated, a research probe was launched, which was supposed to study the technologies of another civilization. But, by that time, the UFO had successfully taken off and left the moon. 

And the NASA leadership once again framed itself with processed photographs from the surface of the satellite, where they tried to retouch the images of two craters.

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