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Illuminati – We own everything! Interview with the Initiate, a man in a black hooded cloak

Illuminati - We own everything! Interview with the Initiate, a man in a black hooded cloak 1

The Order of the Illuminati or the Enlightened (from Latin illuminatus) is a secret society, shrouded in many legends and speculation, dedicated to reaching the limit of spiritual perfection and secret domination over the whole world. No wonder, in translation “the illuminated ones” are people who are able to see what is invisible to others.

The Illuminati Society was founded in 1776 by Bavarian law professor Adam Weishaupt. Their goal was to establish a new world order, and the formation of their people in all power institutions.

Illuminati - We own everything! Interview with the Initiate, a man in a black hooded cloak 2

The Illuminati became the successors and incarnators of the teachings of the great Order of the Knights Templar, which originated during the time of the Crusades. The Knights Templar have since ancient times controlled money flows through the global banking system and sponsored the Illuminati for centuries.

Illuminati - We own everything! Interview with the Initiate, a man in a black hooded cloak 3

The Illuminati replaced the banned “Jesuits” in many countries. They began to actively penetrate into other secret communities – into Freemasonry, orders of the Christian persuasion, attracted old German-Jewish families, such as, for example, the Rothschild dynasty (Rot Schild, “red shield”, German).

All the richest dynasties of that time were in one way or another under the influence of the Rothschilds – the Vanderbilts (railway tycoons), Carnegie (steel), Rockefellers (oil) and Morgan (banking sector). The Rothschilds, in turn, are the treasurers of the Vatican and its ramified structures.

Illuminati - We own everything! Interview with the Initiate, a man in a black hooded cloak 4

The “Enlightened, Initiated” chose the main sign – the All-Seeing Eye, as a higher power overseeing the world, like Secret Knowledge.

Few people realize that the Illuminati are precisely the real force that affects world politics and the fate of entire states. In some countries, under the guise of Masonic lodges, where they enter fictitiously, they have more power than official governments. They have their own clear hierarchy. Even if in ordinary life a person occupies a high-ranking post and belongs to the top of power, in the Order he may be an “errand” for no publicly remarkable people.

Interview with the Initiate

The Initiate, a masked man in a black hooded cloak, did not allow the use of any recording devices other than a pen. He claimed to be a member of an elite family by blood, who control us for a long time:

According to the masked insider: 

All the influencers and names that are on the covers of the media are definitely not the true “decision makers” of the world.

They are ordinary musicians, they play musical instruments as their superior composers and conductors tell them. All those Windsors, Bushes, Blairs, Clintons, Gaddafi, Chases, Salmans, Oppenheimers, Morgan, Popes, Islamic preachers, Dalai Lamas, seers – they all play their games as they are told.

The ever-memorable Ramses, Tutankhamuns, Claudius, Karls, Friedrichs, Gustavs, Louis, Lenins, Hitlers – all these figures from the beginning of the creation of the world were puppets in someone’s more powerful hands.

They started wars, strife, seized states, exterminated peoples. Have you ever wondered – maybe someone needs it?

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The people you know, who are on your lips, who want your recognition and veneration, I cannot call “initiates”, or people who really rule the world.

You yourself see how high-ranking people sometimes make completely inexplicable and unjustified decisions. I belong to those whose name is unknown, our clans and families have ruled humanity for many centuries. We have never been public, but our name is “Legion”.

Illuminati - We own everything! Interview with the Initiate, a man in a black hooded cloak 5

All religions, all beliefs have been created by us : since the time of the Pyramids, Easter island idols, Incas and Mayas.

Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Judaism, Hinduism are under our complete control, developing the way we need, and only the pagans were on their own: they prayed to the Sun, forest, water, fire.

But, you exterminated them, basically themselves. Because they were not beneficial to us but unmanageable, uncontrollable.

What you believe now is irrelevant to us, we only give you the instruments and conduct you, and rarely can anyone take a note that we do not need …

What you mean by the name Christ, was never Jesus of Nazareth. 2021 years ago, on March 20, two hours before dawn, the real Christ did not incarnate in the body of Jesus of Nazareth. It was written later, written by 4 people in the Old Testament and 6 people in the New.

Christ has a different name and he appeared only once and in a completely different era. Your Christianity made Jesus an idol, contrary to your own Bible.

There is much you don’t know, but what you know is what we want.

The first thing that a newborn does when it appears is screaming and crying. Not silent, not smiling. Why, did you think? This is due to the fact that its Soul (neither body, nor brain, nor organism) understands – where it is now, in what world it is now, and what it will have to experience. Did the soul come here after reincarnation or for the first time? All children, after a certain point in their lives, stop crying just like that. The soul “forgets” its past and is reconciled to this world, to this short period of its existence.

I belong to a family to which, by right of blood, much knowledge and secrets have been passed down from generation to generation. We have always been stronger than the Sforza, Borgia, Hohenzollerns. We controlled them: with their hands we poured poisons, crushed them with pillows, plunged daggers, overthrew the Monarchies. We forced brother to march against brother, clan upon clan, we destroyed the Philistine people, the Canaanite, and others.

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Do you think Forbes figures rule you? Rothschilds, Brzezinski, Morgan, Buffet, Gates? Do you think that 1% manages 99% of all the world’s wealth for no reason, and billions of people cannot do anything about it? Do you really think so?!

This is not so, I can assure you and History gives this repeated confirmation: when we need it, even the strongest dynasty will cease to exist, the richest family will sink into obscurity, any regime will be overthrown.

Do you, who work hard or sit at home, need all these wars, turmoil, change of power, hunger, executions, exorbitant prices, crises? Do you think they are needed by the powerful? They have billions of dollars and want to live in peace and happiness. But all these cataclysms were, are and will be. When and how – we decide!

– Tell us about yourself: who are you, what race, skin color, where do you live, what is your native language?

– I already told you – I am the one who is not talked about. I don’t need recognition, recognition, fame. I have everything, and I am absolutely self-sufficient. Of course, I am “white” by the generally accepted expression, although a lot of mixed blood flows in me, which determines the life of my ancestors. But, I dare to assure you – all our blood is good, selected, of high quality. Our family members have never been able to afford the impulsive choice “for love”, the choice of commoners, physically or mentally defective spouses, people without pedigrees, without roots and traditions.

I live in many countries, today there, tomorrow here, I can travel around the world on private planes, yachts, civil flights on diplomatic passports, or an ordinary person like you. I speak 9 languages ​​and many dialects. Each generation of our family lived in Europe, Asia, Africa, America, we are everywhere – at home. We and our friends have real estate all over the world, we can stay in any hotels, palaces, money and conditions do not matter to us.

Illuminati - We own everything! Interview with the Initiate, a man in a black hooded cloak 6

– Let’s get back to the question – why do you exist and what are you doing in this world? What are you for?

– A train cannot move without a driver. The Quadriga will not go without a rider. You cannot seriously think that the world, or even countries, are ruled by, say, Xi Jinping, Trump, Putin, Elizabeth?

You know that even in your country, and in any country in the world, there are untouchable, non-judicial, irreplaceable figures? They can be hated by the entire people of your country, or they are unknown to them, in which incredible power, influence, huge capital and unprecedented opportunities are concentrated in their hands. There are such people, and it doesn’t matter – you know about them, whether you see their deeds or only guess.

So, we exist in order to manage all these people and direct them in the direction we need. We write the script and control its execution. You can imagine – what can they do with such opportunities without control?! We, a kind of “Dark Tower” in this world, are the concentration of strength, will and fundamentalism, immutability.

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– If you rule the world, then why do you need so many people on the planet, its overpopulation? Why don’t you control the number, and what about the “golden billion” or, perhaps, several million for personal servants?

– We do not control the number of people. You do it yourself. You breed in poverty and hunger in African countries, you live child free in Europe and Japan, you smoke, you drink alcohol, you take drugs.

If we were faced with the task of limiting the population of the Earth, believe me, it could be done in a very short time: in months, or even weeks. There are many ways. This is a huge amount of weapons that can fall into anyone’s hands; these are military grade viruses and OVs, developed for a long time and waiting in the wings in laboratories; these are artificial geoscale disasters with nuclear power plants, dams, etc.

We could have done it during a short period of in time, and you would not have noticed anything: through food, water, medicine (you can say that this is already happening now, but this is not so, I assure you. You poison yourself. If this the task before us, the population would decrease, not grow). We always fulfill our intentions.

– You said that you have secret knowledge. What is it, what are they?

– This is knowledge that is beyond your control. Nobody will give it to you, and you will never know about them. You can’t even imagine how diverse the Universe is, what earthly secrets are considered lost and how many discoveries are yet to come!

You believe in God in your own way (this is your interpretation of the One), making him your instrument for achieving your base goals: you constantly ask him for something, often you don’t even find words when you address him. Those who ask do nothing to cleanse themselves, to be in harmony with themselves and the world around them in order to communicate with it.

You should simply “sing his glories, bow before him as a supreme being. “You worship people as gods: rulers, warriors, athletes, priests, charlatans. And pray not to God, but to man, be it: Jesus, Muhammad, Moses, Buddha, Krishna.

In all your religions, you are waiting for the Second Coming, that God will come to Earth and at once there will be peace, grace and universal happiness, you want him to do all the work for you, to fix what you’ve done here. But you should know, there will be no coming – neither the second nor the third will be here on Earth. You will go your way and return to where you feel good, where Home is for you, where there will be a place for you truly dear, where you will have Good. There are enough such places in the Universe. Or you will come back here and again you will overcome pain, deprivation, need.

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Stop waiting for the Messiah, the Savior, for there is no salvation outside of yourself. Live in harmony with the world, with nature, do what you can and use what the Earth has given you.

Illuminati - We own everything! Interview with the Initiate, a man in a black hooded cloak 7

– Let’s get back to the question again – do you consider yourself an Illuminati and can you tell us in simple words about them? What events await us in the near future?

– Yes and no. I can only say one thing – we are closely connected with this society, but we are an order of magnitude higher than all Orders and communities.

The Illuminati structure is the Pyramid. At the base of it are city cells (branches), where ordinary people can get. The larger the city, the more branches. They are everywhere: in Europe, in Asia, in the Americas, in Australia.

The next level is the council of the metropolis of 13 members: the head of the metropolis and 2 of his assistants, 4 administrators and financiers, 6 chief instructors, training heads of branches.

Then comes the 13-member regional governing council. There are no more casual people here and ordinary people will not get here. Each country may have up to a dozen such councils, each representing a different branch of that state that is most significant to the Illuminati. The heads of regional councils are subordinate to the National Council, which already includes very difficult people (Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Carnegie, Grefs, Kissingers, Altman, Chubais, Wolfowitz, Habsburgs, etc.).

The leaders of the national councils are subordinate to the Supreme World Council. I will not tell you about these figures, they will become generally known when the New World Order is established. You will not miss it, believe me – it will begin with a global world crisis, when all currencies will depreciate, economies collapse, governments will seize all your assets and liabilities through credit systems, cards, accounts, when hunger and lawlessness, chaos come.

Governments will be forced to unite, and by the forces of their armies, security services, in spite of everything, in the most brutal way to suppress the riots and create a new single World Government, one currency, the necessary laws and orders. I can’t tell you anything else. I want to note – those who have no debts, loans, mortgages, obligations to anyone else – they will live this period of timelessness with the least losses and will subsequently be marked by us in the system of the new world order. We see everything and know a lot. Everything will be good!

– Tell us more about those who and how do they really manage our world?

– The world elite is ruled by the Illuminati, who consider themselves the descendants of Cain, and who he was – you know from your own Bible. Therefore, all the strongest hereditary families of the Illuminati are very jealous of their ancestry and do not allow random people to approach them, although I repeat myself.

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Through their structures such as the Bilderberg Club, the Masonic Orders, the Skull and Bones, the Jesuit Order, university secret circles, they govern the entire world politics and economy.

It’s no secret how the same Jesuits have always practiced human sacrifice, homosexuality, paedophilia, black magic. You should know who carried out (and under what banners) bloody crusades, the most brutal inquisition, world wars, how the Vatican supported fascism and Hitler, who stood at the origins of the Korean and Vietnam wars, who initiated the BP oil spill, under whose patronage are organized countless political assassinations to this day?

Illuminati - We own everything! Interview with the Initiate, a man in a black hooded cloak 8

You have heard many surnames. These are the most powerful families on the planet. The Rothschilds control the Fed and Central Banks, the Rockefellers control all the key media, art, everything you see, read, and get information about.

The fortune of the Rothschild family is estimated by you at 5.5 trillion dollars, the Rockefellers own a trillion less. Nicholas Rockefeller, for example, told filmmaker Aaron Russo in advance about September 11, which has been confirmed.

Nathan Warburg, his family took part in the creation of the FRS and financed the Nazi regime. Ben Bernanke, the Fed’s chief reserve banker, and Henry Paulson plunged the United States into a mortgage crisis. Henry Kissinger, curator of MKULTRA, a secret program for the study of mind manipulation and mind control. George Soros is a stock speculator, financier, manipulator of NGOs, a member of the shadow global government. Dick Cheney is a sadist and war criminal and many others.

But I repeat once again – they are all controlled by our 13 families, we stand behind their backs and guarantee them a comfortable life, human respect and visible power here and now.

As you can see, among the influential and the rich there have never been and are not “good” people in your understanding of this word, such as Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Luther King, the Dalai Lama.

No famous clan of billionaires could have prepared, orchestrated and carried out the Great Depression, the 9/11 attacks, the Gulf of Mexico disaster, or the 2008 banking crisis.

None of them can, for example, control Iraq to get hold of its oil, or Afghanistan for the opium trade. They cannot destroy the Gaddafi regime, carry out genocide of the local population of Libya, or create a network of torture prisons around the world. And all this – without any UN sanctions, the Council of Europe or the approval of the ruling parties of their countries, without any mythical protection of human rights, constitutional freedoms and other invented heresy, which we created only to cover up our true deeds and designs.

– How then did the FRS come into being and why does America still need it with its Constitution, rights and amendments?

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– Nobody asked “America”. The Federal Reserve System is an unconstitutional system that has the power to create money and regulate its value with only the cost of producing it (the cost of ink and paper).

According to our plan, a handful of bankers created a private Fed and the Federal Reserve Bank for total control over all the world’s assets, liabilities, mineral resources, technologies, and the minds of mere mortals.

Can you finally understand that there is no other such simple and effective mechanism of control and enslavement other than money? These are not diamonds, not gold (which must be mined beyond our strength), not medieval castles (which must be erected), not islands and lands (which must be equipped) – these are just paper stencils that we will print at any time as much as we need and we will buy on them everything we need. And no one can do anything about it!

We bought Woodrow Wilson’s presidential campaign in the bud, and he signed into law the Federal Reserve System (which we pushed through Congress) in 1913. You remember how he later wrote in his memoirs:“I unwittingly destroyed my country.” Since 1930, we have bought up all the media in America and Old Europe and completely control public opinion. We can make a “devil” out of any politician, a president, and a benefactor out of any pervert. The issues of donation, transplantation, a significant life expectancy for us have long ceased to exist.

– Do the representatives of your circle, your families dare to go against you or leave the system?

No, I am not aware of such cases. We are all brought up in the strictest and most severe code of conduct, acceptance and fulfillment of the tasks assigned to us. This is very serious, I would say – even at the level of instincts. Yes, at all times there have been rebels or disobedients, but not in our families. Kennedy tried to get the Fed out of the process of printing money and paid the price by showing everyone the seriousness of our possibilities.

Illuminati - We own everything! Interview with the Initiate, a man in a black hooded cloak 9

Rockefeller’s son disappeared in the jungle. Benjamin Rothschild died of a heart attack, who tried to cleanse the dirty linen in public, here are the Onassis, Diana, top managers of the largest companies, bankers who feel their invulnerability.

– Why is America involved in almost all military conflicts and turmoil in the modern world? Why are American soldiers dying at the ends of the earth?

– Interesting question. 1 day of the stay of the American army in Iraq costs the taxpayers $ 450 million. Through our Halliburton and Dyncorp corporations, we withdraw this money to our offshore accounts, launder it in front of the whole world. We have our own “hawks” – congressmen and senators, deputies who are drowning for the further development of the military lobby. Human losses are not important to us, we need minerals, resources, influence. For a long time the Americans, French, Anglo-Saxons will suffer irreparable losses in seemingly unnecessary Africa: Gabon, Central African Republic, Botswana, Ghana, Angola, Namibia.

– I cannot but touch upon a question of interest to literally everyone. What do you know about Covid, can you tell us?

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– The virus was artificially created in laboratory conditions. Many have already begun to guess about this. Fairy tales, invented to divert the eyes, such as – someone ate a monkey, a bat or a fish – were thrown in for the layman and then artificially exaggerated through the media controlled by us. Here are just 3 facts:

1. None of the really powerful of this world suffered from Covid, and even more so, did not die from it. Ordinary people (even your nouveau riche), yes, have many acquaintances, relatives, friends – in one way or another, who have become victims of the virus. This is due to the fact that with the artificial creation of agents, biological weapons, virulent strains, an antidote and neutralizer are created in parallel. This is the law of microbiology, aimed at preventing the destruction of all life on the planet. And this, I assure you, is neither Moderna, Pfizer or Sputnik. This is all for you to somehow justify the concern of governments for their citizens.

2. During the pandemic, the combined wealth of dollar billionaires worldwide rose 28% to $ 10.25 trillion as of summer 2020. Small and medium-sized businesses of ordinary people are irretrievably lost, tourism and research projects have practically stopped.

3. The perpetrators of the virus will never be found, and no one will be held accountable for its devastating consequences. You understand why ?!

– You say that you control the entire financial world. What should ordinary people do in this situation and what awaits us all in the near future?

Illuminati - We own everything! Interview with the Initiate, a man in a black hooded cloak 10

– You could never do anything. Everything was decided for you and will be decided by figures initiated into the secrets of control and influence. We push and pass the laws we need, even those that absolutely contradict common sense, health, freedom and independence of citizens of any country. You all already irrevocably belong to the financial world built by us: through loans, plastic cards, virtual accounts, shares, paper money, transfers, loans, cryptocurrencies.

In the near future, you will not have any financial freedom, stash, cash, quick realizable assets at all. Everything will be in digital form on our computers, in our financial and information systems, where you will not be able to take a single step on your own without our approval.

We will completely, totally subjugate your intellectual, physical, creative efforts for only one thing – the accumulation of virtual numbers on our servers. We can at any time seize property, savings from any of you, impose any fines we need, we can instantly turn any wealthy person into a beggar, powerless and defenceless worm. All power, judicial and repressive institutions have been in our hands for a long time, and the time when we finish with the subordination of all financial instruments to ourselves is not far off. Believe me, I’m not scaring anyone, this is just the reality we need.


We can observe that, like every ‘mortal’ community, then there is the same struggle for power as in an ordinary collective. Someone wants to be a nominal leader, and someone wants to be a non-public leader. 

Additionally, If we take as an axiom that these guys Always lie, then you can see in this set of well-known clichés, their task to desacralize the Mission of Christ as Salvation, slandering the Gospel as the Good News, although it is the Word that is a bone in the throat of the servants of the devil because Truth exposes their plans.

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They of course spread straws for themselves by cocktailing truths with fables, by replacing the spiritual with the physical, literally from every seen or unseen element at their suggestion. 

But in Revelation there is a key to understanding, this is their Achilles’ heel; let the evil shake for their power comes to an end.

You need to understand that our souls do not come to this reality for nothing, because here on Earth, there is always freedom of choice. You just need to wake up.


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