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Apocalypse & Armageddon

If you believe in Revelation, the Antichrist will come, but in such a way that no one will notice

If you believe in Revelation, the Antichrist will come, but in such a way that no one will notice 1

When remembering Antichrist, the son of destruction, who must be revealed to the whole world as the “liberator of mankind,” many often talk about “digital slavery.” But the paths that lead humanity to total control are not visible to most, which can lead to the edge of completely unexpectedly abyss.

The Son of Perdition will take upon himself political messiahship, therefore, he will unite in himself the fulfillment of the political dreams of Judaism and those people where apostasy from the Holy Apostolic Church prevails. Anyone who is at all familiar with the political and religious sentiments of modern people does not need to call these messianic people by name. 

They declare themselves by their claims to universal dominion and to the universal dissemination of their apostate dogma. And now apostates are visible who dream of restoring the ancient, long-forgotten historical places of Babylonia, Media, Syria, Egypt and merging all this ancient heritage into one world power, before which all others will have to fall and bow, since it, above all, will still be in close union with the kingdom of the false prophet and with all the kings of the earth.

The revelations of John, the Prophet Daniel and the Apostle Paul tell us that the son of perdition will become a great world ruler, and will also make himself the incarnation of God, promised to the Jews by the prophets of antiquity. How do these prophecies fit in with what we have now?

The Global Financial Pact as a continuation of the “Great Reset” clearly shows the ways of entering the global agenda.

If you follow the thoughts of the participants in the “New Global Financial Pact” summit, which took place in Paris at the end of June this year under the slogan “Building a new consensus for a more inclusive international financial system”, the following picture emerges before us.

The world needs a financial shock” to rebuild the financial system on a new basis

There has already been one global shock – the “Covid pandemic”, but this was only a prelude. With the outbreak of hostilities in Ukraine, things began to shake even more: the EU economy began to fall, trade was disrupted, and the financial system changed. Now the next shock is being prepared, which will take place under the sign of “global warming” and the slogan of the fight against the carbon economy.

Analyzing the global agenda of the summit, economic analyst Brandon Smith notes that now globalists will unite the problem of climate change with the financial and monetary authorities of all countries. They don’t even hide it and propose to use the threat of climate change as a jumping-off point for global banks to seize such power that they can control the redistribution of the world’s wealth. Their goal is to destroy the existing system and replace it with another.

But the most interesting thing was reflected in the conclusions of the last summit. The participants (all as one) agreed that it would not be possible to consolidate financial resources to combat climate change, poverty and protect biodiversity at the level of individual states. To overcome this obstacle and solve global problems, it is necessary to create a supranational financial system.

They will not be able to do this directly, but there are methods of psychological treatment that should encourage all of humanity to take this step. Such a powerful catalyst for the Great Reset process should be fear, and it should be fueled by the mainstream media, which constantly publishes topics on global warming and sows fear.

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Remembering the son of destruction (Antichrist), who must be revealed to the whole world as the “liberator of mankind,” they often talk about “digital slavery.” -2

Digital currency will also help advance the process (more than ever): the triggered currency crisis will facilitate the transition to digital currencies of central banks. If such a transition takes place, then managing the entire reset process will be much easier – all the levers for managing people will be in the hands of central banks, which, in turn, will be guided by the directives of the Bank for International Settlements and the IMF.

When the system is prepared (everything is heading towards this), then the one whom the Jews call their Messiah will appear. He will receive power over the world, but not for long, because the second coming of Jesus Christ will follow and we need to always be prepared for this event so as not to find ourselves in the ranks of those under the power of the forces of the son of destruction.


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