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If the world is a hologram, then what is it really like? Scientific interpretation of ancient knowledge

If the world is a hologram, then what is it really like? Scientific interpretation of ancient knowledge 1

The objects surrounding us are empty and permeable, and we do not exist here at all. The image of an atom is a football field, in the center of which there is a tennis ball, commensurate in scale with the nucleus, and electrons move along the treadmills. Everything else is emptiness. 

But what is behind it, is there some primary reality, hidden from our experience, about which the ancients spoke? And in what form does it exist, what is its nature, and how is the translation that generates the world of our Universe carried out?

According to ancient Indian philosophy, the veil of Maya envelops our world, giving rise to an illusory idea of ​​the surrounding being, a kind of appearance of the existing. From the point of view of Eastern philosophy, one can open this veil and come into contact with the true reality using various spiritual practices and meditation techniques. Thanks to these, the limits of Illusion are transgressed, Delusion is overcome and liberation from slavish attachment to Visibility occurs. 

An oceanic consciousness arises, the image of which in the representation of primary reality is the necklace of the god Indra. Such a model has a special kind of integrity with an unusual algebra, where each part reproduces the structure of the whole, and each stone in this necklace reproduces the structure of the entire necklace. 

In the dual state of perception, the only structures that emerge will be the observer and the universal base. In the state of nonduality, the first structure passes into the second, which belongs to the first. Is there any sense in this knowledge and is their scientific interpretation possible?

The famous physicist D. Bohm, a student of Einstein and a Nobel Prize winner, proposed a holographic model of the Universe containing a “hidden order”, in which electrons and other elementary particles are “manifestations” of a certain primary basis that has holographic integrity. 

According to the works of the mathematician Maldacena, the primary reality of the parallel Universe has a two-dimensional character. At the same time, based on the evidence of I. Ehrenfest, chaos and accidents are impossible in two-dimensional space. 

If the world is a hologram, then what is it really like? Scientific interpretation of ancient knowledge 2

There, in the limit, only quasi-periodic processes can exist, which are complex combinations of ordinary periodicals. In the two-dimensional space of primary reality, there is also no gravity. It arises as a result of the projection of a parallel universe into the multidimensional space of our world. In the space of primary reality, the static concept of time dominates, where the past, future and present have the same status of reality, i.e. they actually exist at the same time.

What is the holographic type of integrity? An optical hologram, in contrast to ordinary photography, is an interference pattern of two waves (reference and object). This makes it possible to form and maintain a structure that carries the principle of “everything in everything”, where each part reproduces the structure of the whole. 

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Therefore, from any part or fragment of a hologram, it is possible to reproduce the complete structure of the entire object.

Our world is not at all what it seems to us, and all the effects and particles of matter observed in the Universe can only be a projection, a kind of hologram. 

Simultaneously with ours, there are other universes that have more or less dimensions and influences on our world. At the same time, our universe is only a manifestation of the primary reality. Such an approach makes it possible to explain the inconsistencies and contradictions of physical theories. 

Moreover, it is possible to overcome Bohr’s complementarity principle and gain knowledge about what objects look like without instruments, eliminating the wave-particle duality. If this hypothesis is correct, then the space of our Universe should consist of microgranules, a kind of pixels, which, compared with the Planck quantum of space (comprising 10 to -35 meters) have a much larger size of 10 to -16 meters, which can be detected by modern equipment. 

Thus, the space of our Universe is a kind of display of projections of the holographic reality of the parallel world.

According to the American psychiatrist A. Comfort, if consciousness is an epiphenomenon of the very foundation of the primary holographic reality, then energy-substance and consciousness will be on the same ontological level. 

In other words, if consciousness is a manifestation of holographic reality, then by influencing matter with consciousness, we can change the physical world, and vice versa.

In this regard, the meditation experience of reaching and contacting the ultimate reality makes sense. However, human biological resources for such contact are extremely limited. The development and creation of technical means that allow influencing holographic reality will open up the possibility of time travel, fundamentally new methods of controlling matter, energy and information. 

At the same time, paranormal phenomena described by parapsychology can turn out to be children’s toys. It will be a fantasy world.

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