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“ID2020 and Microsoft” – Is Immunization the entry point into digital identity?

"ID2020 and Microsoft" - Is Immunization the entry point into digital identity? 1

What you are now reading will at first look like a conspiracy viewpoint, but this is just part of the 2018 text on the official website of a participant in the ID2020 project, which is being developed by Microsoft, Rockefeller Foundation, IDEO-ORG, Accenture, GAVI (Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization). 

The title of the article is one of the key theses of the ID2020 concept. Please read it, because it will not be about conspiracy theories, but about the objective processes of development.

Immunization is the entry point into digital identity


28 march 2018

Since immunization is carried out during infancy, giving children a child’s digital health record will give them unique portable digital identification at an early age. And as children grow, their child’s digital health card can be used to access secondary services such as primary school, or to facilitate the process of obtaining alternative credentials. In fact, the child’s medical record becomes the first step in establishing a legal, widely recognized identity.

Digital child health charts can improve coverage rates and vaccination adherence by encouraging parents to bring their children to receive the required follow-up doses. For healthcare providers, digital identity technology validates a child’s past vaccines and can simplify analytics and advocacy without adding significant complexity to the healthcare professional’s workflow. And for GAVI and its international partners, digital identity technology provides the foundation for a system of verifiable evidence and accurate aggregate data that interacts with other identity management systems, eliminating the need for each organization to independently identify beneficiaries.

In turn, having a permanent and portable health record uniquely linked to the child will help increase overall immunization coverage rates, stimulating follow-up and better targeting the hardest-to-reach children.

To achieve digital identity at scale, we will need to define and use multiple entry points. The provision of immunization services offers a tremendous opportunity to provide children with reliable, portable and secure digital identities at an early age , providing access to a wider range of social services, and improving access to health interventions that all children need and deserve.

Against the background of current events, the concept looks alarming in places. What are the quotes like “a child’s medical record becomes the first step in establishing a legal, widely recognized personality” in an atmosphere of crushing struggle for the health of the nation? Well, really, the fact that in 2018 was something abstract on the topic of a universal medical record, in 2020, sparkled with completely new colors.

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The first conclusion is undeniable

The existence of global projects with huge funding are aimed at the so-called ‘new digital identity‘ and directly related to vaccines. It’s just a fact – ID2020 exists.

ID2020 is a completely public project, not some kind of collusion In this sense, there is no conspiracy. The name “ID2020” quite understandably hints at the essence of the project – digital identification and for the start date of implementation – 2020.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions

The authors of the concept propose a certain single ID, which is fully integrated into all social mechanisms and tied to the realization of the right to vaccination . At the same time, expressions such as “providing access to a wide range of social services” hint at the possibility of transforming a RIGHT into a DUTY. Is it possible? Quite, and we already see this process. They are trying hard to turn our right into a duty. Of course, at best, this is an illustration of the saying “The road to hell is paved with good intentions, “but what does a fanatic not do to triumph his fixed idea? 

Technically, a manipulative transition from the need for a medical record (which is indisputable) to the connection of medical procedures and the possibilities of social self-realization is carried out.

Vaccination was chosen only as a tool for promoting a single digital identifier

But this is a very pragmatic and understandable topic. These vaccinations either work or do not work, protect someone, do not protect someone, someone dies, and someone does not. Will the incidence go up, down, right, left, or go in circles after them – no one really knows, especially vaccinologists. But the new global unified digital identifier, and even mandatory for use, is a thing that works without failures and is truly a gold mine for the holder of this registry.

Global ID is access to people’s data, it is a point of communication with them, it is a means of control. This is what everyone will have to connect to. And this is a constant, inexhaustible flow of money. Even a fraction of a penny per transaction will make the registry holder the richest and most powerful person in the world. And these are only direct technical payments. How much synergetic possibilities of possessing such information give is even difficult to describe. From selling advertisements, managing access to services and social opportunities, to outright reprisals.

But do not think that the instrument itself is not further transformed into a target. Bill Gates and the Rockefeller Foundation have repeatedly expressed concern that the planet is allegedly overpopulated. You can easily visualize that the bearers of such views are capable of perpetrating, having direct access to coercing people into medical procedures and controlling access to social benefits. 

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A simple account easily becomes a coercive tool. After all, when blocking it leads to the defeat of the happy owner of the ID in literally all rights. Until something is done (or is not done) that the holder of the ID wants. Anything beyond, depends only on the imagination of the registrar.

There is still a lot of unclear space, but one thing is certain; There has long been a global digital transformation project directly associated with vaccines. Now it is being implemented, and other drivers are actively joining it. Often, even undesirable for the purposes of the project, but actively helping the process. There is even internal competition. The prize at the end of the race is one that no one wants to give away just like that, but he wants a share in it. Therefore, he practices perversion. Process this multi-vector and project ID2020 is just one of the drivers.

The most striking thing is that this process is essentially anti-state, but the state helps it so zealously that nothing but bribery or deception comes to mind. 

The state has long had a single state identifier – a passport. There is no problem to develop it, make it more technologically advanced and integrated into various processes. But no, now for some reason another ‘trojan horse’ was needed.

So, draw your own conclusions, whether current events are a concern for health or a global project for the redivision of the world. This is a global transformation, a fierce struggle for power, power unseen before and not restrained by anything. 

The methods of transformation – lies, intimidation, violence, bribery – speak in themselves about the morality of the initiators of this process. This should not be confused with progress, and even more so with health care.

Incidentally, we are not at all against progress, nor against vaccines (if properly tested and voluntary), not even against a single identifier. 

We are opposed to these important tools falling into the hands of irresponsible villains and becoming an instrument of human rights violations.

In the current environment, this is inevitable. Therefore, first there must be a system of guarantees for the observance of human rights, civil rights, property rights, etc., and then everything else. 

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Without these guarantees, any technology becomes not a means of improving people’s lives, but a tool for a slave overseer.

As it turned out, Fauci and Gates are old friends, for over 30 years (if you can call it that). The US blogosphere writes that Gates always pays – says Fauci, and that this sweet couple is WHO’s flesh and bones (well, something like that)!

"ID2020 and Microsoft" - Is Immunization the entry point into digital identity? 2

Draw conclusions, investigate, because everything should always be questioned – right?


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