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Ice behemoth. The coldest storm cloud in history was born over the Pacific Ocean

Ice behemoth. The coldest storm cloud in history was born over the Pacific Ocean 1
An infrared image of a thunderstorm near Nauru in 2018. Purple represents the coldest areas. Photo by National Center for Earth Observation.

The level of cloud temperature has gone beyond what modern satellite sensors can measure.

The strong storm cloud that formed over the Pacific Ocean in 2018 reached the lowest temperatures ever recorded, as reported by

The upper part of the cloud reached a record minus 111 degrees Celsius, becoming the coldest storm cloud in history. According to scientists, thunderstorms, tropical cyclones and circular low-pressure storms can reach very high altitudes – up to 18 km above the ground, where the air is much colder.

But the recorded temperature of the cloud was at a completely new level of temperatures. According to the statement, the upper part of the storm cloud was about 30 degrees colder than typical storm clouds. A terrible storm was detected about 400 km south of Nauru in the southwestern Pacific on December 29, 2018. The temperature of the clouds was measured by an infrared sensor of the American satellite NOAA-20, which rotates in Earth orbit.

“Given that the coldest part of such a cloud may not exceed one kilometer, the high spatial resolution of equipment (such as VIIRS and MODIS) on polar orbiting satellites provides the most accurate measurement of the temperature characteristics of high-lying clouds,” explains co-author Scott Bachmeier, from the University of Wisconsin at Madison.

Storms usually take the form of an anvil when they reach the top of the troposphere, the lowest layer of the planet’s atmosphere. But if the storm has a lot of energy, it can get to the next layer – the stratosphere. This phenomenon can push storm clouds to very high altitudes with low temperatures.

Lead author of the study from Oxford University Simon Proud says that clouds cool by about 7 degrees each kilometer of their rise in the stratosphere.

Ice behemoth. The coldest storm cloud in history was born over the Pacific Ocean 2
Photo: cloud

“But this storm has reached an unprecedented temperature that is beyond what modern satellite sensors can measure. We’ve found that these really low temperatures seem to be becoming more common,” says Proud.

He added that over the past three years, scientists have recorded the same number of extremely low temperatures in the clouds as in the past 13 years.

“This is important because thunderstorms with colder clouds tend to be more extreme and dangerous to humans due to hail, lightning and wind,” the expert said.

Scientists believe that this particular storm was caused by a combination of very warm water in the region and wind moving east. However, it is unclear why lower temperatures in storm clouds are becoming more common.

“Now we need to understand whether this is due to climate change or the ‘perfect storm’ that has caused extreme storms in the last few years,” Proud said.

What is remarkable is the hint in long-term data that the frequency of these ultracold thunderstorms may be increasing, and in the last three years the world has seen as many similar events as there have been 13 years before.

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“We noticed that the storm in recent years, more and more often reach an unusually low temperatures, – said the study’s lead author Dr Simon Proud from the National Earth Observation Center in the United Kingdom -. Now we need to see if it depends on the climate change, or it is simply a “lucky coincidence” of weather conditions leading to the most powerful thunderstorms in recent years.”

This is important because, as a rule, the colder the storm, the more the likelihood of hazardous weather events such as lightning and flooding.

“Over the past 20 years, it seems like these super-cold thunderstorms are getting a little more common. Interestingly, in this part of the world, the tropopause is actually getting warmer, so we can expect to see warmer clouds rather than colder ones. However, we get even larger emissions than before, ” the researchers conclude. 

The hyper-cold cloud prophecy by Edgar Cayce

Some time ago, scientific journal was narrating on the appearance of charged particle vortices at the uppermost layers of the atmosphere. These whirlwinds have been observed since 2014, however, the general public was informed about them only on February 22 of this year. 

And now history repeats itself: anomalous clouds in the upper layers of the atmosphere, they have been observed for several years but only now they are being reported to all countries and people. 

Meanwhile, the conspiracy theorists immediately realized about some incomprehensible business in the distant atmosphere and in the nearest space, when hefty blocks of ice began to fall on the Earth more and more often. The mechanism there is simple and straightforward: since in the summer a cloud does not pour out water, but ice and snow, it means that the cloud cools something. But what? 

Some kind of turbulence in the atmosphere seems more likely, which, like channels, connect clouds with the nearest space. Edgar Cayce warned about such phenomena, promising an increase in the size of hail, snow in the middle of summer and even the lengthening of these atmospheric channels to the very surface of the Earth, when it will not be easy to hail in the summer, but in the middle of summer the river will freeze and turn into crystals of grass. 

Then, as promised by the sleeping prophet, a pole shift will occur. 


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