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“I will not get vaccinated” – Nobel Prize Winner French Virologist Professor Luc Montagnier who discovered HIV

"I will not get vaccinated" - Nobel Prize Winner French Virologist Professor Luc Montagnier who discovered HIV 1

The answer whether he will be vaccinated was given by Luc Montagnier, the Nobel Prize in Medicine for the discovery of the retrovirus HIV, in an interview with the creators of ‘Hold-Up‘, a new series of documentary film about the coronavirus. A fragment of the film’s interview was published on May 13 on the Youtube channel Contre propagande Ré-information.

In the new Hold-Up film series, ‘retour sur un chaos‘ (Robbery: Reflections on Chaos), the filmmakers ask the famous scientist: “Tomorrow [if] you are forced to get vaccinated [against the coronavirus]. What do you say and what do you do? “

“I refuse to be vaccinated. My conscience told me not to get vaccinated ,” the Nobel laureate replied.

“What would you like to say to two hundred thousand general practitioners? What do you want to tell them? ” – a new question followed.

“Carry your [medical] title like doctors, not like sheep ,” Montagnier said. – Most of all you are afraid, in a word, they are afraid, The College of Physicians (the official organization of doctors in France with the obligatory entry of every doctor into it, the college of doctors – Ed.), Etc. “

“For this, The College of Physicians is currently trying to put pressure on them from above. That is, if you do not vaccinate, then you are a bad doctor ,” the professor explained the situation with the imposition of mass vaccination against coronavirus in France.

The first part of the Hold-Up documentary by Pierre Barnerias, Nicolas Reutsky and Christophe Cosset, retour sur un chaos was released on November 11 on the Internet. The film was just under three hours long and could be watched for a small fee.

The journalist who took the interview emphasized that it was Professor Montagnier who was the first to warn the world community in the spring of 2020 about the laboratory origin of the coronavirus. Then he asked the eminent scientist:

“A year ago, you indicated that we should not be afraid of this new coronavirus, because nature is so arranged that over time the virus gets rid of its pathogenic properties. And so my question is, where do the options come from? “

“Everything is very simple. Variants come from vaccination ,” the Nobel laureate replied. “The virus has a very strong ability to change, like other RNA viruses. The flu virus is another such example .”

“What you said a year ago has completely come true. At least you warned,” the journalist continued.

“It’s confirmed ,” Montagnier said, stressing that SARS-CoV-2 is a “chimera” engineered virus. Although the starting point for its construction was a natural virus. “The Chinese have played a certain role in this ,” the scientist noted.

“When we look at the WHO curves since the start of vaccinations in January, the infection curves soar upwards as well as the number of deaths, including young people, from thrombosis and all that” , – Montagnier stressed that mass vaccination against coronavirus is, “so to speak, a scientific error and medical negligence,” despite the fact that there are inexpensive medicinal drugs for the treatment of COVID-19.

“This is an unforgivable historical mistake. One day we will summarize this ,” the scientist said. “Because it was vaccination that gave rise to the emergence of the SARS-CoV-2 mutations .”

“The vaccine causes antibodies to form [in the body] . What will the virus do? He is forced to act ‘either die or find a way out .’ Montagnier stressed that “the new options are precisely the result of vaccination .”

“And now you see in [different] countries, even in India at the moment, the same thing: the vaccination curve and the death curve [correlate]. I’ve been following this for a year already.

“If you like, I am closely following the research that is being carried out in the field ,” Montagnier added, referring to the observation and treatment of patients who contracted the coronavirus after vaccination. “And I can show you that [they have] vaccine-resistant variants of the virus .”

The film discussed such controversial issues that arose during the coronavirus pandemic, such as wearing masks, self-isolation and related restrictions, treatment with hydroxychloroquine, etc. As the plot developed in the film, the hypothesis of “manipulation on a global scale” was expressed. In the film, perhaps for the first time so openly in the West, the thesis was voiced that representatives of the World Economic Forum are using Covid-19 to subjugate humanity, and the SARS-CoV-2 virus was created artificially as part of a global plan called the Great Reset.

The film also cited an interview with a French pharmacist, pharmacologist and former university professor Jean-Bernard Furtillan, where he said that the patents he discovered on the Web indicate the creation of Sars-CoV-2 by the French Institute of Pasteur.

We also note that in the discussed interview of the new series of the film, Luc Montagnier spoke about the re-arrest and imprisonment of Professor Furtiyana in April this year.

“It is unthinkable for someone to be vaccinated in the midst of a pandemic of the Chinese virus”

There is no chance of long-term survival for anyone receiving any of the COVID-19 vaccines, according to

Everyone who was vaccinated for the “Chinese virus” as Montagnier describes the coronavirus, in a recent interview, “There is no hope and no possible cure.”

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“We must be prepared to cremate the corpses,” he was quoted as saying.

After studying in depth the ingredients in the injections and what they do, Montagnier says he concludes that anyone who gets the vaccine will eventually die from the immune system or antibody-dependent boost or ADE.

“That can be said,” he added.

Montagnier also said last year that “the presence of evidence of HIV and malaria germs in the coronavirus genome is highly suspicious and the characteristics of the virus could not be ascertained naturally.”

This new virus is a genetically modified construct that is deliberately released, according to Montagnier.

However, his statements about the deaths are either checked as untrue, misinterpreted or contained in another part of the interview.

According to what is mentioned in the video, Montagnier said that it is unthinkable and a big mistake for someone to be vaccinated in the middle of the pandemic. He made it clear that mass vaccination at a time when pandemics are raging is the biggest mistake ever made and that it creates mutations.

He justified this by saying that wherever you look in any country, the vaccination curve is followed by a corresponding death curve.


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