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“I want to tell you about life in the otherworld.” On discovery of life beyond the line and the messages from David Hatch received by writer Elsa Barker

“I want to tell you about life in the otherworld.” On discovery of life beyond the line and the messages from David Hatch received by writer Elsa Barker 1
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The “Letters from a Living Deceased” book consists of messages that Elsa Barker began to receive in 1913 from Judge David Hatch, who left earthly life and went to afterlife in the same year. In his messages, David Hatch spoke about the life that awaits a person after death, and also gave recommendations to those who are approaching the end of carnal existence.

“I want to talk about something that has never been talked about before”

For the first time, an irresistible urge to pick up a pencil and write arose in me in 1913. Obeying this impulse, I began to move the pencil along the paper. It seemed that at that moment my right hand did not belong to me. All the messages I received in this way were signed with the letter “X,” Elsa Barker recalled.

Later, Barker decided to show the received messages to several of her good friends. Some of them suggested that they might belong to David Hatch, who died recently at the age of 70 after a long illness.

David Hatch knew Elsa Barker during his lifetime. They met several times. To confirm the assumption of her friends, Elsa Barker turned to Hatch’s eldest son, Bruce.

Having studied these letters, Bruce Hatch expressed confidence that, judging by the peculiarities of thinking and manner of presentation that can be traced in the messages, the letters really belong to his father. What did David Hatch communicate in these messages?

“I want to tell you something that has never been talked about before. I want to tell you about life in another world. This information will help people when the time comes for them to make a big change”, said David Hatch.

By a big change, Hatch understood the departure of a person from earthly life. The first thing the judge noticed was that there was nothing terrible about death.

”You are only returning to the realm of the invisible, that is, to where you once came from. This transition can be compared to a person’s journey to another country, in which many things seem new and strange. Don’t forget that I am one of those travelers who sees many things for the first time. Therefore, some of my explanations of life here may be inaccurate”, David Hatch reported.

In his messages, Hatch tried to describe the most important elements of his new life. One of them is the space in which he finds himself. At the time of the transmission of messages, David Hatch was in the space that surrounds our planet.

According to Hatch, all things that exist or existed in the material world are present in this invisible region close to the Earth.

”Everything that is here has a physical correspondence in earthly life. In the first months of my life in the invisible world, it seemed to me that there was only what existed on Earth. However, I later learned that this was not true,” Hatch explained.

Later, David Hatch became convinced that his new world consisted of different layers. The layer that is closer to our world contains almost everything that exists on Earth. But as we move away from it, in new layers there there are things that can only arise in our world.

“This will help you after the transition”

According to David Hatch, for some time after his transition he maintained his earthly habits. For example, he tried to talk to the inhabitants of the world beyond by opening his mouth.

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“At first I talked almost the same way as in earthly life, trying to move my lips, although communication here occurs through thought. Here you can easily read what others are thinking. However, it would be wrong to say that no thought here can be hidden from the surrounding “travelers”. This can be done through suggestion, said David Hatch.

The author of the letters noted that in the new world he felt younger, stronger and healthier. But in the first weeks of the transition, he still felt sick. These sensations went away gradually.

“Those who have been here for a long time cease to seem old. I found out the reason for this feature. In our earthly life, we want to remain young in our thoughts. This desire continues in the other world. Here our desires are reflected in our appearance over time. The inhabitants of the other world become younger to a form that matches their thoughts. At least that’s what happens to everyone I meet here,” Hatch explained.

David Hatch conveyed through Elsa Barker some advice for those living today. First of all, he recommended not to be afraid of death. But at the same time, it is necessary to try to live on earth as much time as possible, since the inhabitants of afterlife are sometimes visited by regret that they are no longer involved in the material world.

Some of David Hatch’s advice is addressed to people who are about to depart the physical world by advising these people to forget about their physical bodies.

“This will help you after the transition. If you, finding yourself in the invisible world, begin to yearn for your body or the abandoned home, you are immediately transported there. This happens because our immaterial body follows thought“, said David Hatch.

David Hatch also recommended that the living never neglect dreams in which we see our deceased relatives or friends. Because in such dreams there is always something important hidden. With the help of dreams, the departed communicate with the living and convey some messages to them. However, these messages can be distorted during the transition from the invisible to the visible world, and their meaning may not always be clear.

“The messages that David Hatch conveyed, according to him, should penetrate into the visible world. Perhaps the meaning of these messages will be understood only by a few. But Hatch was convinced that the seeds sown would definitely bring results in the future. For this reason, I decided to make his letters public. I think this is the best thing I can leave in this world,” said Elsa Barker.


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