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“I don’t believe for a long time that death is the end of our existence.” Nine proofs of eternal life from Jeffrey Long

“I grew up among scientists. My father was a candidate for the Nobel Prize. My father and other members of my family helped me love science. Because of this, I myself became a scientist who was accustomed to consider all facts from a scientific point of view. With the help of scientific methods, I have also studied cases of near-death experiences. I managed to collect a number of facts that prove 99% that there is life after death, says oncologist and near-death experience researcher Jeffrey Long.“

Since 1998, Jeffrey Long has studied about 1,300 near-death experiences. Of these, the researcher identified nine evidences that converge to one thing: eternal life exists.

“Sheila’s doctor was amazed by her story”

“I don’t believe for a long time that death is the end of our existence. But it took me a long time to figure it out,” admits Jeffrey Long.

This path began in 1984, when Jeffrey Long stumbled upon a dispute between two scientists about what NDEs were in a scientific journal. Cardiologist Prof. Michael Sabom has collected 107 patient descriptions of their out-of-body experiences after cardiac arrest.

In the pages of a scientific journal, Michael Sabom speculated that the mind that separates from the physical brain at the moment of cardiac arrest is that same soul. However, scientist Richard Blecker criticized Sabom’s hypothesis, calling the patients’ visions a consequence of brain hypoxia.

This controversy made a strong impression on Jeffrey Long. However, at that time he was studying to be an oncologist and could not afford to be distracted. Geoffrey Long tried to forget what he had read. But from that day on, it seemed to him that stories about how people leave their bodies and go to another world began to come across everywhere.

In 1994, Jeffrey Long was invited to dinner by a friend. A friend introduced Long to his wife.

“Her name is Sheila. When she found out that I was a doctor, she began to talk about her health problems. She had allergies. So serious that during the operation, Sheila’s heart stopped due to a reaction to the anesthesia. Then this woman nearly died. However, Sheila talked about what had happened with such strange enthusiasm that I decided to ask her more about it,“ – Jeffrey Long recalled.

When Sheila’s heart stopped, she found herself in a place filled with light. According to the woman, it was so good there that it seemed to her that this place was her real home. Waking up, Sheila decided to tell her doctor about what she saw.

Evidence of eternal life Jeffrey Long cites in the book “Evidence of life after death.

Nine proofs of eternal life from Jeffrey Long

Over twenty years of research, Jeffrey Long collected more than 1,300 cases of out-of-body experiences. The researcher asked people who received this experience to answer one hundred questions. As a result, Jeffrey Long received nine proofs of eternal life. Let’s take a closer look at some of them.

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The researcher considers conscious death to be the first proof. What does it mean? From a scientific point of view, it is impossible to get clear impressions when a person is unconscious or in a state of clinical death, says Long.

“To understand how unusual it is to have conscious experiences in such situations, you need to know what happens during such moments. After the heart stops, blood no longer flows to the brain. At the same time, a device that measures brain activity produces a straight line,” explains Jeffrey Long.

The researcher says that in such a state, conscious experiences cannot arise. However, a person continues to see visual images, hear everything that is happening around, and also notes the aggravation of his feelings.

Interviewed by Long admitted that during near-death experiences they began to see the colors around them more vivid. One of Long’s patients noted that compared to them, the colors we are used to seem unsaturated and dirty. A woman who survived a heart attack said she saw colors that are impossible to describe. Another interviewee said that he saw a meadow with such iridescent colors that he had never seen before.

Long’s interviewees also talked about the silence they found themselves in. They described it like this: “it was insanely quiet”, “I had never heard such peaceful silence before”, “there were no sounds, absolute silence”, “it was like I was under water where no one can make sounds”.

Many people have pointed out that during their experiences they gained the ability to see around themselves in 360 degrees. Passing the survey, for example, they noted: “I saw in three dimensions at once”, “I seemed to have turned into a flying eye”, “I could see in all directions at once”.

The second proof of eternal life, according to Jeffrey Long, is that during a near-death experience, a person feels himself outside his body. Long gives descriptions of the physician Thaddeus, whose body was lying on his back. However, he saw himself from above. Or the story of a woman named Diana who capsized on a raft into the water. She realized that she was above the river and was looking at the overturned raft from above. Also, people interviewed by Long could see far away from their bodies.

Another proof of the existence of life after death, Long refers to the reproduction of life events. Those interviewed by the researcher said that during their near-death experiences they saw something similar to a movie, consisting of the events of their lives. At the same time, the respondents saw not only events from the past, they felt what others felt towards them at one time or another.

Among the proofs of eternal life, Jeffrey Long cites the following: blind from birth at the time of death begin to see; people from different countries experience similar experiences; the respondents also talk about meeting with deceased relatives; even children who are not yet able to invent fictional events inspired by books or TV shows talk about similar experiences.

“These convincing proofs personally do not raise doubts in my mind that eternal life exists. I find this thought to be extremely inspiring for us and our loved ones. Personally, this evidence helps me to show more love for people, to look at life with more courage and confidence,“ says Jeffrey Long.

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